Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Fan

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Last November, I compiled a list of Giantess Club comics which ended too soon. It’s only fitting to compile a similar list for Giantess Fan. Also, let me express my sincere gratitude to readers Darrin and Neil for their inputs!

Now, without further ado, here we go!

#10) Darlsborough University (Drawn by Octo and written by Jordan Macrophile)

This comic begins with a young man named Jordan driving to visit his girlfriend at college. In a nice touch, several billboards along the roadside foreshadow that this particular learning institution is a bit different than most! Specifically, this place (somehow) turns women into five-hundred-foot tall giantesses! The first issue was released on November 14, 2013, and the fourth was released on October 14, 2014. Reportedly, more issues should have been produced, but nothing’s been announced. There’s a lot left to be explored in this universe. For instance, the size-change catalyst, the comic’s entire raison d’être, has yet to be explained!

#9) Goddess ADBC (Art by GFX and Forst of Sedna Studio and story by JT)

This tale involves a young lady named Lily who is full of malaise as she feels small and meaningless in modern life. Lily falls asleep and dreams of a different existence. One in which she towers over what appears to be Athens. (NOTE: Or perhaps it’s not a dream at all…) This is Athens during one of those periods in which they fought against fellow Greek city state Sparta. The fourth and so far latest issue was published on August 28, 2014. So far, readers of this series have seen giantesses representing Athens and Sparta. Perhaps future issues could expand the setting and incorporate an additional titan to carry the banner of ancient Persia?

#8) The Curse of Saletine (Art by Davide Tinto and story by Batdas12)

*I* have yet to analyze this comic, but my dark doppelganger did more than a year ago. It appears that this comic is a fitting tale to be retold every Halloween. It had a satisfactory ending, but there’s still some mileage to be had with this concept. No need to go all out and have the entire world succumb to the monster in question. Instead, a small, yet horrifying tale, of another encounter with this wicked princess would serve as a fitting addition to future spooky nights. Of note, blog reader Mason J also stated, in the comments of the original review, that this comic deserved more than a one shot.

(Folks can check out Solomon E’s review here. I mean, only if you want to, it’s okay… I guess.)

#7) Wonders of the New World (Drawn by Raffaele Ricciardo and written by Cedwyn)

This tale provides an alternate history. An alternate history of a world in which early colonists to America are faced with much, much taller inhabitants of the New World. The possibilities left to be explored are endless. For example, perhaps some of these gigantic indigenous Americans take a little boat trip east. What would a Europe settled by indigenous (and giant) Americans look like? Future installments could answer that question. The second issue came out on March 14th, 2018, and while it said “To be continued” no signs of a third issue are on the horizon.

#6) Scavenger Hunt (Drawn by Octo and written by Eelskin)

This one-shot takes place entirely within the context of a virtual reality. A digital world that three young ladies must navigate to win a contest by collecting tokens. However, every time a token is collected each of the ladies grow and that makes traversing the virtual city more difficult! This comic is arguably the most realistic on this entire list as its story does not require breaking the Square-Cube Law. All it requires is a very detailed computer simulation. Constructing such a simulation would be a non-trivial task, but nonetheless such a task would be much easier than breaking the laws of physics. This was released during the early days of Giantess Fan, in mid-May 2012. Thus, it’d be great to revisit this world once again and rejuvenate a classic story.

#5) Cedar Valley (Drawn by Wang of Sedna Studio and written by Jordan Macrophile)

The first, and so far only, issue in this series established a world in which rich women move to an elite neighborhood, Cedar Valley, where they grow to gigantic proportions! It set up a potentially interesting take on classism and the disparities between the “haves” and the “have nots” in modern society. This was portrayed in the form of a spoiled scion called Rene who literally towers over the poor people that serve her. However, the first issue ended with a “To be continued” on August 28, 2017. There’s been nary a peep about it over the last few years.

#4) Elasticity (Artwork by Soryuu and story by Mac Rome)

This tale from late February, 2018, involves a laboratory accident which kills two jerks and grants an unusual stretchiness to the comic’s heroine Maria Morrison. She increases in size when excited and shrinks down afterward, but never back to her original dimensions. All indications are that this tale was only meant to be a one-shot. And to be clear, it did provide a complete story. However, I’d love to see a continuation in which the protagonist doesn’t grow or change further; rather, it could be fun to take an in-depth look at a woman trying to adjust and live her life while being way taller than anyone has ever been!

#3) Evita’s Big Night (Drawn by Wang and written by Mac Rome)

Evita’s Big Night is a one-shot released in late November 2018. It features a lovely woman who increases in size during a full moon. Of course, she regularly holds orgies during these special occasions, as one does. (NOTE: There She Grows covered this comic in more detail here.)

Above is the cover to the final installment, issue #3, of Sorority Problems.

#2) Sorority Problems (Art by Danusko and story by F-Kid)

This is a growth-themed comic serving clothing destruction and a healthy dollop of sexual intercourse! 🙂 This three-issue series ran from June 2018 until September 2019. The final panel tentatively stated “The End?” However, I for one think it’s high time to revisit the growing co-ed hijinks fueled by bottles of Biggie Whiskey. Check out the full review of issues 1 and 2 here, plus the review of the finale. Also, fans can read an interview with F-Kid.

(NOTE: A one-shot image entitled “Sorority Problems: Another Bottle” was also commissioned.)

#1) Flagship Fannie (Artwork by Kaka of Sedna Studio and story by Gigajapo)

This innovative comic, which sadly has only seen a single issue so far, benefits from a wacky premise. A voluptuous woman becomes a living space ship to carry the remaining members of her nation from the resource-stripped Earth to a new planet. Fannie is propelled by rockets on the bottom of her feet and is piloted by her fiancé Captain Christopher Amell. Oh, and she also lactates acid as an offensive weapon. (Pretty standard stuff when you think about it…)

They should have used FOUR exclamation marks to show they were serious 😉

Issue number one was released on August 14, 2016, and ended with “To be continued.” However, there’s been no updates in the more than four years since then.

That’s my list. What Giantess Fan titles do you think ended too soon? Send an e-mail or drop a comment below with your suggestions.

Tomorrow’s post will be an interview with the owner of a Clips4Sale studio which broke onto the giantess scene in a big way during 2020. Until then friends, keep growing!

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Fan

  1. Although it is an Expansion Fan comic and not Giantess Fan, I wish they would continue the “Homebody” series! It had some great BE and giantess content!

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    1. I’d love to see more adventures of Imogen and her boyfriend Jose. Maybe they could finagle a trip to the International Space Station? 😉 Although, I’m not sure if it would be big enough for Imogen!


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