Solomon E turns his ghastly gaze toward Giantess Fan’s “The Curse of Saletine”

Unceasing vore is the topic of this comic, as shown on the cover.

dark-eyes“The Curse of Saletine” is a one-shot authored by Batdas12, colored by Ruben Curto, and drawn by Davide Tinto. Batdas12 also wrote “Teacher’s Pet” and “Unstoppable Hunger” for the site. As far as my sinister eyes could determine, this is the only comic that Ruben Curto colored.  Lastly, Davide Tinto has drawn other comics including, but not limited to, “Bigger Than This,” “Bobby and Clair,” and “Don’t Mess With Margo.”

This comic was released last year on October 28, 2018.

Hmm… this is a fat, bearded man wearing a hat with wide, white trim and he has big bags on the back of his wagon, perhaps we should call it a sled. Is he Santa Claus? O_o

The story involves a pair of men traveling through “the barren lands.” They stop for the night and set up camp. There, one of them tells the story behind the barren lands. Formerly, it was the Saletine Kingdom ruled by a benevolent King and his cruel daughter, the Princess Elspeth.

That’s a fair amount of stew for just two people.

While walking through the kingdom, Princess Elspeth callously steals food from an old crone, who turns out to be a witch. Reportedly, no one realized that the old crone was a witch. However, given that her name was “Olvitch,” ergo “Old Witch,” I can’t say that the folks were very observant. 😉  The witch curses the overly entitled thief.

No one brought power bars or trail mix for the royals? My imps always carry snacks during my outings.

The witch’s curse runs amok, and does much more harm to the innocents than to the princess herself. Not once does the royal brat express displeasure at her bizarre condition of never-ending hunger. However, her subjects cry out in terror and scream for help. So, if Olvitch’s intent was to punish her fellow peasants for the sin committed by the princess then she succeeded admirably. (Perhaps this powerful spellcaster could help with my own malevolent goals?)

Eventually, there was no more food. Or rather, there was no food fit for the squeamish.

Elspeth’s condition ruins the area. Although, for unknown reasons she never travels from her homeland to continue her homo sapien-themed buffet. Neither does she expire in the emptied landscape due to lack of sustenance. Instead, she lies in wait, a fact that bodes ill for the two travelers.

I like this tale of wicked cannibalism. The art was detailed and most panels had nice backgrounds. Elspeth was depicted as quite the attractive blonde even while killing scores of peasants! This comic gets four unexpected Santa Claus impersonators out of five. Sign up for a membership at Giantess Fan to read it for yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Solomon E turns his ghastly gaze toward Giantess Fan’s “The Curse of Saletine”

  1. The story definitely deserved more than a one shot story. The Curse of Saletine is one of those stories that deserves a little ..pardon the pun, growth. A great theme to have explored more deeply was the elite Royals desire to protect and provide for Princess Elpseth in her new condition to the absolute slaughter of the citizenry. And as Solomon states a little more distress on her behalf of the hunger curse before going right to giant cannibalism. I also don’t quite see ANY King allowing his daughter to be absolutely nude even exposing her genitalia to the common serfs and servants of the castle, consumptuary laws of the Middle Ages would have men’s eyes put out for even a glance at a royal heirs nether regions!

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