Review of Giantess Fan’s “Bobby and Clair”

I appreciated the artwork

Bobby and Clair is a two-part series released in 2014 and written by Jordan Macrophile with line art by Davide Tinto, colors by Ylenia Di Napoli, and letters by Shouri and Kachimi. The story could be described as a comic book version of the 1994 American crime film “Natural Born Killers,” except with giantesses!

You can read it by paying for a monthly membership, $24.95 as of January 2019, through the Giantess Fan web site, Additionally, there are significant discounts for purchasing three-month ($49.95) and annual memberships ($99.95).  Unlike its closest competitor, Giantess Club, you cannot individually purchase stories. Instead, membership gives you access to all of their content which you can download as PDF or JPEG files without digital rights management (DRM). As of this writing, the site claims to have 194 comics. New ones are released every two weeks and previews are posted for the next six upcoming comics.

But enough about the web site, back to the comic!

Bobby and Clair Parker are sadistic criminals who have already amassed a double-digit body count as of the first panel. Accompanying the couple is Trixie, who apparently didn’t warrant inclusion in the title. Clair inadvertently discovers devices capable of inducing rapid growth. The trio then rampage through Louisiana and Texas. They are opposed by FBI agents Stuart Jackson and Linda Martinez. Those two are joined in part 2 by “the Boss,” a female mercenary employed by the defense contractor that made the devices which temporarily turns women, but not men, into giants.

this zip code equates to lafayette la
Random trivia, the zip code above actually equates to Lafayette, Louisiana
Lots of bloodshed throughout

The violence is both to the comic’s credit and to its detriment. It adds to the stakes and clearly establishes the antagonists as menacing villains. However, the brutality detracts from the erotic appeal. For example, the only sex scene takes place in part 1 and features the Parker Gang, the story’s most unlikable characters.

lipstick on buildings
In a nice nod to continuity, Clair continues to leave lipstick kisses at the scene of her crimes even after she grows
the boss
Mercenary uniform standards appear to be rather loose

I would have appreciated more character development all around. That could have been accomplished by adding more issues and giving the author more room to work with. As it is, we know our characters’ names and preciously little else. The Parker Gang is evil for unknown reasons, the Boss is a badass that we know nothing about, and the FBI agents are complete unknowns.

I am also a fan of the growing process, but that’s not showcased here. Growth occurs instantly. Clothes and weapons increase in size along with the women. So, unfortunately there was no growing out of clothes. However, there was a cool panel in which a giant rifle shell casing strikes the pavement.

Overall, I recommend this story for fans of cruel giantesses. However, the over-the-top violence makes it less of an erotic story and more of a bloody action tale; albeit with nudity and a threesome.

Other stories drawn by this artist for Giantess Fan include “Bigger Than This,” “Don’t Mess With Margo,” and the most recent, “The Curse of Saletine.” You can view his DeviantArt page here:

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