Giantess Fan’s “Bigger Than This”


Bigger Than This is a five-part series colored by Mohan and Ylenia Di Napoli, illustrated by Davide Tinto, lettered by M. Victoria Robado and Studio GFX, and written by Mac Rome. The first part was released in mid-August 2013 and the last was published on August 28, 2015.

Mac Rome has written many comics for Giantess Fan to include, but not limited to, “Embodiment,” “Evita’s Big Night” which I reviewed here, and “Growing the Franchise” and “The Outgrowing” which were both on my Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories. In similar fashion, artist Davide Tinto drew comics such as “Bobby and Clair” which I reviewed earlier, “Don’t Mess With Margo,” and “The Curse of Saletine.”

Bigger Than This main character Elli Booth is given a chaos magic talisman, by Loki disguised as an old woman, which has the power to grant one wish. Elli soon encounters much taller co-worker Erica and wishes to be “bigger than this.” This wish causes her to grow numerous times during the series.

Erica’s dialogue in the left panel seems a little forced, but gets the comic going.

Sometimes, Elli grows in response to a threat or simply because she wants to. However, there are also instances in which the growth occurs for no apparent reason, such as in the first issue in which Elli outgrows her brand-new office. I would have preferred it if the story had stuck to a strict interpretation in which Elli only grew to become bigger than something else, not just randomly. However, it was only in the first chapter that Elli grows without reference being made to becoming bigger than something else.

She swallows Erica in the first issue, and is eventually nuked while in a city presumably resulting in the deaths of millions. A butt bump against Earth sends bits of our planet flying off into space and undoubtedly kills countless more people. Accordingly, based on the amount of death, pain, and suffering that she causes without remorse, Elli is extremely unlikable.

Elli is aware of this. She asks in chapter 3 if she will be locked up for the death and destruction that she caused. However, a Norse giantess replies that “giants and giantess are made from chaos magic” and that “death and destruction” always travel in their wake. (I would think that all other living beings would unite to destroy such malevolent beings as giants and giantess.)

The artwork was nicely detailed, although women’s backs were portrayed with an unnatural curve.

Elli uses a car, a skyscraper, a planet, a star, a galaxy, a magic obelisk, and the Midgard Serpent as dildos. She also has sex with a giantess (or Jötunn in Norse) named Skadi. (Skadi is a Jötunn described in the Poetic Edda, an important source for Norse mythology.) However, it’s hard to become aroused when you consider how immoral Elli is. It’s the same reason that I don’t want to watch an adult film in which porn stars portray Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, even if their parts are played by highly attractive people.

In the interest of full disclosure, previously I have included comics with violent people on my top ten list of illustrated comics. For example, the finale to Redfired0g’s “Sugar Pills: Rampage” features a giantess eating people and Giantess Club’s “PMD” features North Korean giants and giantesses attacking cities. However, the fourth and final part of Sugar Pills: Rampage was my most disliked, and in PMD the evil giants and giantesses were defeated.

The story gets WEIRD

Perhaps recognizing the extent of her crimes, the comic eventually gives Elli (and Skadi) the ability to create new universes. In a very nice touch, these are the homes to other size-changing comics. Additionally, Elli recreates a universe just like her original home, but one in which events turn out differently and without the devastation that she caused in her native universe.

Bottom line, the distasteful character of this story’s protagonist means that it fails as erotica, but it is an interesting fantasy of a cruel being with incalculable power.

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