DreamTales Comics “The Gift of the Magi”


DreamTales Comics “The Gift of the Magi” is an homage to the famous 1905 holiday tale of the same name written by American author William Sydney Porter (under the pen name O. Henry). 1

O. Henry’s original story featured Jim, a man who sold his watch to buy ornamental combs for his wife. Jim’s wife Della sold her hair to buy her husband a watch chain. While their new gifts were useless, the gifts demonstrated the love and commitment that Jim and Della had for each other.

This 35-page size-changing comic was written by DreamTales and illustrated by Bojay. This story has a tale of two lovers, Brad and Jenny, each independently trying to correct their disparity in size. They use “Instant Amazon” and “Midget in a Minute” to alter their sizes, unaware of their partner’s efforts.

The artwork was nice, although a bit simple and plain. A full color version would have been great, as this only has colored front and back covers. Additionally, speech bubbles on page 4 still had the pencil lines in place to align the text.

Parts of the comic had an unfinished appearance
Jenny’s speech bubble was partly erased and then re-drawn.
What accent do mad scientists have in German-speaking countries?  😉

Jenny outgrows shoes, undergarments, a dress, and a Santa costume. Shrunken Brad wrestles oversized Jenny, and both parties spank each other. There were no sex scenes, but several panels featured a fully naked Jenny.

Overall, I recommend this to fans of gentle mini-giantesses, growing women, and shrinking men. This is my favorite giantess Christmas story, and I’d love to see more in this vein. You can purchase it for $7.99 here: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2011/gift-of-the-magi/

P.S. I’d love to see a Deluxe Edition of this comic. Tidy up the art, color it, add a page with a sex scene at the end, and charge $8.99 per copy  🙂


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