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Let’s close out this week’s reviews with a look at “Amazon Hotel,” produced by Giantess Fan.

Amazon Hotel is a reader’s #1 pick for the best Giantess Fan comic, as stated in the comments section of “Giantess Fan’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of May 2020.” While Amazon Hotel didn’t quite make my cut for the top five, it is an enjoyable series and deserves its own review. Thus, let’s sally forth and check this bad boy out.

Amazon Hotel is a four-part series; the initial issue was released on April 14, 2012, while the final was released on September 14, 2015. The first two were written by Thesonandheir, the third by Heir (given the similar nom de plume perhaps “Thesonand heir” and “Heir” are one and the same), and the fourth by Mac Rome. In contrast to the multiple writers, the sole artist was Wang from Sedna Studio.

Previously, I reviewed Giantess Fan’s “Bigger Than This” written by Mac Rome and “Evita’s Big Night” drawn by Wang.


The plot involves a young honeymooning couple at a very special resort. The two partake of the unique transformative offerings, consisting of a giantess growth formula, carefully calibrated so consumers can pick a desired height, and a penis expanding concoction called the “VIP Banana Booster.” ➡

The antagonist, the foe who wishes to break up their blessed bliss, is a manager named Ms. Dolores Crawley. Hmm… like the Crowly in Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 song “Mr. Crowley”?

Mr. Crowley Ms. Crawley, what went on in your head?

Oh, Mr. Crowley Ms. Crawley, did you talk to the dead?

I kid of course, the similarly is superficial and unintentional. Still, her devious acts demonstrate that Ozzy’s song aptly describes her 😉 Unbeknownst to the innocent love birds, Ms. Crawley has a history with the bride.

Too many size-fetish stories forget to add conflict and thus lack tension as there is nothing to prevent characters from achieving their goals and the final outcome is never in question. Credit where credit is due, this story had conflict and was more interesting than stories which forego that element. I won’t give too many details, but will note that it had a satisfactory conclusion.

These panels were taken from issue 3.

Although, it must be stated that Ms. Crawley’s motivation was a little muddled. Initially, it appeared that she disliked Sabrina, the bride, only because Sabrina was acting like she was “… the only person who has ever been in love before.”

It’s reasonable to assume that a significant proportion of newly married people act in just such a manner. That’s why the phrase “acting like newlyweds” exists. Furthermore, managers at fancy resorts see recently married people all the time. Those resorts have “honeymoon suites” specifically to cater to such folks. (NOTE: Obviously, not just newlyweds can stay in such suites, but those extravagant accommodations are clearly aimed at newlyweds.) So, is this Ms. Crawley’s first day on the job? If not, shouldn’t she be accustomed to interacting with newlyweds? 😉

It was shown in the fourth and final issue that Ms. Crawley knew Sabrina and therefore her motivation was personal. Perhaps this was the result of the change in writers or it was simply because the creative team determined that the initial reasoning was insufficient. Alternatively, they may have forgotten the original motivation during the 23 months between issues three and four. This narrative discrepancy was not a deal breaker, but it reduced the quality a tad.

2 - slight spelling error
There were a few minor typos, such as “ma’am” in the speech bubble above.
“Compliments” appears to be misspelled. On a positive note, the comic has many butt shots, such as the one above ❤

I liked the art. All of the women were drawn with voluptuous figures and were quite lovely. Although, hair colors were inconsistent. Sometimes Sabrina had light blonde hair as in the following:


Other times it was more of a rich brown:

Maybe the change in hair color was due to different lighting, but it seems rather extreme.

There was also a recurring “burping” theme, which may turn off some readers.


However, the following panel was awesome!


Overall, I recommend Amazon Hotel. The story is light, but fun and sufficient for the task. It does not rank among the best, but it’s still worth a read. Interested fans should head over to Giantess Fan to check it out.

P.S. Can we get a follow-up series focused on hotel owner Jacob? Please and thank you 😀

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