Giantess Fan’s “Evita’s Big Night”


Evita’s Big Night is a one-shot released in late November 2018, written by Mac Rome, and illustrated by Wang. The two previously worked together on “Amazon Hotel 4.” Mac Rome also wrote “Growing the Franchise” and “The Outgrowing” which were included in the “Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories” list that I posted last year. Wang drew other Giantess Fan works like “Cedar Valley” and “Amazon Hotel 3.”

Evita starts out very short

The story is very simple. Evita grows when she has sex on nights with a full moon. (Presumably, she shrinks back to her normal size afterward.) A large number of men gather at a warehouse to sexual stimulate Evita. On this particular night Jake joins the party for his first time. He turns out to be especially skilled at pleasing the growing giantess.

Not even the warehouse is enough for Evita

I liked the artwork by Wang, it looked pretty good. However, there was at least one odd depiction which I want to highlight.

Get Dracula the hell away from her feet!

Is this fellow in the picture to the right intended to be a vampire? There are long sharp teeth-looking shapes coming from his lower lip. Additionally, his ears appear to have pointy tips.

Granted, of course, vampire-like incisors are expected to be on the top of a blood sucker’s jaw, but it still looks menacing!

Back to the story, Evita uses words like “Dios” and “cutie” a bit more than necessary. Additionally, Evita states that she normally reaches a size where she becomes too big for just one man to meet her needs. Therefore, she has arranged these group sex sessions.

I appreciated the comic book sound effects. 🙂
That’s a convoluted way to say you’re at least 150-feet tall, but whatever.

I recommend this comic. It’s a basic, but sexy tale of a woman outgrowing her clothes and eventually an entire building! You can read this illustrated giantess story at Giantess Fan,

The last panel says “The End” followed by a question mark. So, maybe we’ll get lucky and see another installment in 2019.

Evita states that all the women in her family get horny and grow so there was a set-up for future stories using this concept. Perhaps Jake will romance Evita’s extended family members and help them each reach new heights?

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