“Sizing Up The Competition SFX” by the Bratty Foot Girls

Cue awkward wrestling sequence! 😀

Good morning all,

This year has been full to the brim with seemingly unending challenges. Perhaps foremost among them has been how COVID-19 has affected the entire world and how American law enforcement has demonstrated that it is in need of immediate reform.

Of a less impactful nature, this summer has been predominately overcast and gloomy. After weeks of rain, the sun finally made an appearance in central Japan and the day is shaping up to be warm and sunny. In need of a break, my family and I decided to take a brief respite and went to a Hawaiian restaurant for breakfast.


Now that I’m hopped up on matcha pancakes and azuki beans I’m feeling energized and ready to write! So please sit back, relax, and check out my analysis of a 33-minute long video entitled “Sizing Up The Competition SFX” from the Bratty Foot Girls.


Sizing Up The Competition was released in early November 2019 and was only the studio’s second production to feature giantess growth special effects (SFX). (NOTE: It was originally requested as a custom.)

Its story begins with Lizzy, a redhead woman, arriving for a shoot with Vicky, a taller blonde, at the Bratty Foot Girls studio. The two are planning a dominant (a.k.a. Dom) and submissive (a.k.a. Sub) themed shoot with Vicky playing the Dom role and Lizzy as the Sub.

Lizzy soon discovers that Vicky has shrunk a man called Ronald. Lizzy then uses a size-changing remote to restore Ronald and makes herself grow to gain a physical advantage. Alas, Vicky possess not one, but two size-changing remotes and the pair soon face off.

The green-screen work was generally well-done compared to many other size-themed works. Although, unexpected shadows were an issue in later scenes.
Note her shadow against the background, which should be open air.
This had scenes for both tiny and giantess fans.

The video featured background music and sound effects throughout. The added audio in general did not interfere with dialogue and both actresses could be understood for the majority of the runtime. Additionally, the sound used for the size-changing remotes was cool and suitably futuristic.

However, there was a sequence in which Lizzy was talking with Ronald, but his dialogue was unspoken. Instead, Lizzy pretends to respond to him. Presumably, this was done to eliminate the need to provide a high-pitched voice for tiny Ronald. It felt artificial because Lizzy was talking to herself and would have been preferable to have voiced Ronald.

7 - SFX spank
A visible effect accompanied spanks 😎

Additionally, while “competition” was in the title it wasn’t present in the actual narrative. Lizzy only offered a token resistance and it rapidly became obvious that she posed no match for Vicky. Thus, there wasn’t the drama or tension that a viewer might have expected.

It’s like if I, Solo, stepped into a boxing ring with former professional boxer and heavyweight champion George Foreman. Technically speaking, it would be a competition in so much as that we both want to win. Yet, the skill disparity would result in my falling down on the mat after the first hit. Therefore, calling a boxing match between myself and Foreman a competition would be disingenuous. It’s non-controversial to assert that a close match, one in which opponents are evenly matched, is more interesting than a “blowout,” a match in which one opponent is significantly stronger than the other. In the same manner, this clip would have benefited from more give and take to add uncertainty. Instead of Foreman versus Solo this should have been Foreman versus Muhammad Ali.

This was a custom and it could be that it is exactly as the requester wanted. The requester may have specifically desired a narrative in which the final outcome was never in doubt. Nonetheless, this review is not for the benefit of the person who commissioned the work. Rather, this is for potential customers who see this for sale and wonder if it’s worth some of their hard-earned money.

The growth was smooth, but did not involve clothing destruction 😥

This was clearly intended for someone who likes cruel giantesses. Vicky farts and urinates on a building and spanks Lizzy. Much more egregiously, a few people get visibly crushed and Vicky casually murders billions of people at the very end o_O

Vicky set her attire aside at one point to go “au naturel,” instead of tearing it apart.
It’s at this time that the “realistic” portrayal of a giant woman was unceremoniously discarded. Questions arise like how can she breathe, what is she standing on, why does her voice echo in the emptiness of space, and how would she even have a voice in a vacuum? 😉

Things get weird when Vicky enlarges herself to larger-than-Earth size. (NOTE: Technically, she spoke of being “bigger than the universe” which was a size that she most assuredly did not achieve. She wasn’t bigger than our solar system, much less our galaxy or the entire universe.)

She subsequently decides to clone the Earth, as one does 😛 At this juncture the background music momentarily obscured her dialogue. Although, younger ears may not struggle as much as my decrepit hearing organs.

Additionally, a visual artifact, added in postproduction, preceded the action it was meant to portray. You may ask “What does that mean exactly?” It means that a beam of light was shown before the remote was in the proper position, as can be seen in the following:

The beam initially originates from empty space. Apparently, the timing was incorrect. It’s like showing the muzzle flash of a gun and THEN moving the gun to the muzzle flash.

A prop, used to give the performer something to physically interact with, was also partially visible when it should have been obscured by the Earth added during postproduction.

The attempt was welcome even though the execution was imperfect.

Regardless, the sheer wackiness was fun. Why not have an incredibly huge woman do even more fantastic feats, such as duplicating the entire Earth?

Bottom line, this isn’t for gentle giantess fans. Additionally, it costs 25 bucks, so it’s a bit expensive. Many of the studios at Clips4Sale offer evil giantess videos with SFX for less cost. However, this does show more skin than most comparable offerings.

Sizing Up The Competition SFX can be purchased for $24.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/40537/22266283/sizing-up-the-competition-lizzy-vicky-epic-sfx-hd-1080p-mp4
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