Valora Fetish’s “Attack of The 50 Ft Stripper”

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Today’s review is going to cover a good old-fashioned growth video! Specifically, it’ll take a look at Valora Fetish’s “Attack of The 50 Ft Stripper.” Previously, Valora appeared in other size-fetish content. For instance, she starred in three videos from Gsfcreator: “Be-cum one with me,” “Giantess Valora owns you,” and “Under Valora.” Additionally, she performed in Bratty Foot Girls productions such as “Valora Shrinks the boss” and a few of their foot-fetish works like “Brat High – You Got Punked!” Valora runs two studios, “Goddess Valora” and “Valora Fetish,” which focus on female domination and multiple fetish themes respectively. Additionally, Valora has a presence on and accepts custom video orders.

Returning to the subject of this post, Attack of The 50 Ft Stripper is a 10-minute long clip which was first released on July 19th, 2020. The plot involves a secret government laboratory which apparently received a fax from the President simply stating “Giant Stripper.” (NOTE: Does anyone actually send faxes in 2020, much less the President of the United States? 😉 ) That was enough motivation for a scientist to pay an exotic dancer to permit herself to be exposed to a growth ray! (On a related note, does anyone have some Presidential letterhead and a fax machine that I could borrow? 😎 )

Valora is an attractive performer 🙂
While she wore the thigh-high black latex boots well, a fully nude rendition would have been better. However, points to Valora for performing topless for the bulk of the runtime.

Sci-fi ray gun effects added to the value of the transformation scene:

In addition to the ray effects, SFX was used to portray explosions and fires. At one point, Valora stomps the strip club where she worked and the image of that building was replaced with a pile of burning cinder blocks. Was it completely effective and seamless? No, but a flawed attempt is better than no attempt at all.

Valora apparently enjoys enacting domination play in her videos and thus it was no surprise to see crushing and vore. (NOTE: According to her personal web site, Valora is a professionally trained Domme, a.k.a. a female dominant.)

The background was added in post-production so the “street” slides around unexpectedly when she steps on the green screen.
Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe it would have been prudent to check if the person you are going to make huge might have grievances due to being disrespected for their chosen profession. Or, to express that differently, don’t give a stripper superhuman stature and strength if she has good reasons to rampage 😉

Regarding negatives, this clip follows the lead of many other productions which only voice one character. There was a scientist, but that individual was not further identified or voiced. So, viewers got another instance of a model talking to themselves. (NOTE: This frequently happens in size-fetish videos. For additional examples of awkward one-side-only conversations, check out the reviews for Giantess Zone’s “YumTheBoss in Booming and Shaking,” “Jordana’s Giantess Revenge” by JORDANA-RAMA Fetish Clips, or “Sizing Up The Competition SFX” by the Bratty Foot Girls.) Presumably, Valora’s video productions are a solitary operation, but this would have benefited if she could have found someone to voice a few lines off camera. Perhaps models can assist one another and voice off-screen characters in each other’s videos? Ergo, Valora could voice a mad scientist in another model’s video and then that other model could return the favor. The line reads would not have to be perfect, but, even if creators can’t get Morgan Freeman to do the voice work, anything is better than silence.

Additionally, and unfortunately, Valora’s clothing expands in size along with her body. Although, thankfully she did remove her top immediately after becoming a giantess. Still, it would be have been preferably if she had destructively outgrown the attire.

There was also a very brief bit in which Valora seemed to be at a loss for words. Specifically, she mentions enacting revenge against a French culinary institute that refused her application. She appears a little flustered and her acting during that scene would have benefited from a script.

Ugh, a pointless watermark :\

Despite its flaws, I recommend Attack of the 50 Ft Stripper. It has scenes which will appeal to both growth fans and evil giantess fans. Furthermore, Valora provides a fun performance. Fans can purchase it for $13.99 at the following link:

Thankfully, there was no hidden download fee! ❤ Thus, this actually cost the advertised $13.99 as opposed to other studios which tack on an additional expense during checkout. (NOTE: Check out the reviews of Katelyn in Wonderland and Vore Store’s “The Craving 2 Episode 1” to read how some producers add secret charges.)

That’s it for this week’s reviews. Until next time friends, keep growing!

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