Giantess Zone’s “YumTheBoss in Booming and Shaking”

I enjoyed her curves ❤

“YumTheBoss in Booming and Shaking” was released on September 28, 2018.

The actress also stars in “Careful what you wish for” (shrunk perspective in 3D, 4K resolution), “Shrunken Ass Worshipper”, Small Passions 17 (interacts with shrunken people / doll props),  and “YumTheBoss has a new Sex Toy” (shrunk person). “Booming and Shaking” appears to be her only giantess-themed video made for Media Impact productions.

Furthermore, YumTheBoss has performed in a few adult videos, doing heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes. Interested viewers should be able to find her works with a quick Google search.

Would have benefited if a green screen (in this case blue) effect had replaced the solid color background with an image of an urban landscape to give depth.

There’s no growth scene to my disappointment, and it was not even addressed how she grew. The 17-minute run time is spent with Yum talking to herself, asking people for the location of her boyfriend, and rampaging through a street of homes. (It’s odd that she never calls her boyfriend by name. Who only refers to their romantic partner as “boyfriend”? The script writer should have given him a first name at least.)

We are told that her boyfriend cheating on her, but no details beyond that. Could have been more interesting with additional information. For example, was she deeply, passionately in love with this philandering fellow? Did he break her heart, forcing her to resort to an extraordinary form of revenge which involved the murder of numerous bystanders? (We do learn that her boyfriend is six foot four inches tall and was wearing a red shirt with blue pants, but that revelation wasn’t interesting.)

She crushes homes with her ass, chest, and feet, and swallows people. True to the title, booming noises are heard and the camera shakes throughout.

Car owners can pick their poison, crushing between boobs or
… crushing between butt cheeks.

It’s unexplained how her bikini bottom and top, earrings, headband, and leg straps increased in size with her body.

She wonders aloud what house her boyfriend is in. That made me wonder why a girlfriend would not know what her boyfriend’s house looks like? Perhaps he hid in someone else’s home.

I was distracted for a bit trying to determine what decoration was on her fingernails.

For all of her efforts, Yum never does find her boyfriend. Instead, at the end she assumes that he must be dead given the destruction and the fact that all of the homes have been leveled. Then she is given some direction from someone off camera (I assume that was Gary), and walks off stage. That made for an anti-climatic ending as we are unsure whether YumTheBoss achieved her goal or not. Maybe the guy drove away hours ago.

All in all, I can’t recommend this clip. While I appreciate seeing a model with a unique look, the script for this clip felt lazy. Additionally, given that Yum has done sex scenes on camera it seems reasonable that she would have gone naked for this video if asked. I know it costs more for nude shoots, but is that additional cost truly prohibitive? Also, would it really have been difficult to fill out the script, give more background, explain her transformation, and actually name the cheating boyfriend?


That said, potential buyers may be satisfied with a curvy woman of color playing a giantess, regardless of the story’s paper-thin nature. If that’s the case, they can purchase this clip, in HD 1080p 60fps, for $12.99 here:

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