Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Toby Springs Grow To A Giant”


Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Toby Springs Grow [sic] To A Giant” is a 10-minute long custom clip released on June 22, 2019. This and “Dustin Steele Grows To A Giant,” “Russell Grand Out Grows His Clothes,” “Dustin Steel & Cameron Kincade Try To Out Grow Each Other,” and “Sean Long Terrorizes Neighborhood With Giant Growing Cock” are the only live-action clips, to the best of my knowledge, featuring men growing to become nude giants. (One exception being Village of the Giants, but that was a mainstream film produced in the 1960s so obviously it did not feature full frontal nudity.)

We’ve seen male giants in videos such as MissaX’s “Giant Sex II,” and Media Impact’s “West Coast Snack Attack,” to name just two examples. However, Ginary is the only studio that has produced videos showing growing men. This clip has the titular character steadily growing taller, an effect done by forced perspective, for about nine minutes.

This background was also used in “Waitresses Grow & Make Boss Their Dildo“.

The story begins when Toby checks his mail and discovers that his shipment of growth pills has arrived. Once he stands by the mail box the background switches to the unchanging green screen effect. The remaining run time consists of Toby growing and talking.

There was no bursting or tearing out of clothes. Instead, Toby strips mostly naked, but leaves his headgear on.

The description for the video stated that “Toby Springs is tired of being picked on and wanted to get bigger,” thus he ordered the growth pills. However, Toby never actually says anything about being bullying. He himself bullies mute people standing off camera, threatening them solely because he can and thus his character becomes unlikable.

Not sure why Toby didn’t remove his hat. Viewers see his penis, but the top of his head remained a mystery. It hampers suspension of disbelief when viewers are left to wonder why his hat is growing along with his body. If he did grow, his head should have become too large for the hat and torn it apart.

He talks to other people, who allegedly look smaller and smaller as he grows. Yet, there’s no signs of people and not even any voices. The whole scene feels eerie with the frozen background and the lack of other actors. It becomes awkward after we hear sentence after sentence of Toby “talking” to people, but we never see or hear the others. I was reminded of mentally disturbed individuals holding conversations with imaginary people.

Toby talks about taking over the world, but what’s to prevent people from just shooting him? Perhaps he’s bulletproof, but then couldn’t others mail away for their own growth pills and grow just as big?

At a few points Toby cast shadows, visible here under his right arm, onto his green screen background.

Future videos like this one would benefit by taking some simple measures. One, write a script so the actor would not have to ad lib. Two, add miniature props, like a tiny pill bottle, to help sell the illusion. Three, make an effort to show the actor outgrowing his clothes, use techniques like those Gary Pranzo employed in his Growth Dreams videos. Four, add other actors for the giant man to interact with.

Bottom line, the minimal effort makes this impossible for me to recommend. However, if readers still want to buy it despite the deficiencies, based on the lamentable fact that there is so little giant men content available, then they can purchase it for $10.99 at the following link:


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