Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill”

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Today, we’ll take a gander at “Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill” from Ginary’s Giantess Adventures. (SIDE NOTE: I thought that I had already reviewed something from Ginary earlier this year, but apparently the last time There She Grows covered a Ginary clip was way back in July 2019 with “Toby Springs Grow To A Giant”!)

Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill runs a little longer than 8 minutes and was released on May 12th, 2021.

The plot involves Nikki Brooks and Paris Love drinking a potion then growing to giantess size and chatting about eating their neighbors. That’s it, nothing more than that. Sharp-eyed readers may have immediately noticed that the title of this clip is Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill, but I just wrote that they drank a potion. To be completely clear on this point, they didn’t actually swallow a pill, they drank a potion. Pills and potions are not the same.

They both call it a potion.

I checked a few dictionaries to see if any of them had a broader meaning for pill, but nope!

This was taken from Merriam-Webster’s entry.
This is the definition per Oxford Languages.

To be clear, misuse of one word in a title is not the most important criteria for a growing giantess clip, but for this particular production that mistake accurately represents the overall level of effort, which was quite low.

For instance, the dialogue felt improvised. At one point Nikki, when discussing her underwear, says “Feels like my ass is swallowing it” right afterward Paris asks “Is your ass, like, eating it?” which… I mean, Paris we went over this! 😉 She just said it was. So, why are you asking? I don’t blame the two actresses. I don’t think there was a script, but instead believe that the performers were given basic directions and then made up their lines on the fly. A simple script and memorizing those words beforehand would have helped.

I also would have preferred more clothing destruction. That’s not to claim that there wasn’t any. Some items were indeed torn apart when the ladies ripped their tops and “granny panties.” I’m using granny panties to mean standard, plain white, no-frills underwear.

^ This is the waistband being ruined on Paris’ rather drab-looking underwear.

Maybe I’m the only one who would care, but if I was in charge of wardrobe I would have dressed the two lovely ladies in more exciting lace panties, like this pair below:

I understand that the wardrobe pieces are being destroyed; so, the production crew most likely wanted to minimize cost and thus purchased the cheapest bottoms and tops they could find. However, I quickly searched online and uncovered six packs of lace panties on sale for $22 or less which seems like a reasonable expense.

Additionally, some steps which would not have cost any money to implement were likewise not implemented. For example, the performers chose not to remove any jewelry, rings, or watches after their “growth.” Apparently, Nikki’s watch still fits perfectly well and Paris’ necklace is as loose as it ever was.

Earlier, there was an extended sequence in which Nikki and Paris slowly appear over the roof of their dwelling and steadily became even taller. That was nice!

This would have been an opportune moment to remove all jewelry, rings, watches, etc. In that way, viewers would have assumed that those accessories had been destroyed off-camera without requiring actual on-camera destruction of those expensive items.

Overall, I wanted to like this clip. It’s always appreciated when Ginary’s performers appear fully nude as they realistically would be in a scenario where people become larger than a house! Some studios are unwilling to do that. (NOTE: For what’s it’s worth, I also liked the background art which referenced the low-budget Filipino horror flick “Vampire Hookers“!)

However, despite those positives, I cannot in good faith recommend this clip. There are many other growth-themed works of higher production value and quality for fans to spend their hard-earned cash on.

That’s it for now folks. Next week will begin with a female muscle growth-themed black & white comic from Mighty Female Muscle Comix. Until then, keep growing!

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