Summer 2022 Update + Review of Sexually Satisfied by GTS Nikki Brooks & Sorceress Morgana

Good morning everyone,

It has been such a long time, 99 days, since I’ve been home! This spring and early summer consisted of day after day of tedious work clearing and eventually selling my late brother’s property. The first several weeks consisted of sifting through innumerable boxes of bolts, gloves, hats, nails, screws, tools, etc. My responsibilities involved cleaning garages so full that they were quite difficult to walk through and doing the same for similarly-stuffed CONEXs. (NOTE: CONEX stands for “container, express.” CONEXs are steel shipping boxes typically 8 feet wide by 8 1/2 feet high and either 20 or 40 feet long. They are a cost-efficient means to quickly add a significant amount of storage and are commonly found alongside rural Alaskan homes.)

Aerosol cleaning supplies, automotive and industrial oil, lubricating grease, and other potentially hazardous chemicals were put into crates and hauled to the town dump for proper disposal. We carried off hundreds of pounds of scrap metal and thirty or so plastic and wooden pallets. Expired cans of smoked salmon and ominous-looking Mason jars full of old fish were tossed into dumpsters. Automotive rims, Clevis fasteners (a.k.a. shackles), five-gallon diesel and gasoline cans, propane bottles, and old tires were carted away.

As the thick snow gradually melted we were able to access more of the property, but warmer weather also led to countless mosquitoes. There’s nothing quite like the burden of carrying trash across a lawn while being feasted upon by those bloodsucking insects, or the horror of walking into a public restroom only to find ten mosquitoes swarming around a urinal.

I don’t miss those pests. In heavily urbanized Japan mosquitoes show up one or two at a time in rare and tentative appearances. In small-town Alaska they form overwhelming legions and attack en masse every day.

Along with gnats and mosquitoes, spiny Devil’s Clubs (pictured above) and skin irritating Wild Celery popped up in the woods where we worked. (NOTE: Rest easy, the empty sour cream container was thrown away, along with more than 20 obsolete and partially dismantled snowmachines.) The trees behind the Devil’s Club are Cottonwood and their cotton-like seeds filled the air with summer time snowflake substitutes.

Much of the clothing we found and personal protective equipment, like safety glasses, was donated to Goodwill or given to a technical high school. We also sold used items for pennies on the dollar during garage sales. During those informal occasions, many folks expressed sympathy to my family for our loss. Friends and acquaintances told stories of my brother’s generosity and helpfulness. To all those who stopped by to share, I am forever grateful.

People also said he never turned down a chance to work overtime. One can’t help but see how that work obsession led to an inevitable distancing from family and friends. Years became decades during which family reunions, fishing trips with high school friends, nephews and nieces school graduations, retirements, etc. were missed. Old buddies became like strangers, seen only at the job site. There’s a lesson to be learned about balance. Each of us should consider if lost connections and missed life experiences are worth building wealth for a future that may never come.

Friends provided me and my parents with fresh seafood and thus a lot of locally caught beer-battered halibut and shrimp was eaten. (NOTE: Those of us born in the 49th state must eat beer-battered halibut at least once every few years or suffer a painful death.) A few too many cheeseburgers were had and constant bacon and buttermilk pancake breakfasts, while tasty, eventually became tiresome.

This trip was also a time to visit with family across central Alaska. While driving over a thousand miles numerous wildlife were spotted from the highways including black bears, caribou, Dall sheep up on a mountain side, moose, and a porcupine.

Took time to examine classical artwork such as this piece hanging in Eureka Lodge on the Glenn highway. That venerable Alaskan institution (reportedly it was founded in 1936, making it practically ancient by Alaskan standards) also features a painting of a topless woman. Young Solo nervously stole glaces at the nude beauty in the early 1990s.

Spending over two months apart from Mrs Solo was miserable and at times felt like it might never end. (Although certainly not without precedent during my military career.) Why spend evenings lying next to the person you love when you can sleep by yourself? <- That’s sarcasm BTW 😉 As much fun as it is to watch Survivor reruns with the volume turned up too loud after a hard day’s work and then sleep alone on a small bed, it’s much more pleasant here with Mrs Solo.

Thankfully, the job is now done. The property is clean and looks much better. It has already been sold and a new family has moved in. Where once there was only silence now there will be conversation and laughter. That’s a good thing, and it is only proper that a family will put the place to good use. Far better for the home to be a benefit to the living not merely a reminder of a life which ended too soon.

Now, I am back in Japan. A place where the pancakes are decidedly more dainty and caribou sausage is not on the menu. All told, I’m happy to be home and more than ready to resume working at There She Grows. Thus, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Today’s review will cover “You Are Sexually Satisfied By Giantess Goddess Nikki Brooks & Sorceress Morgana,” a shrunken man clip produced by Ginary’s Giantess Adventures. This 10-minute long video was released on April 14th, 2022. Both of the titular performers have appeared in multiple Ginary videos. (NOTE: Nikki Brooks has already been featured in two reviews: Ginary’s Giantess Adventures “Nikki Brooks & Paris Love Take Magical Growth Pill” in mid-August 2021 and “Waitresses Grow & Make Boss Their Dildo” in early December 2018.)

This video consists of a pair of women pretending to talk to a shrunken man while a camera is kept either a very low angle or very close to the performers. Sometimes, the camera was too close to be honest. Both ladies give spirited performances and seemed to be having fun. They engage in anal, breast, and vaginal play with their tiny lover. Ergo, the tiny man gets an in-depth tour of their butt holes, nipples, and vaginas! His spirited exploration results in a satisfying conclusion as could have been guessed from reading the title 😉

The most significant drawback was that no stand-in, like a real human being or even just a small action figure, was used to represent the third person. Maybe that was on purpose so that viewers can imagine themselves as the missing person? After all, the full title was “You Are Sexually Satisfied By Giantess Goddess Nikki Brooks & Sorceress Morgana.” The emphasis seems to be that “You,” meaning the viewer, are sexually satisfied by the two normal-sized women.

<OLD MAN SOLO RANT> As has been previously reported on this blog, I still dislike using the word “giantess” in scenarios such as this one in which the women were normal-sized and it’s the man who was an unusual size. In this case he was much smaller than normal. Incorrectly using the word giantess only makes searches more complicated because searching for giantess will find media of women that are taller than normal as well as men that are smaller than normal. If a giant women fan wanted to only find stories with giant women and did not want stories with tiny men they cannot rely on searching only for giantess because the use of the term has regrettably been muddied. Why can’t we all just use “tiny men / people / women” in these scenarios? Doing so would make searches more accurate and reduce the amount of time it would take for fans to find the exact stories they are seeking. </END OF OLD MAN SOLO RANT>

Personally, I would have preferred if some digital special effects (SFX), or even just a small toy, was used. Not least because SFX would have eliminate incongruities when the actresses talk about the viewer being fully inserted into their various orifices when it was obvious that nothing actually went into the ladies. To be clear though, this is a minor point. The enthusiasm of the two ladies more than compensated for this deficiency.

The women perform completely nude and depict size-fetish themed intercourse in all it’s graphic glory. That was great! However, customers will have to buy the clip for themselves to see the naughty bits 😉

Kudos to Ginary for forgoing pasties and instead showing fully nude performers!

Additionally, it would have been better if someone had voiced the third participant. Again though, that may have been an intentional choice for aforementioned reasons.

Overall, tiny man fans should enjoy this clip. It can be purchased for $10.99 at the following link:

That’s it for now folks. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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