Top 10 Size-Themed Creations of 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome to There She Grows. For those who are new, I hope you find it to your liking. Long-time readers know that this is the place to read about size-themed media. Most often the posts focus on mature content showcasing “frightening” concepts such as consensual sex between adults. (Yes, I used the word “frightening” sarcastically 😉 ) Reviewed content covers a broad range of fantastical transformations, including people becoming smaller than a church mouse or bigger than a church steeple! That may sound strange. It’s not completely unreasonable if some find it odd that people enjoy mature stories with incredible scenarios. After all, why waste time getting worked up and excited about scenarios that are impossible?

Although, now that I think about it, it is not completely unheard of for people to enjoy other sexual scenarios which are for all practical purposes equally impossible. For instance, the very first issue of Playboy published in December 1953 featured a topless Marilyn Monroe. Over fifty thousand men bought that magazine and (presumably) fantasized about Marilyn, but how many of them had any chance at an intimate relationship with the blonde bombshell? None of them had a chance unless their name was Joe DiMaggio!

Similarly, many couples roleplay scenarios in which the husband is a firefighter rescuing the wife, a damsel in distress. However, and this will shock folks so it might be best if you’re sitting down, I do not believe that every man who pretends to be a firefighter in the bedroom is actually a firefighter in real life.

Really feels like he should have worn a helmet and fireproof jacket for this cover. As it was, he didn’t look like a firefighter.

The last example I want to give is more modern. How many fellows, like Dennis Bukowski in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Episode 3, dream about dating Megan Thee Stallion? Yet, despite how much they yearn, the odds of even meeting Megan Thee Stallion are low.

A counter-argument could be made that while the odds of being with Marilyn Monroe or Megan Thee Stallion are very low, they are still significantly higher than the odds of being with a six-inch tall man or a fifty-foot tall woman. Moreover, if a person cannot date a celebrity they may be able to date someone who looks like a celebrity. That’s superficial, but possible. Furthermore, a person could become a firefighter. That may be unlikely if the person is elderly and out-of-shape, but technically it’s still possible.

Regardless, the point is that it’s not just fans of giants and tinies who enjoy “impossible” scenarios.

Returning to the topic of which fantastical transformations are covered at There She Grows, let’s be a bit more specific. Those transformations include, but are not limited to, breast expansion (B.E.) and penis lengthening (both occasionally reaching immobilizing sizes), butt inflation, cum inflation, height increase, futanari, lip pumping, profuse and unrealistic levels of lactation, rapid muscle growth, vaginal swelling, etc., etc!

However, articles are not limited to just examining so-called “fetish” media. Thus, so-called safe for work (SFW) and not safe for work (NSFW) content are both present on this blog. (NOTE: I wrote “so-called” SFW because while I’m familiar with the common usage none of my workplaces would have looked upon me kindly if I was perusing images of women, even if they were “SFW” and wearing bikinis, while I was supposed to be working.)

It is my desire that you find something to further your interest in the wonderful world of macrophilia. Maybe you will want to read or watch one of the many outstanding works described below. If nothing else, perhaps this list will at least demonstrate that a large number of people are producing a diverse range of size-themed content.

The year 2022 included size themes in mainstream media such as the reboot of the long-running tokusatsu franchise Ultraman, featuring giant men and women who fight kaiju. The latest movie, シン・ウルトラマン “Shin Ultraman,” was released in mid-May.

Non-Japanese readers may be surprised to learn that Shin Ultraman was the 37th film in the franchise! That’s a lot of movies, nearly as many as in the older Godzilla series. (NOTE: Godzilla first appeared in a 1954 film, while Ultraman first appeared in a 1966 TV show called Ultra Q.) In fact, if you only count movies made in Japan then Ultraman appears to have more since several licensed Godzilla movies were made in the U.S. (NOTE: It’s a little unclear since a few licensed Ultraman productions have also been made overseas in Thailand and the U.S.)

Shin Ultraman is notable for showing an enlarged & mind-controlled woman, Hiroko Asami, walking through the streets of a large city and busting the windows of a tall building with her elbow. Going to go out on a limb and say that more than few viewers enjoyed seeing a gigantic office lady.

By the way, an in-depth look at Ultraman’s influence on Japanese porn is in the works.

America also contributed by producing three (!) low-budget giantess flicks. Usually, we consider ourselves lucky to get one a year. For example, we got the “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” remake in 1993, “Attack of the 50 Foot Hooker” in 1994, “Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold” in 1995, and “Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader” in 2012. That trend was demolished in 2022. Last year we got three!

The first of which was “Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl” on April 29th. Full Moon Pictures released a sequel called “Giantess Battle Attack” half a year later in October. Both were directed by Jim Wynorski.

^ Star Ivy Smith claimed on Facebook that Jim Wynorski would eventually make a third movie in this series.

Lastly, “Giantess Attack vs. Mecha-Fembot” came out in mid-October. It was also a sequel continuing 2017’s “Giantess Attack” directed by Jeff Leroy. None of those films lived up their potential, but at least they showcased that giantesses can be fun. Perhaps viewers will be inspired by them, like previous generations were inspired by the original Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and make something better!

Technically, this had a festival showing in 2019. However, the official public release wasn’t until 2022.

Dear Hollywood,

Instead of giving thousands (maybe millions?) of dollars to Jeff Leroy and Jim Wynorski take those fat stacks of cash and give them to amateur producers like ChibiChan, Gary Pranzo, GEN’s Labo, Giantess Shrinking Feet, Goro Brava, Jason Ninja, Sangouki film, and Studio Yamato. Those independent creators already produce special effects (SFX) of comparable quality to Leroy’s and Wynorski’s efforts. Imagine how much better their SFX could be with substantial financial backing!

Sincerely, SolomonG

Along with mainstream moves, it was also great to see that African YouTuber H2O Giantess TV, online since 2021, continued to create new content:

“The Girl was Struck by Lightning and turn into a Giantess – Love and Thunder” was posted five months ago. Watch it by clicking here.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) was a big player, with computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist RedFireD0g sharing several A.I. images on Twitter:

Those readers interested in A.I. art should read Aborigen’s “AI and GTS” post here.

Comic sites run by Amazonias, Botcomics, BustArtist, and Interweb Comics continued to regularly make new content:

It’s always fun to see muscular ladies drawn by r2roh. Even if a dirty, undoubtedly bug-infested, swamp looks like the least sexiest place to get busy 😉 The Strong Shall Survive No. 8 was released in early March and Swamp Fever No. 3 came out in late December.

Far be it for me to toot my own horn, but your very own humble author SolomonG also contributed:

There was also some fun end-of-the year content such as “Lovely Lilith – Santa’s Elves Save Christmas.” (NOTE: Go here to buy that.) That 7-minute clip showcased a good elf and a bad elf, both played by the titular performer, who must revive a frozen Santa Claus by performing oral sex and giving him a tit job. As a man born and raised in the arctic wasteland that is Alaska, it is my regretful duty to report that I have never had the pleasure of experiencing such a spirited warming technique 😥

Additionally, this video did not depict the voluptuous dark-haired beauty drinking a growth portion and bursting out of her garments and home. (Maybe such a scene will be produced this year? One can only hope! 🙂 )

Botcomics also contributed to the holiday well-wishing via the last panel of “Boss Bitch: Queen of the Neighborhood” Chapter 4:

So, with that examination of There She Grow’s purpose and the look at the year that was, let’s move on to the list of the year’s best. Today, we’re going to examine the Top Ten Size-Themed Creations of 2022. (NOTE: For previous lists, click here for the 2019, 2020, and 2021 iterations.)

These are based on my opinions; so they may or may not agree with other people’s picks. I would * LOVE * to read other top ten lists! There is so much content available on various sites such as Clips4Sale, ManyVids, OnlyFans, Patreon, etc., that it is certain that I missed something great. Please let me know what was missed!

Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with Number 10!

#10) “Fetishlands Beanstalk Compilation 6

Fetishlands released several compilations, 5 through 9, last year. Unfortunately, they could have been named better. Names like “Fetishlands Beanstalk Compilation 5” do not indicate what type of content is included. This could have been fixed. Why not call it “Compilation 5 – Virtual Reality Clips” instead? However, that’s a minor issue.

These compilations offer a lot of content for a reduced price. Fetishlands Beanstalk Compilation 6 runs for 51 minutes and contains four separate videos for the cost of $20.99. The included content includes sequences of a woman outgrowing her clothes then her home, a woman is shrunk by her ex-boyfriend, a giantess disrupting a wedding is shrunk to normal size and then spanked (my personal favorite out of the four), and an unaware Batgirl interacts with shrunken people. Bottom line, this compilation made the list due to its high value. It’s a lot of size content for not a lot of money! It can be purchased here:

I want to echo Eom’s sentiments, expressed in a December 16th blog comment, and ask for an illustrated version of this evil giantess story!

#9) The Neverending Woman by Papayoya

This is a dark tale, released in mid-October 2022, focused on a misanthropic female scientist named Dr. Rachel Reed. (NOTE: Special thanks to Eom for bringing this lengthy story to my attention!) The idea of a “super-soldier formula” which produces unexpected results was unoriginal, but the lengthy exploration of that idea was innovative. As noted earlier, Dr. Reed was misanthropic, hating everyone who wasn’t her. That attitude was demonstrated in the following public declaration made by the ever-growing scientist:

If you are around me, you need to accept that your life depends on my whim. Follow any orders or instructions I might give you, and your chances will improve. Disobey me or, even worse, challenge me, and I’ll turn you into a stain.”

To reiterate, this is a dark tale. Fans of gentle giants should avoid it. In addition to crushing, smashing, and swallowing people, she also specifically targets the Roman Catholic Church.

In contrast to many, if not most, other evil giantess stories there was some give and take. There was real conflict and the end result was not a foregone conclusion. That drama and tension made The Neverending Woman stand apart from other evil giantess stories.

The story sells for $9.99 even though $19.99 was listed as the default “fair price.” That price mismatch would bother me, but then the story is being released for free, one chapter at a time, on DeviantArt. So, there’s not much to complain about. This PDF version is merely offered as a means to financially support the author.

The Neverending Woman can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link: or read for free at Deviant art at this link: New chapters are released on a weekly basis, and currently Chapter 5 is the most recent release.

(NOTE: A full review will be completed later this year.)

#8) Destruction Damsels “Growing Conflict Shrinking Tensions”

Destruction Damsels has always fared well in Top 10 Size-Fetish lists. The studio appeared in the 2020 and 2021 lists. This 10-minute video stars Canary Addison and Sugargirlmodel (a.k.a. S. G. Model). The action begins with Sugargirlmodel playing a professional typist at Corporate Corporation Inc. who is angry at her boss, Canary Addison. Thanks to a magic spell, Sugargirlmodel turns the tables on Canary Addison by stealing her height. There was a surprising and welcome amount of interaction between the growing typist and her shrinking supervisor. Both performers put in a solid effort and delivered their lines well. The background music and sound effects were used effectively. Lastly, the SFX were well-executed and incorporated not only props, but also a specially-built set piece!

(Click here to read the full review.)

Issue No 4 came out on May 1st.

#7) Shrink Fan’s “One Extreme to Another”

Drawn by Butaemon & Oscar Celestini and written by a0040pc

This comic has the best of both worlds with a protagonist named Nina who only wanted to lose a few inches in height. She underwent an experimental treatment Unfortunately, the treatment goes awry and she fluctuates in size from sub-microscopic to filling a room to its breaking point. That made for several fun sequences. Furthermore, I can’t wait to read more about the budding romance between Cassie and Nina!

(Click here for a review of the first three issues.)

#6) Mase Corgan’s “Big Blue”

This Big Blue series showcases a buxom super-powered vigilante whose creation took inspiration from iconic American comic book characters. This series is focused on an exceedingly voluptuous blue-skinned alien who fights evil-doers with her “Juggs of Justice.” Her name is Yaelin, Tara Taylor when in human form, and she is partnered with a bespectacled man named Renato. Yaelin is from the planet Gozanganar, a world without males where women have giant breasts. In addition to evil Gozangans, Yaelin also fights an alien from a sister race who has a flat chest, but can shot lasers from her nipples. Yet another alien was a muscular mini-giantess. So, there was a nice variety in the extraterrestrial villains attacking our world.

The issues were written by Mase Corgan while the artwork was by Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera. The coloring and lines created by Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera, a.k.a. PortalComic or Peter Logan, should be familiar to many people already. They frequently work for Botcomics, the parent company behind the Breast Expansion Story Club and Giantess Club.

I appreciated the humor and felt that in general this was a fleshed out tale, not just a loosely-connected collection of sex scenes. Overall, this is more akin to a traditional super-hero comic, albeit with some explicit scenes. This illustrated story has a stronger emphasis on narrative as opposed to more erotic works, like the comics from the Breast Expansion Story Club or from ZZZ.

Big Blue is recommended for B.E. and super-hero fans. It provides fun B.E. action, good guys fighting bad guys, and an interesting plot along with sexy bits.

(Click here for the full review.)

#5) Ludella Hahn’s “Vore-otic Suggestion – 2nd Session

“Vore-otic Suggestion Second Session” is a 14-minute long clip which was released on October 7th, 2022. This is a follow-up to the first Vore-otic Suggestion from early August 2020. It features the viewer attending a therapy session with Doctor Hahn. She talks in breathy, seductive Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) tones and effectively hypnotizes her patient into believing that they are being swallowed alive. In addition to the audio storytelling, there are also CGI and practical visual effects.

There’s no nudity and no overt sex acts, beyond some minor breasts-in-bra fondling. Therefore, this production is aimed squarely at those people for whom the mere act of being swallowed alive by another person is powerfully and sufficiently erotic. Vore-otic Suggestion Second Session is recommended for vore fans.

(Click here to read the full review.)

As an American, I can only assume this is what life is like in Europe 😎

#4) “GTS Pub” Parts One and Two

Artwork by Bojay and story by DreamTales

This light-hearted tale features a pair of barmaids in medieval Europe who use their beauty to lure customers into their establishment. Those customers become unruly and thus the ladies drink a forest giant potion to administer some well-deserved corporal punishment in the form of spankings.

The barmaids continue to increase in size until they are large enough to overthrow an enemy castle. They become Queen Isabel and Princess Eva, the most powerful rulers in the land!

(Click here to purchase part one and two.)

#3) “Giantlands” Volume 1 by Angel

This 43-page (including front and back covers) black and white comic (only the covers were colored) was created by Angel and released on December 1st. It tells the story of a young woman named Kayla who frees a giant called “Groundshaker.” Together, Groundshaker and Kayla violently escape from Bosstown. Kayla used the enormous man to win their freedom and hopes he will liberate her hometown of Greenhill.

One of the aspects of this comic which was particularly interesting was that despite the giant’s overwhelming power he was still mortal. He still required food and water and could be hurt, just like normal humans. Furthermore, while the giant kills there were reasons driving his actions. This comic can be purchased here:

(NOTE: A full review will be posted soon!)

#2) “Sexually Satisfied by GTS Nikki Brooks & Sorceress Morgana”

This 10-minute clip was produced by Ginary’s Giantess Adventures and released on April 14th, 2022. This video consists of a pair of women playing with a shrunken man. They engage in anal, breast, and vaginal play with their tiny lover. Ergo, the tiny man gets an in-depth tour of their butt holes, nipples, and vaginas! His spirited exploration results in a “satisfying” conclusion.

(Click here to read the full review.)

#1) “Village of the Giants

Village of the Giants was originally shown in theaters way back in 1965, but the Blu-ray release was not until February 22nd, 2022. (NOTE: The original Attack of the 50 Foot Woman was also released on Blu-ray in early December.) This modern re-release of Village of the Giants includes insightful commentary from film historian Tim Lucas, which was recorded in 2021. It’s fascinating to see the theme of youthful rebellion from the perspective of 1960s movie makers. At the time, the film was titillating compared to the tame “beach party” movies produced by American International Pictures (AIP), Columbia Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. However, the main reason to buy the Blu-ray is to watch the ground-breaking growth scene in crisp high-definition resolution! That clothes-busting transformation has not been matched by any other mainstream production.

It’s high time we get a remake which captures the original spirit of rebellion against authority plus new growth scenes using modern SFX techniques!

(NOTE: A video essay on the Village of the Giants is scheduled for this spring.)

So, those were my picks for Top Ten of 2022. What do you think? Let me know your Top Ten! To make it easier for others to compile their lists, below are the reviews (not including the ones already given above) of size-themed media released in 2022. Please note, there were less reviews last year than in 2021 due to my extended trip back home to Alaska to settle my late brother’s estate.

A Look at BotComics from January to July 2022

A Look at Larger Than Life Studios on OnlyFans

BustArtist’s grOw/cinema: The Ever-Expanding Universe – Episodes 2 through 21

Dommelia Destroys The City

巨大ヒロイン ハイパーマミー Σ Gigantic Heroine HyperMommy Σ

GiRL’S NiGHT Parts 1 and 2 by RedFireD0g

“Kicking The Addiction” and “Was It Worth It?” by Albert Robinson

Requested Review: Kaylee by RedFireD0g

Solomon E Checks Pull List, Pits Botcomics vs Interweb Comics (This article covered two comics. One from 2020 and the other, “The Bad Omen,” from October 2022.)

“The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy” and “Chasing Shiloh” by Albert Robinson

(NOTE: Other reviews covered older media and thus were not included.)

Of course, no one should be limited to picking only from media reviewed at There She Grows. Effort was made to cover a broad range of media. Nonetheless, limited budget and time did not enable purchasing and reviewing everything. Without a doubt, there were high-quality comics, stories, and video clips which weren’t covered on the blog.

That’s it for today folks. Coming up next week will be final thoughts on 2022 and hopes for 2023. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Now: the question is, which program is RedFireD0g using for his images? When AI artists find a good program, they’re often as not tight-lipped about how they achieve their success. Kinda like Daz artists who have a line on who’s releasing superior nipple and tongue morphs, not to get too inside-baseball about it.

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    1. I don’t know if it’s the only A.I. art generator that he uses; however, he did mention Midjourney,

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