“The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy” and “Chasing Shiloh” by Albert Robinson

Good morning fans of fat bottomed women and shrunken men,

Today’s review will cover a pair of short stories made just for you! This post will examine size-fetish erotica written by Albert Robinson. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Albert provided review copies.) A previous review of Albert’s “Spicing Up A Marriage” can be read by clicking here.

“The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy” and “Chasing Shiloh” were both released earlier this year and feature men made tiny by scientific means. Of note, only a minor amount of time was given to the process by which they were shrunken. For example, in Chasing Shiloh the guy is made tiny while sleeping, and he merely wakes up as a tiny person. The shrinking mechanisms are just MacGuffins to get the plot moving. Instead, the emphasis is on describing their experiences after the transformations, which consists of karmic punishments. In both examples, men make choices which result in negative consequences.

It’s important to stress that the intent of this article is not to give away spoilers, but to inform potential buyers. Thus, not every detail will be disclosed. It’s a fine line to walk given that they are quite short, each less than 25 pages long. However, it is necessary to point out that neither of the shrunken men enjoy themselves. These are not amorous adventures in which small men cuddle with women or engage in pleasurable sex culminating in multiple and mutual orgasms. While there was anal insertion and other intimate contact, such as being carried between a woman’s breasts, there weren’t any overt sex acts or depictions of physical ecstasy.

These were not gentle tales, but the antagonists had reasons to be cruel. Punishments were justified by choices made by the main characters. Furthermore, while the protagonists did suffer, they did not die. These tales do not involve the slaughter of multiple people. Only the protagonists suffer, and in the first story at least they did so willingly.

Let’s begin with The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy, the longest of the two. It’s centered on a college student named David, a.k.a. David DollaBillz on social media, who is obsessed with OnlyFans model Chelsea Cheeks. (SIDE NOTE: Chelsea Cheeks actually behaves like an OnlyFans model. Compare that to the character of Beverly Wood in “Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl” who did not behave like a camgirl.) David learns of an amazing machine capable of shrinking people. With a friend’s assistance, he reduces himself to a minuscule two and a half inches tall.

SIDE NOTE: Look closely at the covers and see if you can spot the tiny people! I love their subtle inclusion. Makes me think of the tiny bunnies hidden on the covers of Playboy magazine.

It soon becomes apparent that David is missing out on potential happiness. Alas, he doesn’t try to correct that mistake. It doesn’t end in death, but does feature rough horseplay. This was a bit of a tragedy. Especially, if one considers how David’s poor decision making resulted in a painful experience. Nonetheless, it was interesting, and the insertion of the author himself into the narrative was amusing.

Next, we’ll take a gander at Chasing Shiloh. This is focused on unfaithful husband Bradley Thomas who becomes infatuated with a former high school classmate called Shiloh Shavalier. Brad is happily married, but tries to stray after opening his high school yearbook and reminiscing about old crush Shiloh.

He surreptitiously travels to Colorado Springs and meets with Shiloh. Attempting to cheat on his wife Gabriella, Brad lies about his intentions. Sensing deception, Shiloh shrinks him and then extracts the truth from him during a graphic agony-filled sequence. Without giving away too much, it is sufficient to mention that Shiloh cobbled together a miniature torture device that painfully stretched its victims. She then sends him back to Gabriella so the aggrieved spouse can enact her own punishment on the lying husband.

Regarding negatives, Chasing Shiloh ends rather abruptly. The final implications were clear, but still the conclusion was unsatisfactory.

Overall, The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy and Chasing Shiloh are recommended for fans of women with big butts mistreating tiny men. Of the two, The Influencer: Butt-Plug Envy was my favorite because it provided a more satisfactory ending. As previously mentioned, they are quite short. Fortunately, they are also cheap, each costing only a dollar (technically 99 cents).

That’s it for now folks. Come back to There She Grows for more size analysis coming soon!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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