“Spicing Up A Marriage” by Albert Robinson

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The pendulum here at There She Grows has swung back from analyzing fantastical “moving pictures,” i.e. size-fetish video clips, to digging up treasure chests from the hallowed grounds of written size fiction. Accordingly, this post will cover a short story written by Albert Robinson. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Albert provided me with a review copy.)

Specifically, we’re going to crack open up this morning’s treasure chest and check out “Spicing Up A Marriage,” a 25-page erotic story sold at Amazon which is part of their Kindle Unlimited program. This story was first released earlier this year on May 19th. Its plot is focused on a married couple, Rick and Stacy, who are celebrating two decades of martial bliss. Luckily for Rick, Stacy has the scientific wherewithal to make his deepest fantasy, being tiny while having sex with her, a reality!

First off, this is not very long and I don’t want to spoil this by disclosing too many details. Thus, the intent of this review is to keep things vague while also proving enough information for customers to make an educated choice. That established, let me discuss the aspects which worked. For one, Spicing Up A Marriage checked all the boxes for lovers of shrunken men as women’s sex toys. Particularly for those people who appreciate scenarios in which men are roughly handled and forced to submit. At the same time, the painful handling was not overly gory and did not involve blood, broken bones, or spilled guts. Accordingly, if a reader enjoyed “Blink” then they will likely also enjoy Spicing Up a Marriage. (NOTE: Click here for Aborigen’s review of Blink.)

Overall, the emphasis is on carnal activities between the 1 1/2-inch tall husband and his wife. (NOTE: Her height was never given. Presumably, she was meant to have an average stature.) Therefore, Rick’s shrinking process was abridged and quickly done.

It’s also important to state that while the description mentions that the daughter Brittany might act maliciously towards her father at no point was there incest. The description of “malicious intentions” could have meant something like anal insertion. However, while her actions were indeed malevolent, they were not sexual. This point is being highlighted to make it clear that while the daughter is quite cruel, with little apparent motivation, she never engages in sex. Brittany’s interactions occurred at the end and the story’s conclusion was dark, no happy ending here.

Now, onto the parts that could be improved. For one, while the blonde on the cover was certainly gorgeous the limbs belonging to the little man on her right shoulder were oddly disproportionate. Namely, his legs appeared too short and his arms too long compared to the rest of his body.

It felt prudent to highlight the tiny figure as folks may not notice him and instead focus only on her ample bosom 🙂

There were also a few very minor typographical errors such as misspelling drawer as just “draw,” gamble as “gambol,” and forgetting to add closing quotation marks at the end of a line of dialogue.

Most significantly, descriptions of the people and places were sparse. For instance, Stacy was described as a busty blonde, but little else was shared. Did Stacy resemble famous blonde actresses of yesteryear like Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe? We don’t know. Maybe she more closely resembled contemporary celebrities like Billie Faiers or Jessica Simpson. She might look like all of them or none of them. (NOTE: To be fair, some may just assume that Stacy was the lovely lady on the cover. That model doesn’t look old enough to have been married for 20 years, but maybe she has an impressive skin care regimen 😉 )

Additionally, the narrative outlined how the couple made love in the bedroom and bathroom, but we had no idea what those rooms were like. An argument could be made that readers would only be interested in the sex, but I’d counter that as a reader it was difficult to picture the lovemaking scenes in my head because the people and places were ambiguous and unremarkable.

Nonetheless, I recommend Spicing Up A Marriage to lovers of tiny men with cruel women. (NOTE: Some may classify this as a “cruel giantess tale,” but I prefer to use “giantess” only when women are supernaturally tall, not when men are tiny.) The multiple explicit scenes between tiny Rick and comparably enormous Stacy should strike a chord with many fans. It is available at a very reasonable price, 99 cents, and can be read for free by Amazon customers paying for Kindle Unlimited. Interested readers can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Spicing-Up-Marriage-Albert-Robinson-ebook/dp/B095J2X5S6/

That’s it for today. Next week’s reviews will commence with yet another list of shoe-bursting scenes. Until then, keep spicing up your romantic relationships with sizey goodness!

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