“Hot Lust!” A Forgotten Soft-core Sex Comedy with Tiny People

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Welcome back to There She Grows!

It’s always fun to discover a diamond in the rough. A full-length movie which shows tiny people making love, but is little known, if not forgotten, in the size community. (NOTE: Little known except for cool cats like Alyssa the Comic Book Babe, as can be seen in this Twitter thread.) It’s exciting to bring attention to a work which nearly disappeared into the sands of time, never to be watched again. So, now let me introduce the modern size community to today’s subject: “Hot Lust!” a soft-core adult film made by Bandwagon Media, Inc. and distributed on VHS in 1998 by Ambassador Video.

This 94-minute long production had a professional cast and used chroma-key special effects, to varying degrees of effectiveness. Its protagonist was an office worker named Jeremy Jones who fell asleep in front of his computer while wishing that he was small so he could be with the beautiful blonde in his adult PC game. (NOTE: We weren’t shown a video game per se, just footage of a naked woman.)

Unbeknownst to Jeremy, a leprechaun by the name of Leapin’ Lep heard his wish and granted it!

The transition from normal to tiny sized was instantaneous, no shrinking process was shown.

That set the plot into motion as Jeremy wants to restore himself. However, it wasn’t all bad being six inches tall because Jeremy managed to hook up with a female leprechaun named Samrachura, a.k.a. Sam.

A lovely leprechaun and a sexy mechanical keyboard in the same scene?! <Solo starts hyperventilating>

Jeremy soon discovers that curvy office manager Maxie is suffering from a similar problem; she was shrunk and put in a computer!

Maxie traveled from one PC monitor to another via the Internet. Move over TCP/IP, Maxie didn’t need any of that mumbo jumbo to go from one room to another! She didn’t go very far, no trips around the world, but still it was an impressive feat.

Jeremy and Maxie work together to solve this predicament which requires that they find someone to make love to three maids in order to fill up a Pot O’ Gold. More loving means more gold coins drop into the bucket and once there’s enough Lep will restore them. (NOTE: I took College Physics I & II and this all checks out, trust me!)

That task looks like it’s going to be difficult. The only available person is a meek fellow named Colin who lives with his Mom and spends his free time tending a rose garden. That’s to say, he didn’t act like someone who sleeps with a lot of babes.

This maid sings a song which includes the line “… fill my fjord with your Norwegian wood!” I have my suspicions whether or not Colin actually originated from Norway, but she didn’t check his passport.

It turns out that despite first impressions Colin has game after all and manages to seduce many women in short order. Perhaps surprisingly, after sowing his wild oats and bedding multiple ladies in a single day, Colin settles down with one lucky lass and the film ends with a marriage ceremony.

Overall, the soft-core restrictions made for some unintentionally funny scenes, to me at least. Such as a bit during which two French maids were making out. One kisses the other’s belly, but gives little attention to exposed nipples. Am I the only one who thinks it’s laughable to ignore a bountiful bosom? Mayhaps it would have been more reasonable to kiss and suck those sadly neglected nipples? Presumably, that would have made this “hardcore.” Therefore, the nipples were shown, but not smooched. More’s the pity 😥

This is what I call maid service 😎

In general, this is best not to watch if you’re a stickler for a cohesive narrative or accurate foreign accents. Furthermore, the soft core nature of Hot Lust! may be its biggest detriment. This is not safe for work (NSFW) because of the frank discussions of sexuality and frequent female topless nudity. Yet, soft-core means that male genitalia was never depicted and accordingly neither was penetration or “money shots.” Even the lesbian sex had limitations. So, folks desiring explicit intercourse on the screen will be disappointed. Love scenes show naked bosoms, but when the action gets heavy the dialogue cuts out and the audio becomes stock music. Thus, there also wasn’t the expected moaning or audible expressions of ecstasy normally heard in sex scenes.

It’s also important to note that there hasn’t been a DVD release and the only available resolution is VHS quality.

Pictured here is Leapin’s Lep himself. Of note, the chroma key effects were decent, but occasionally the actors went outside the frame and body parts were cut off! O_o
This very brief scene was the only physical interaction between the tiny couple and regular people.

Lastly, purchasing a legit copy will be nigh impossible. No streaming services carry this movie and I was unable to find any hard copies. That said, savvy folks can find less-than-reputable sites hosting this online. (NOTE: A quick Google search for Hot Lust! 1998 will likely do the trick.) Just be safe, activate ad and pop-up blockers, don’t click any links, and make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. If you’re willing to accept the risk then I recommend watching Hot Lust, it’s a fun sex comedy from a bygone era when the Internet was still new and undeveloped.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will cover a written story from a new author. Until then, keep your lust hot!

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