Interview with xCuervos, Expansion enthusiast & author at BotComics

xCuervos is a self-described expansion enthusiast and the author of many comics published by BotComics. xCuervos first foray into breast expansion fiction began with “Rent Money,” published in mid-August 2017. His first entry into giantess stories was “The Meadebower Incident” from mid-February 2018. Additionally, xCuervos wrote several issues of “Spell R Us” as well as “Office Hours” for Breast Expansion Story Club and the second issue of “Ascension” for Giantess Club. (NOTE: BotComics has since merged the various clubs into a single site.) Furthermore, xCuervos created several captioned photo manipulations and shared those at DeviantArt. Fans can follow xCuervos via Twitter for the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m from the west coast in the United States and have a day job that involves a lot of writing and graphic design. I listen to music constantly and grew up with a strong appreciation for movies. My interest in more socially-acceptable comic books comes and goes and I do hope to someday transition into writing something a little more mainstream. I’ve got a great relationship with my awesome wife, who is more than supportive of my secret kinky side job. She even helped me come up with a story!

#2) How did you first become interested in expansion?

Like so many others, it started in my teens. The late 90s was a good time for larger than average breasts being featured in TV and movies. I think I first really took notice of extreme proportions when watching the 1997 movie Breast Men on HBO and was fascinated by the progressively larger implants shown. Then the 1998 movie Mafia! had one of the earliest actual breast expansion scenes that I remember seeing. It wasn’t the best movie, but it sparked my imagination to the point where I turned to the early internet to find more. Stumbling on Diana the Valkyrie’s story site sent me further down the path to erotic fiction, and finding the Breast Expansion Archive introduced me to morphs. I feel like I discovered the kink was in it’s early online days and watched it improve with technology over time.

In college, I took a class on Photoshop and other graphics programs. The class wasn’t especially interesting or helpful and I didn’t learn a whole lot. However, I got access to a copy of Photoshop and finally possessed the tool to tweak images and join the ranks of content creators! I’m a big fan of images with stories, and tried my hand at sequences with captions. My initial work wasn’t great, but I learned more about Photoshop than I ever would have in a class, and I use the things I learned in my day job! The moral? Creating something you love can lead to marketable skills.

After a few years on and off creating morphs, I was stuck overnight at an airport and wrote a short 10 panel script intended for an artist commission. Sadly the artist was too busy to take up my commission so I shelved it. Lucky for me I saw an open call for writers at Botcomics and reworked my short script into a full 10 page comic book. Rent Money was accepted and I started my side gig as an expansion comic author!

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

An early favorite of mine was a character from the comic site Supermegatopia. They ran a Power Girl homage character named Buxom Gal whose gimmick was expanding breasts that stored her superpower energy. This series combined humor and sexy situations and made it feel “okay” to enjoy the sillier side of the kink.

The artist whose work inspired me enough to try and commission them was Eucalipto, who stopped accepting adult or kink related work years ago. Their artwork is excellent and I recommend fans of expansion check it out even if they aren’t making new expansion content!

I’m proud to say that I own a DVD copy of Mood Boobs! I bought it when it was first offered, before the advent of readily available streaming. This live-action short hit all the right notes for me: high production values, comedy, good props, and most importantly, believable acting. It was a wonderful project and if only more people had bought instead of pirated, we may have gotten a full-fledged sequel. Now, Maxgrowth has some of the better live-action short films. Finally, some models are getting in on the fun with some really convincing props on social media: @madzisstacked and @bigbaddybee are worth checking out.

#4) How would you describe your own writing?

I have always enjoyed creative expansion stories that feature a creative method and interesting reactions. In my writing, I try to give characters good reasons for their behavior and realistic personalities. I also tend to write more stories with positive outcomes and I mostly avoid “punishing” the characters for their predicaments. Humor plays a big role in my stories, and I hope that my stuff entertains just as well as it excites. I think there is some mainstream appeal to the expansion kink, but it has to be framed correctly. It’s possible to write good stories that happen to feature breast expansion instead of it being the sole focus.

It’s also very important to me that I’m writing stories that any fan of expansion can enjoy, regardless of their gender. Rather than solely fetishizing body parts, I want my readers to enjoy the characters as a whole. Believe it or not, there are lots of women in the community and they deserve to see empowered characters who take ownership of their sexuality!

#5) Can you briefly outline your process for devising new stories?

My writing process usually starts with a single trigger or idea for a scene. Once I have the expansion figured out, I think about what kinds of characters work best for the story and describe them for the artist. The next step is outlining the story while keeping the short 10-page comic format in mind. With the issue outlined I begin filling in the details for each page, working through each panel. The outline is really just a guide and the pacing of my stories often changes as I write. Sometimes character interactions surprise me and lead to new directions in the story!

#6) Any tips for other authors who want to write comics?

Think about what YOU want to see and start writing. Always jot down ideas so you don’t forget them, and don’t be afraid to fill out a page or two because you never know when a scene or some dialogue will come in handy. Do your best to describe scenes so that your artist knows what you want to see, BUT remember to trust your artist! They probably have more experience thinking about angles and poses than you and will often know the best way to frame a panel.

A fellow expansion author at Botcomics and friend of mine, DeLonge, suggested I read the Art of Comic Book Writing by Mark Kneece. This book should be on every comic author’s shelf because it has tons of good advice on scriptwriting and storytelling

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?

There are too many projects in various stages of completion to list! Other than sequels like Office Hours Issue #2, I do have a couple of new stories to be released soon. I started a new central series for Spells R Us, similar to what we did with Atomic Mobile. This longer series will introduce new characters and settings that will receive their own spin-offs. This one is called Newshound and follows a reporter as he investigates mysterious episodes of breast expansion associated with the Spells R Us shop in different decades. Speaking of fun decades, I’ve also got a She-Ra parody on the way soon that leans heavily into the absurdity of 80’s cartoons with erotic twists. Expect lots of expansion, muscle growth, and bimbofication leading to ridiculous situations in Glamstra!

Thank you for doing this interview!

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