Tywest’s “Twelve Inches”

Good morning everyone,

Today let’s us look upon a work from bygone days, a time when explicit video producer Tywest still produced new material. That was an age of modified action figures with genitalia, an era of fully naked female performers, and a period of graphic lesbian sex scenes featuring actual porn stars. In short, it was a blessed time the likes of which I pray we shall see again! (NOTE: To read an earlier review of Tywest’s “Daphney & Kymberly Jane in Emergency!”, please click here.)

To examine another treasure from Tywest’s body of work, which sadly ended more than six years ago when he stopped making videos and TywestVideos.com went off-line, let’s discuss “Twelve Inches.” This stars Natalie Minx, runs for 10 minutes, and was first released on November 5th, 2011.

Natalie Minx performed in a number of adult movies and soft-core serialized productions, and apparently also played a small role in a low-budget American science-fiction film entitled “The FP,” released in 2011. The FP was centered around a more intense version of the rhythm game “Dance Dance Revolution” called “Beat Beat Revelation.”

Interested film buffs can learn more about Natalie’s filmography at IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2289119/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

Twelve Inches begins with Natalie seemingly speaking on a wireless phone. Us viewers are not able to hear the discussion, but instead hear only music. Nonetheless, we quickly learn that Natalie’s sister has sent her a gift, a male escort. Natalie asked for “twelve inches.” Accordingly, Natalie is apprehensive, but excited to meet the man. Although, he turns out to not quite be what she expected 😉

Good thing she likes surprises 😎

Natalie adapts quickly and discovers some ways to have fun!

She starts off by giving him a hand job. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that she gives him a thumb and pointer finger job 🙂 This was followed by a breast massage which looked rather stimulating.

The performance was assisted by a masculine performer voicing the 12-inch escort. Maybe that was Tywest himself? The male voice actor only moaned and never spoke. Nonetheless, the use of two voiced performances, Natalie and the unidentified little escort, made this more enjoyable than many other amateur video clips in which only one person speaks and has awkward moments trying to simulate two-way conversation.

She decides to mount the tiny man cowgirl style and rapidly achieves climax. Then Natalie performs fellatio and regrettably looks at the camera for a second 😉 Finally, she finishes the lucky fellow off with a toe job and he impresses her with his output. The presentation ends as Natalie pledges to recommend this escort to her friends.

I liked Natalie’s performance. She did well delivering lines of dialogue. Overall, Twelve Inches was an awesome size-fetish video!

That noted, I’ll address the “elephant in the room.” Namely, that the “escort” was an inanimate plastic figure. Being inanimate, he doesn’t move his arms or legs regardless of whether a woman is sucking his dick or riding on top of him. It’s reasonable to assume that some customers will be put off by that. However, it’s challenging to realistically depict a tiny person having intercourse with a person many times their size. (NOTE: Folks can check out MissaX’s “Fe Fi Fo CUM!” for a green screen approach at showing a tiny man being used as a dildo.) It’s understandable that a studio would use a physical prop. Also, it’s great that Tywest enabled the action figure to “ejaculate.” The escort may not move a finger, but he does squirt an impressive load!

I posed the following question on Twitter: “Has any other creator taken up the slack caused by Tywest’s departure and created similar videos?” Sadly, I can’t think of any, and so far neither has anyone else. Of course, the aforementioned MissaX also produced hardcore content, and even made unique videos with giant couple sex. (NOTE: Check out this review of “Giant Sex.”) Yet, MissaX has not filmed anything size-related in several years. With any luck, someone will step up and fill this void in the size community.

Bottom line, I highly recommend Twelve Inches. Folks can purchase it for $11.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/25923/5024309/natalie-minx-in-twelve-inches-hd

That’s it for now. Next week will begin with a full-length soft-core size~y film from the 1990s. Until then, keep growing!

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3 thoughts on “Tywest’s “Twelve Inches”

  1. “She starts off by giving him a hand job. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that she gives him a thumb and pointer finger job”

    A Pinchy?

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  2. ‘Finally, she finishes the lucky fellow off with a toe job and he impresses her with his output.’

    “Toe Jam” takes on a whole new meaning…

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