Tywest’s “Daphney & Kymberly Jane in Emergency!”


Good morning all!

Once more, I’ve exiled the dastardly Solomon Evil (a.k.a. Solomon E) back to the prison planet outside the Ghost Head Nebula. Still, I cannot help but feel that he may return someday, and I must stay vigilant.

But enough about the eternal power struggle between two similarly-named size-fetish reviewers! Today, let’s take a look at Tywest’s “Emergency!” The video runs for 19 minutes and was first released on March 19, 2011. (NOTE: Thanks to Njord for suggesting that I review a video by Tywest! Check out Njord’s gentle giantess stories at his blog here: https://theplaceofships.wordpress.com/ )

The story involves a nurse named Ophelia Payne, played by Kymberly Jane, and an unnamed newlywed played by Daphney. Daphney brings her husband, “Dick Cummings,” to see Nurse Payne and cure his untimely impotence.

Unlike Mr. Johnson here, I’ve never been treated by a nurse like Ophelia Payne ^^’

Daphney and Kymberly also appeared together in Tywest’s “Furniture Movers,” “Truth or Dare Giantess Style,” and “Truth or Dare II Deathmatch.” Additionally, Kymberly Jane has performed with Chloe James, Emily Addison, and Veronica Ricci, as well as in solo videos. Daphney only worked with Kymberly and not with any other performers. Lastly, Daphney appears as a brunette in many of her solo videos as opposed to her blonde appearance in this.

(SIDE NOTE: I think Kymberly Jane also played a role in the 2009 American horror film Necrosis. However, I’m not completely sure if Kymberly is the same actress, or if she merely shares her name with another actress.)

I liked the sound effects intended to sell the illusion that this takes place in a hospital. There’s the beeping of a heart monitor throughout, and the nurse listens to heartbeats with a stethoscope. Furthermore, there’s some moans and brief yelps of pain from patients when the nurse injects them using a frighteningly large (in relation to their action figure bodies) syringe. o_O

The titular emergency concerns a young man unable to achieve an erection during his honeymoon 😮
I admire Nurse Payne’s passion for healing, but worry that her eagerness to clear the emergency room was a bit rough 😉
Quite the stimulating breast massage! ❤

There is full nudity and numerous sex acts on display! I enjoyed the enthusiasm displayed when the nurse tells the wife to disrobe, a request which she fulfills immediately and without complaint. (None of my emergency room visits were ever this fun. Guess I’ve been seeing the wrong health care professionals :\ ) Both actress get fully nude.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the nurse and wife discover that kissing each other provides an effective visual stimulant for the previously unresponsive husband’s cock. (Kissing accompanied by appropriate, and presumably non-diegetic, music.)

I don’t like the gloves, but concede that other viewers may like them and that they add to the authenticity.

The nurse sucks on his wife’s breasts in order to maintain the desired turgid nature of his penis. It was great to hear the women enjoying the sex between themselves, and with the diminutive Dick. (NOTE: You have to accept that men are drastically smaller and represented by inanimate toys. No explanation is ever given.)

Daphney is not adverse to sharing and actively encourages her husband to fuck the nurse. The two give him blow jobs and hand jobs. The wife massages his prostate. (Given how large her finger is in comparison to his rectum that seems ill-advised.) Dick inserts his now fully operational penis into his wife, as well as the nurse! Both mount him (separately of course) and ride on top in the cowgirl position. He also dutifully performs cunnilingus.

I loved the dialogue. It included such lines as “I’m not letting you leave here without blowing your load all over our face [sic].” The conversation was not realistic nor laden with layers of meaning, but it was campy and fun and well-suited for porn.

One can only imagine how strong his hips must be to support vastly larger ladies on top 😎
The lovely ladies eagerly await Dick’s impending money shot ➡

I like this and recommend it to others. The 19-minute video can be purchased for $19.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/25923/4267443/daphney-and-kymberly-jane-in-emergency-hd

It has also been split to enable separate purchases. You can purchase the first part for $10.99 here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/25923/4473894/daphney-kymberly-jane-emergency-part-1-hd

The second sells for $11.99 and can be found here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/25923/4473905/daphney-kymberly-jane-emergency-part-2-hd

(NOTE: I advise saving money and buying the complete video for $19.99 instead of buying both parts for a total of $22.98. Although, customers may just want one part. If that’s the case, then I suggest getting the second, more action-packed segment.)


Unfortunately Tywest, to the best of my knowledge, has not made a giantess-themed work in a few years. I believe “Enchantress Sahrye in Latin Queen,” released in April 2015, was his last. (NOTE: Although, he also assisted with “Jenni & Jamie FetishCon Attack” which was released in mid-September 2017.)

If I had my wish, Tywest would create another video with Daphney and Kymberly Jane which incorporates special effects depicting the duo growing to giantess status. Alas, none of his productions depict size changing.

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