A Look at Larger Than Life Studios on OnlyFans

Good afternoon macrophiles and size enthusiasts!

This review will provide a broad overview of Larger Than Life (LTL) Studios on OnlyFans. (NOTE: Click here to read their interview.) Since its founding in 2020, LTL Studios has released over 300 videos for an impressive total of more than 50 hours of size-fetish content. The majority of those videos have a runtime of five to seven minutes.

Right off the bat, let it be known that the monthly subscription fee of $14 is a bargain for that much content. It’s easy to find single videos, less than an hour long, from other creators which cost more than $14, such as the two below:

“Revenge Of The Villainesses” is a 41-minute long video sold by Media Impact Customs for $16.99.
“Ruta & Inga – crushed by two tall amazons” is a 24-minute long video sold by Under Giantess Soles for $20.99.

However, it should be noted that those videos can be downloaded and watched offline, as well as saved for the future. If Media Impact or Under Giantess Soles goes out of business, their fans could still watch downloaded content. However, if LTL Studios goes out of business then all of their video clips will be lost, even if customers would prefer to keep copies. That’s not a dealbreaker, but is something to keep in mind.

The explicitness of the videos is determined by the OnlyFans Terms of Service (TOS) as well as the individual model’s preferences. OnlyFans announced a ban of explicit content last August, but then reversed that decision before the ban’s scheduled implementation on October 1st. Accordingly, LTL Studios stated that OnlyFan’s TOS are “kinda vague when it comes to penetration.” In contrast, Clips4Sale and ManyVids are more permissive. Additionally, each performer decides how they will appear. Some, like TheDommeNxtDoor (a.k.a. Freya the Great), don’t perform nude and won’t show their entire face. Freya keeps her clothes on and consistently hides her eyes. (SIDE NOTE: Click here for an examination of “Her Giant Feet at The Beach” starring Freya.)

^ These screenshots were taken from three separate LTL productions starring Freya.

Others engage in explicit action in “Lesbian Giantess Sex Orgasm Denial for Tiny starring Kimi and Vivi”:

Pretty confident scenes such as this would be popular even without a shrunken man narrative.

Models typically do not remove their panties. So, topless is normally the limit such as in the following example from “Strip and Grow!” starring Giantess Ginger:

However, a few performers, like Sweet Vickie, remove every stitch of their clothing and masturbate!

This was taken from “Giantess MILF Teases Your Cock” starring Sweet Vickie.

There were quite a few productions with a growth theme. One highlight was “Growth Gets Her Wet!” starring Vanessa Strawberry in which Vanessa grows repeatedly while masturbating. Alas, that clip did not feature clothing destruction. She removed her top, but somehow the panties fit no matter how large she was!

There are a few clips featuring clothing destruction. However, clothing destruction was rare and its implementation was not on par with Destruction Damsels or Ludella Hahn. For instance, in “Vanessa GROWS!” fishnet stockings were cut in between takes as opposed to her legs tearing them apart.

Polls are occasionally taken and results publicly shared. That transparency is great as it’s useful to see how other subscribers feel.

As for potential improvements, listed below are a few suggestions. However, before describing those, it’s important to note that the emphasis will be on practical suggestions which are reasonably achievable. YouTuber Drew Gooden on August 1st critiqued a MasterClass, an online education program, starring Fortnite streamer Ninja. One of Drew’s criticisms was that Ninja’s suggestions were unrealistic for new creators. For example, Ninja pointed out that collaborations with celebrities boosted his following. In that segment, Ninja’s advice was apparently “work with famous people” and that will improve your business. Of course that’s true, but it’s also unhelpful. Not everyone can play a video game with the rapper Drake or appear on Ellen’s TV show. In a similar vein, it would be awesome and undoubtedly boost LTL if they could collaborate with famous adult stars such as Angela White, Hitomi Tanaka, or Maserati. However, that would be unrealistic. Therefore, emphasis will be on changes that could reasonably be made. That point made, let’s go over some suggested improvements:

#1) Improve the chroma key compositing!

This is a common issue in amateur clips with special effects (SFX). In the case of LTL, several clips featured random blinking when a performer’s clothing would periodically disappear because the color was too similar to the chroma-key background. One example is below in which the performer’s panties periodically phased out and turned into the city background.

^ These stills were taken from “Step Sis Grows Even Bigger! starring Emma.” It was distracting when her underpants flashed in and out.

In “Jay and Cay Grow and Fuck starring Cay and Jay,” a man’s head disappears! The following set of three screenshots shows the individual in question without his head, with his head, and lastly with his head phasing out so that only the outline is visible.

Thankfully, several tutorials are available for free on YouTube. For example, 101 Green Screen Tips In 15 Minutes ! by Zebra Zone and BASICS OF GREEN SCREEN – Everything You Need To Know by Kevin – Basic Filmmaker. Furthermore, online education platforms such as Skillshare also offer training. Those are only a few examples; there are a wealth of resources available.

Undoubtedly, experimentation and practice is still required to master technique. Yet, the point remains that there are several ways to improve chroma key compositing at little to no cost.

#2) Provide a schedule of upcoming releases.

As a subscriber, it would be helpful to know beforehand what will be released in the next 30 days or so. That’s not to say that plans won’t change, but even a tentative schedule would be better than nothing at all.

#3) Create enduring characters and narratives.

If followed, this bit of advice would set LTL apart from other size-fetish creators. Most, if not nearly all, size-fetish media consists of stand-alone episodes with characters and stories that are not connected. However, by creating enduring characters and narratives, LTL could differentiate themselves. LTL could follow the example of mainstream comic book publishers. Many companies have created comic book characters, but Marvel Comics establishing themselves as the home for characters like Captain America. Many companies make comics with superheroes, but only Marvel can produce Captain America comics. If LTL could create a character, say Captain Growthica, then make serialized productions featured that characters. That could set LTL apart from the ever-growing number of amateur size content creators. (NOTE: For evidence of the growing number of amateur size content creators, a search on ManyVids showed several performers making giantess content. There She Grows has discussed numerous creators, probably 50 or more, since its inception in 2019, but still hasn’t covered any of these ManyVids performers.)

This search for the word “giantess” was taken from ManyVids on August 9th, 2022.

Serialized content is not without precedent in the adult entertainment industry. Pornographic movies such as “Debbie Does Dallas” and “The Devil in Miss Jones” spawned multiple sequels. Mature comic strips such as “Little Annie Fanny” and “Queen Gazonga” followed the adventures of a single character in various scenarios. There’s no reason why size-fetish creators could not do the same. It need not be complicated or require extensive lore. Instead, the background could be as simple as “someone has special power to grow” and then a series featuring that character with the special power in different locations and scenarios. Ergo, a size-changing hero getting into wacky adventures would be good.

Overall, a subscription to Larger Than Life Studios on OnlyFans is recommended. They have a wealth of size-fetish videos, and make more every month, including holiday-themed stuff. For instance, a 21-minute long video, “A Special Vitamin starring Penny,” was just released for National Vore Day (August 8th). I’d love to see more holiday content like Christmas and Halloween-themed productions!

That’s it for now folks. Come back to There She Grows for more size analysis coming soon!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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