A Look Back at “Queen Gazonga”


“Queen Gazonga” was a color comic strip featured in issues of “D-Cup,” an adult magazine specializing in busty women.

Tiffany Towers! ❤ She was one of my favorite enhanced models in the 1990s 🙂

Queen Gazonga first appeared in the May 1992 issue with a strip entitled “Stuck in America.” She was drawn from the very beginning as a supremely endowed woman. The plot of that first comic was that the Polynesian royal fell into a bath tub and her enormous bosom was wedged in. Hence, she was “stuck in America.”

The art looked a little different in this first iteration compared to the later editions.

The tagline stated “Stuck in America She’s the ruler of some far off isle But everywhere she makes men smile”.

She did not appear in every subsequent issue, but instead appeared aperiodically. In February 1993, Queen Gazonga expanded her breasts one at a time while another woman performed cunnilingus. This super-power was in response to readers’ letters as detailed in the image below.


The use of her recently developed and unusual physical condition was made into a recurring theme.

^ Taken from the June 1993 issue
^ September 1993 issue

Similar to other adult-oriented comic strips, such as Playboy’s “Little Annie Fanny,” various celebrities and well-known media properties were parodied in this comic.



Through the course of the comic’s run, she performs various fantastic acts such as popping off a car roof with her tits, frightening away a Tyrannosaurus rex by rapidly blowing up her boobs like a bullfrog blowing up its throat, using a bra as a makeshift parachute, arousing the normally solemn Mount Rushmore National Memorial, etc. Queen Gazonga’s chest routinely achieves stupendous dimensions while she has intimate relations with numerous men and women. (NOTE: She always shrinks back down off-panel and between issues.)

But it wasn’t just that particular island that she would outgrow…


Lucky for humanity, this last image was merely a bad dream 😉

In April 1994, a character, modeled after radio host Howard Stern, used a swami to channel Gazonga’s expansion ability into himself. Alas, it didn’t play out like he had hoped.


Sadly, it seems that D-Cup’s April 1998 issue was the last to feature Queen Gazonga. The magazine was significantly altered in May 1998, and it appears that Queen Gazonga was dismissed. (NOTE: Does anyone have evidence of this comic surviving beyond April 1998? If so, please comment below or send me an e-mail!)

I enjoyed this comic strip and recommend it to fans of breast expansion and risque humor. The stories are exceedingly short, two pages in length with each page typically containing three to six panels. Accordingly, you won’t get detailed stories or sophisticated humor, and the sex scenes are too brief and rushed to truly be erotic. Yet, you will get fun, light-hearted tales of a voluptuous woman that enjoys sex.

You can find Queen Gazonga in May 1992 – April 1998 back issues of D-Cup magazine. Alternatively, a quick online search may also turn up these comics rather easily 😉


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