Giantess Katelyn’s “Boobular Revenge” starring Daphne Rosen


Giantess Katelyn’s “Boobular Revenge” is a five-minute clip starring Daphne Rosen that was created in either 2012 or 2013. (Giantess Katelyn’s Clips4Sale site states that this video was added on October 17, 2013. However, the card at the clip’s end gives a copyright date of 2012.)


Daphne was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, at a young age. She entered the pornographic industry at the age of 20, and worked for several companies to include, but not limited to, Score, Adam and Eve, Napali Video, and Venom Digital Media. She performed in a variety of hardcore sex scenes with men and women. (NOTE: Daphne appears to be retired now. Her last adult video was released in 2012, and most of her social media accounts are currently offline or inactive.)

Score magazine March 2007

The clip starts with Daphne welcoming her unnamed boyfriend home.

She initially entices him with her gorgeous cleavage, but then whips out her shrinking device!

Apparently, she caught her boyfriend messing around with another chick at the club. Now, the price for his betrayal is death! 😈 (Which seems a bit severe, but whatever…)

No sound effects were employed, but the boyfriend’s point of view lowered to simulate shrinkage. I’d have preferred a struggle, such as reaching for the device, yelling for her to stop, or turning toward the door only to be too small to reach the door knob. However, he didn’t say a word and surprisingly accepted his shrinking without comment.

There’s no actual nudity, but you do get lots of breast play and see her areola. Additionally, Daphne deserves kudos for her vocal performance. She did a good job delivering her lines.

Nice perspective! ❤

She talks about how he always enjoyed her boobs and how huge they must seem now.

I assumed that an inanimate action figure would represent the little boyfriend, but was pleasantly surprised to see what appeared to be an actual actor using special effects to look tiny. My assessment could be wrong as the character is so small that it’s possible that a CGI model was used. Regardless, the little man moves around slightly to appear life-like.

The man doesn’t speak until just before she enacts her final revenge. He also has a high-pitched voice befitting his small size. There’s no interaction between Daphne and her victim, except for when she drops a boob on him at the end. Before that, she doesn’t touch or pick him up. After the boob crush, she claims to feel his bones snapping. Then she lifts up the surgically enhanced breast and we see a bloody pulp (or the remnants of a ketchup packet).

All things considered, I recommend this clip to fans of shrunken people being treated cruelly. It can be purchased for $5.99 at the following link:

10 - taken from her Twitter account images
^ Can I get this as a full-fledged video? 😎

In total, Daphne made fourteen clips for Giantess Katelyn (including Boobular Revenge), all of them involving shrunken people or vore themes. However, her (now inactive) Twitter feed includes the above giantess image!


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