Interview with Demora Avarice, a Lovely Expansion Actress


Demora Avarice is a lovely breast expansion model who has produced several videos available at ModelHub and PornHub. She not only produces clips in which her bust swells to fantastic sizes, but she has also enlarged herself in real life! Additionally, Instagram has nearly 200 pictures of Demora in various stages of growth. Furthermore, Demora worked in the Expansion Café during SizeCon 2018, and she’ll attend next year’s convention in February 2020.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m Demora, obviously this is a stage name but I don’t reveal my real one. I’m short, about 4’11” (and a half!) and sit somewhere around a 38I-J in bra size. My hair color normally is brown, but I’ve gotten consistent at changing it pretty often. I grew up and still live in the Southeast U.S. I tend not to get too specific as I have been doxxed before in my local area and it was somewhat messy. Privacy is high on my list of things I worry about because I have a husband and children. I’m still at odds with the amount of attention I’ve received in creating the content I do; I find it hard to believe I have any fans at all! Unlike most models (I describe myself this way very loosely; like when a batboy describes himself part of a baseball team lol) this is something I do out of fun and I have a day job. I have spent the last 5 or so years as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and after my husband finishes school, I plan on pursing a degree in the medical field. All in all, I’m just your average woman who enjoys being the biggest chest in the room 😀


#2) How did you first become interested in expansion? Additionally, the bulk of your work is devoted to breast expansion. However, on Instagram you also posted a giantess picture. Do you plan to make more giant-themed content?

This is a long and convoluted story; in short, it’s my husband’s fault. We’ve been married for about 12 years, and for a long time I knew of his interest in BE but it was like the mistress in the room. I never liked the idea of him looking at other things to enjoy himself. (Sidenote: He does a lot of the behind the scenes work and now can’t enjoy other content because he’s always viewing it in the light of deconstructing different tricks to accomplish things. Mission accomplished!) So it was one of those things we never talked about.

Around 2012, he shared some pictures of me on the now defunct Bustywebshots forum. After finding out, we actually worked with an admin from there to start a website Leading up to this, I had the miraculous luck of losing size in my chest after successive pregnancies which had a moderate effect on my self-esteem; the site had the goal of trying to grow through herbal supplements and massages (Natural Breast Expansion or NBE). The site also hosted a ton of photos we would take as well. I don’t remember how much I grew, but I started around a DD, and nowadays I’m around a I-J; so very small success.

Around March of 2018, he convinced me to try and answer a callout for BE models; without going into details it didn’t really pan out. Though what we did do we enjoyed making and Griev (husband) had a ton of fun fiddling around and improving on rigs. And so, we decided to do it on our own! I’m honestly glad we did it that way as well; it has provided us with a latitude to work on things our own way and branch out, as well as opportunities of working with other groups on our own terms. We’ve worked with Maxgrowth a bunch, gotten close with a number of people within SizeCon, (we also help plan the event and Griev runs the Discord for it!) and have gotten to know BustArtist and his better half JulieKat… It’s been a blast!

One thing I always like to bring up is that this has also been a huge time of discovery for myself; I’m very introverted and never thought I’d find a sense of pride in people telling me how awesome my videos on PornHub are. I never considered my own interest in what we do; sure, I enjoyed making videos and such, but I didn’t think feel it was personal to me. On the drive back from SizeCon, Griev and I discussed a bunch of things and we came to the realization that some of my deep-seated self-image issues were misplaced. You see, after losing the size post pregnancy, I was saddened by it; this was further compounded by my realization that I placed so much self-worth into my chest. But after talking about it, I realized that I just had a different idea image for myself; and my chest being smaller was moving away from it. I also did enjoy the growing and shape the props would give me; further down the road Griev coined the term “boob-drunk” in reference to my change in personality that would occur during saline infusions as i grew. We also were both shocked to realize that I did have an interest in BE, just one that I never thought of nor he considered existing; my interest is a selfish one. This is very at odds with my normal disposition of being defined by my role in my family; I’m usually trying to put myself last and make sure everyone else is taken care of. I don’t have any real interest in BE content, but I’m very interested in it happening to me; and I am doing my damnedest to make it a reality.

As for other types of content, I have been trying to branch out, we’ve done stuff in different mediums such as 3d, VR, slowmo, composite photos, and I’m sure other’s I’ve forgot. We’ve also tried to touch on other kinks, Giant/tiny we’ve experimented with, we’ve done belly expansion as well as ass expansion too. I do want to do more content in all of those different things, I just want make sure we do it right; we hate to half-ass things and want to make sure any content we create is in line with what people want.

#3) Do you have a favorite video that you’ve produced?

It’s hard to narrow it down honestly. One on my earliest favorites is probably actually a blooper; for the longest time it was also our most watched video. I think we called it accidental blueberry and it was where I expanded in this very narrow space in our home. I happened to be wearing a blue long sleeve turtleneck and we just filled it pretty much to the limit; making me completely stuck in the space. I completely lost it and was laughing as I would wiggle my arms the tiny bit they would move as it slowly deflated until I could get free lol. I also love the “Slice of Life” videos that we’ve done, my favorite being the skittles one. They’re usually just short skits of me having overinflated boobs and trying to deal with everyday scenarios like put on my shoes, get into cabinets, doing laundry, or driving; I just have a great time making them! Probably my favorite actual expansion video is Professor Busty; mostly just because that was one of the first times we really worked in more than just BE, and the props looked great! I also found out that I quite enjoyed the hourglass shape and that has worked its way into my considerations for my own surgical goals.

#4) Is there any advice you could give to others who may also be considering surgery to enhance their figures?

I don’t think I’m the person to offer advice here; at least not yet. I can at least go into what my personal plans are for surgery? My current goal for surgical alterations is a abdominoplasty, flankoplasty, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), and fat transfer to the breasts. I’ve spoken with a few surgeons, but think I found the one I want to go with even though he was higher than my initial upper limit. The abdominoplasty/flankoplasty I want for more than just “skinnier waist” reasons; it’s to repair damage to my abdominal wall from multiple C-sections as well as minimize the effects of my scoliosis (I actually should be 5’3”…). The BBL is also more incidental as alongside the other procedures it doesn’t add much cost but will help me have a bit of that hourglass shape I’ve started becoming fond of.

I have nothing against implants, but I just don’t think that is the route for me; I would like to remain as natural(ish) as possible. Going in that line of thought, I plan to do fat transfers to the breasts. This can be an effective, albeit slower method, of gaining larger breasts. In my research, I’ve never found any evidence of this being attempted on anything larger than C-cups. Post-pregnancy breasts are usually great candidates for this procedure. Usually the result is roughly 2 cups larger than the start; though the hope is that if I can shove 2,000 CC’s of saline into my breasts, we can shove 2,000 CC’s of fat in there and that would put me roughly into the N-O range. I really hope to see how far this can be pushed in terms of obtaining results, and plan to try multiple times to get to where I want to be. Where is that? No clue; the N-O range after infusions still seems pretty small to me. I don’t want to be Chelsea Charms / Beshine size, but it’s probably still well into the range that people would find extreme 😀

#5) Do you follow any other models?

I don’t really follow any other models, though I do try and support other content creators; especially those that I’ve worked with. I do have to say if I did follow a model, it would definitely be Koa! I’ve had a blast every time I get to work with her. Unfortunately where my interest is pretty selfish I’ve been a bit remiss in following others; but I’m trying to be better about it!

#6) Can you discuss the rewards for supporting your Patreon page?

Hmm. This is one of my dirty little secrets actually. You see, I really dislike how heavily monetized the Size kink scene can be. I know I do it as well, but I try to minimize it or failing that make the more expensive portions based more on ancillary things (like behind the scenes stuff, unedited things) and keep the actual content on the cheaper end. My Patreon tries to be consumer friendly; the $5 tier has the second most recent video, $10 gets the two most recent videos plus a random third for each month. I try to also make sure I get enough videos done in a month that each tier gets at least 2 new videos; though I admittedly sometimes get behind. The goal is that those that support me though Patreon usually get the videos hosted on clips sale sites much cheaper than if they bought them on there; as well as usually getting other ancillary things each month. There is one exception; I have a $30 tier that is almost purely meant to be off putting. Outside of things like my Indiegogo campaign or at certain times on Patreon, this is where you will find topless content. It also has access to all unedited footage and every video we’ve made; so even to find that content you have to wade through almost 700 GB 😀

#7) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

Oh god haven’t I rambled on long enough? Our rigs are always changing, you’d be surprised at how few iterations have been shown in more than a single video; he’s like the Tony Stark of prosthetic inflatable breasts. He made a completely portable rig that we used during a live BE café during SizeCon, and he’s working on making leaking nipples to accompany it. The current iteration we use for filming can quickly be disconnected to become static sizes to maintain continuity, and doesn’t even contain balloons.

On the content side it’s constantly changing; we recently started talking with a prominent artist in hopes of doing a video based on his work, we are continuing to work with the Juggalos Patreon to try and make videos for them, and we might have some live stream multi-model expansion shenanigans going on. We’re always trying to make new contacts and work with new people, as innovate new ways of making content, so any content creators that might want to work together reach out to me!


Thank you very much Demora for this interview!

In addition to the previously given links, fans can check out her presence on YouTube,, and her Twitter here:


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