A Look at BotComics from January to July 2022

Good evening everyone,

Today’s review will be a bit different. This article will provide a overview of the BotComics web site in 2022 and will broadly discuss its comics. It will include brief descriptions of their size-themed illustrated stories published from January until late July. (NOTE: Nothing has been released in August yet.) The intent is to provide customers with the information they need to decide whether or not to purchase comics or a subscription. (SIDE NOTE: The terms “chapter,” “issue,” and “part” will be used interchangeably.)

A few things to note right off the bat. Older BotComics customers will feel right at home because little of the content has changed. The emphasis remains on gentle characters undergoing breast expansion and height increase. Evil characters occasionally kill people via crushing, such as in PMD: War #6, but that type of violence is uncommon and not graphically depicted. Blood is rarely shown. Furthermore, hard vore was absent. I couldn’t find a single instance of hard vore in anything published this year.

There was a tiny bit of exclusively anthropomorphic characters (a.k.a. furry) content, but it’s still uncommon. (NOTE: Exclusively furry content meaning comics without human characters. Some comics feature anthropomorphic bees or demons alongside humans.) Number One Fan was released in April, but was only a one-shot. None of the ongoing series have furry characters. Only two furry series have been released in the entire history of BotComics: Number One Fan in 2022 and Pink’s Amazon Adventure in 2004. So, if a buyer is primarily interested in growing furries then I recommend they support someone like Dnapalmhead instead.

There are more comics featuring futanari (women with penises). According to a search on their site, the first was Princess Apple & the Lizard Kingdom in 2015. Since then, a total of 10 futanari-categorized comics have been published. One of those, Futa Virus #4, was released in May. (NOTE: Game Changer: Generation Domination #5 also included futanari even though it wasn’t categorized as such.) In a similar vein, gender bending was featured in Credits to Humanity #6.

There were no instances of men growing taller in 2022, but older issues from comics such as Couples Therapy and PMD do include male giants. However, several comics did feature men with enlarged dicks. On some occasions, such as in Game Changer: Generation Domination and Queen Bee Phenomenon, men were even given multiple dicks!

Turning to the topic of the BotComics web site itself, it is important to report that the interface has changed. Several customers commented about it and they all preferred the old interface. I was unable to find a single comment cheering the new interface, but did find several complaints. For example:

Individual issues of upcoming and new series are no longer available for separate purchase. Instead, customers can subscribe to view comics online or buy entire comics separately to download and view offline. That’s unfortunate as some issues, like the finale of For Her Pleasure, are not worth buying. (NOTE: Click here for my review of For Her Pleasure.)

Additionally, previews now only show the first few pages of the initial issue. Previews used to show the first few pages of every chapter.

Arguably, the most significant change over the last few years was the merging of three different comic sites (Bimbo Club, Breast Expansion Story Club, and Giantess Club) into one subscription. The subscription plans became cross-site in mid-February 2017. For fans that enjoy multiple fetishes, this was a plus!

However, this change may mean less focus on specific fetishes. Instead of a site exclusively making breast expansion content the newly merged site will also make comics about furries, bimbos, futanari, giantesses, etc. (NOTE: To be clear, there is often overlap. It’s not uncommon for breast expansion and giantess growth to be combined into a single work. See ZZZ Comics for example.)

Furthermore, BotComics lists the following benefits for signing up:

This snippet was taken from https://www.botcomics.com/subscribe/ on August 2nd, 2022.

My interpretation of “5+ Updates Per Month” is that five new comic chapters will be published every month. However, that wasn’t true for most of 2022. From January until July, the only months with five new chapters were March and June. The rest only had four new chapters. For instance, the following were released in January: Goddess Maker Origins #4, Sketchbook #3, The Three Wish War #5, and Wish Upon a Star Spring Breakers #2. In February, it was Corrupting Charm #2, MILF Milk: Island Diet #6, Mojo Wagon: Mardi Gras #2, and Red Pill: Legalized #3. Etc.

I’m curious what do readers think “5+ Updates Per Month” mean? Technically, the site doesn’t promise “5+ New Comics,” only “Updates.” So, perhaps a new wallpaper counts as an update? More clarity would be appreciated as the advertising doesn’t appear to be accurate. Ergo, if they can only produce four new comics per month then that should say “4+” not “5+.”

The most significant drawback is the lack of predictability. There is no published schedule. So, let’s say you enjoy the PMD: War series. You will have to wait awhile between issues, probably several months, but possibly a year or more. For example, the publication gap between chapters #2 and #3 was well over a year, as can be seen below:

(SIDE NOTE: The new interface at BotComics makes it more difficult to determine when individual chapters were released. Thankfully, I saved this older screenshot which clearly shows when the first three issues of PMD: War were published.)

Over a year is an awful long time to wait. While patiently waiting there are no indications how much longer it will take.

For younger consumers, perhaps that’s not a problem. Alas, for an old timer like myself the question arises, “Will I live long enough to see the conclusion?” (SIDE NOTE: Probably best if I cut back on the maple donuts.)

The competing Giantess Fan site fares somewhat better since they list upcoming releases scheduled for the next two months. (NOTE: Click here for a 2019 comparison of Giantess Club and Giantess Fan.)

This snippet from the Giantess Fan web site was taken on August 2nd, 2022. BotComics could, and should, implement something similar.

Unfortunately, neither site publishes a single comic on a regular basis. Heaven forbid anyone publish an entire run of eight or more issues in one year! Far better to spread those issues over multiple years. In the case of Giantess Club’s “Ascension” more than eight years passed between parts one and two. With that long of a gap, even twenty-something fans may not live long enough to see the conclusion!

If I might humbly suggest an alternative, BotComics could hire an artist they have worked with before, like Peter Logan a.k.a. Mariano Navarro, and an experienced author, perhaps Bob Saget, to draw and write an entire eight-issue run. BotComics could announce their intentions and then release those issues on a regular basis, such as biweekly or monthly. That way, fans know when they will get each installment. For examples of this in practice, see publishers such as Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, DC, Image, Marvel, Top Cow, etc.

BotComic’s release schedule appears completely random. Throughout the previous six months, only one of their comics, Goddess Maker Origins, received more than one installment. If someone was interested in The Three Wish War then they would have seen an issue in mid-January and nothing else since then. Maybe something will be released soon, maybe not. It’s difficult to imagine fans of Captain America or Superman being satisfied waiting multiple months or years for their hero’s adventures to continue. Point being that a public release schedule would significantly improve BotComics.

There is a list of ongoing series, but that’s only marginally helpful. This link: https://www.botcomics.com/series_status/ongoing/ shows which ones are still in progress, but gives no indication when additional content will be released. For example, Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus is listed as ongoing, but the most current issue went out on October 6th, 2021, more than six months ago.

Other series which are currently classified as “Ongoing,” but have not been updated in more than a year include, but are not limited to, Dr. Hooters, Giantess Containment Bureau: Next Generation, and In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains. So, just because a series is ongoing does not mean that new issues will appear in the next six months or the next year.

Now that a few negative aspects have been discussed, let’s examine a few more positives. Number one is the artwork. Fans of curvy and expanding women will appreciate panels such as the following which was drawn by Peter Logan for Goddess Maker Origins #5.

If I had a dime for every time a woman climaxed and broke my bed…

There’s also a lot of explicit female with female, male-female, and group sex scenes depicting foreplay, full nudity, penetrative intercourse, and numerous money shots. That’s great! Their comics span a wide variety of themes and stretch back to 2003 when the Breast Expansion Story Club came online. There’s a lot of varied content! (NOTE: However, there is no male-male content.)

The Breast Expansion Story Club as it looked on September 4th, 2003.

The price for a 12-month subscription is a reasonable $89.90 or $7.49 per month. Access to over 500 series and over 1,200 issues is a bargain at that price. (NOTE: The annual price of $89.90 was current as of early August 2022, but could change without notice.)

Additionally, the comments section are a nice inclusion and BotComics representatives often reply there. Even if the response is not what the commenter wanted, it’s still preferable to get a reply. In contrast, Giantess Fan doesn’t even have a comments section.

In summation, fans of breast expansion, enlarging penises, and gentle growing giantesses will enjoy BotComics. If that includes you then please consider using the following affiliate link: https://dashboard.botcomics.com/dashboard/aff/go/solo_affiliate?i=45

Purchasing comics or a subscription via my affiliate link helps support There She Grows and would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it for now folks. Come back to There She Grows for more reviews and interviews coming soon!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “A Look at BotComics from January to July 2022

  1. I enjoyed my time with Giantess Club until the stories became all talk & no ‘action’. If I’m parting with my hard earned cash, I expect my giantess fantasy to contain excellent erotic content.

    I’ll check out the site & I may drip my toes into the water so to speak.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you do, please let me know what you think!


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