Review of Giantess Club’s “For Her Pleasure”

For her pleasure

For Her Pleasure is a four-part series written by Echo Wing and illustrated by SCO, with the first bit released in 2012 and the last in 2013. Individual issues can be purchased for $4.99, or the complete series can be had for $19.96 at the following link:

Typically, I would recommend the complete set. However, for this I actually recommend that you buy the first three and skip the fourth one. I say that because the last part is a real letdown. There is no sex in the last segment and it just details the four women shrinking down to sizes slightly larger than normal. Our protagonist resigns himself to no longer making women grow.

Aww is right. The fourth part was just depressing
best part of 4
The best portion of part 4 was when Jane imagined being big again. Alas, it was just a dream.

But let me back up and tell you about what I like. The initial story was one of my absolute favorites. Our hero, Neil Jackson, participates in a drug trial during which any woman he has sex with grows larger! He was told that it was a type of Viagra and was not aware of its transformative powers. Neil first notices this effect with his girlfriend Jane. She gets her friend Rachel to provide access to the Springfield West Community Center’s swimming pool and invites Rachel and three other girlfriends along! If Jane isn’t marriage material, then I don’t know who is!

put a ring on it
To paraphrase Beyoncé, Neil should put a ring on it.
Sexiest use for Rock-Paper-Scissors in recorded history!
5 ladies
Hopefully, we’ll see him, and the results of his work, again.

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