Tribute to “Biggals”, a superb artist

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British digital artist Biggals first posted one of his images on DeviantArt,, in early August 2012 and published his latest picture in early July 2016. He drew extremely busty women, most often with dark hair, in both glamorous and common place attire. Setting his ladies apart were the subtle and intricate details applied to their hair and faces. These delicate features formed a nice contrast with their oversized breasts. Their boobs, big enough to be burdens, are very large yet do not inhibit their movement. Biggals’ women handle their assets with ease.

Since 2016, his DeviantArt page has not been updated, but over two hundred images can still be viewed there. They feature curvy women at normal heights, as giantesses, and as very muscular figures.

She-hulk has a slight disagreement with a taxi
Ingrid, one of the few non-brunettes

Biggals cited cartoonist Robert Crumb and film director Russ Meyer, both known for their appreciation of voluptuous women, as some of his favorite visual artists.

Self-portrait by Robert Crumb
Biggals take on the women drawn by Robert Crumb

He was also inspired by comic book artist John Byrne, painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, and abstract artist Willem de Kooning. Biggals used software like Manga Studio and Photoshop, along with tools such as a Wacom tablet.

Wacom is a Japanese company specializing in graphic tablets.

Fans of his work have expressed their appreciation on DeviantArt, the Giantess City forum, and the Process Forum. Some identified a common theme of “tender domination” in many of his works. Unsurprisingly, his work has also been shared on Instagram and Pinterest. As of 4 January 2019, his DeviantArt page alone had been viewed over 1.7 million times.

I would have loved to see illustrated comics or growth sequences by Biggals. However, process was only implied in single images such as in the examples below:


Go to his DeviantArt page to read the rest B)

It seems unlikely that Biggals will return anytime soon, but I wish him luck!

I like to imagine that Biggals perfected his Mamogrande formula and is now enjoying the tender domination of an impossibly tall female companion

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