An Overview of Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks”

deserve being bigger
I wholeheartedly agree Miss Vanessa 🙂

Bmtbguy’s computer-generated imagery (CGI) illustrated story Cheap Tricks has run for nearly nine years and includes thousand of pictures with detailed growth sequences for no cost.

Bmtbguy also created many beautiful images outside of the main story continuity

Brazilian artist Bmtbguy first posted this adult fiction in 2010. He collaborated with Beetlebomb who provided English corrections. The story focuses on redhead Vanessa, known as Lil’Van, and her two adult daughters from a previous marriage. Lil’Van has been short all of her life, hence her nickname, and has a crush on Anthony, a.k.a Big Tony or just Tony. Unfortunately for Lil’Van, Tony loves tall girls. These characters are later joined in Cheap Tricks II by other family members, specifically Vanessa’s sister Karina and Karina’s daughter Jessica.

This is a giantess story so it should come as no surprise that Lil’Van eventually becomes the tallest woman in the world. Cheap tricks contains many sequences of characters, often Tony, staring at asses and breasts while they swell larger. Lil’Van’s daughters Phoebe and Audrey grow, as well as several other ladies. However, as of Cheap Tricks III Chapter 16, Lil’Van is the biggest by a significant margin. Exact heights are given via periodically updated height charts.

audrey_s gorgeous treatment system
I recommend supporting new businesses like Audrey’s

The catalysts are many and varied. In the prelude, Lil’Van’s boss Marina stated that her height, 6 feet at that time, was due to a “cheap trick.” She says “Just always focus on being the biggest and tallest person around!” Audrey was the first to try that advice in the new prologue. Lil’Van’s anger at Marina causes her growth in the first chapter. Her daughters whisper commands while she is sleeping to stimulate further growth. Furthermore, Phoebe’s breast milk acts as a growth catalyst. Karina, a.k.a. Miss Pepper, can also (somehow) affect people’s size, causing them to shrink or grow. Methods differ between characters. For example, Phoebe’s methods to grow are different than Audrey’s.

Karina has quite the sexual appetite

It’s almost easier to list what doesn’t cause a woman to grow in the cheap tricks world.

You got that right Tony

Regardless of the reason, many, many women reach superhuman sizes. I do wonder why more women aren’t super-size in this world given how easily emotions prompt significant transformations. Surely, our protagonists are not the only people in the world to feel anger, pride, or jealousy?

My favorite bits include:
– Cheap Tricks III Chapter 11 (Tony dreams of Vanessa and Marina in a growing competition)
– Cheap Tricks I Chapter 5 (the first sex scene between Tony and Vanessa)
– Cheap Tricks II Chapter 10 Tony’s Nightmares II (Tony imagines Vanessa, Phoebe, and Audrey rapidly growing)
– Cheap Tricks III Chapter 5 (Tony makes love to Vanessa on a couch while she grows)
– Cheap Tricks III Chapter 9 (crossover with girls from Domina’s Valley who grow beyond expectations)

can_t wait u grow again
Me either!

For negatives, antagonists Marina and Jack often do not come across as serious threats. Jack insults and threatens people, but until Cheap Tricks III Chapter 10 that was the extent of his menace. At various points Jack was thrown over a wall, tossed on top of a gym, had giant boobs dent the hood on his red sports car, and was knocked to the ground. However, in Chapter 10 he significantly disrupted the plans of our heroes and became a proper villain. Marina attempts several times to break up Tony and Vanessa, but continually fails. However, currently our protagonists are indebted to Marina for some business assistance so she may also become a proper threat soon.

audrey threatens her aunt karina
Audrey is not the most likeable character, but is often the story’s focus

There is also a strange line of dialogue in which Audrey threatens to kill her aunt.

Overall, the biggest negative is Audrey’s, and to a lesser degree Jessica’s and Phoebe’s, incestuous tendencies.

breast sucker
Fight your destiny Audrey

Tony and Vanessa briefly discuss Audrey’s strange obsession in the most recent chapter, and I hope she overcomes it in future chapters. Speaking of the next chapter, preview images of Cheap Tricks III Chapter 17 are out and they look great!

This picture is from Chapter 17, it looks like quite an enjoyable pool party!

You can view this entire story at, the Giantess City forum, and at Bmtbguy’s own site, Additionally, updates for the next chapter can be found at DeviantArt:

hair color
Cheap tricks greatest unanswered mystery

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