Alex GTS Artist’s “Jessica & Michael”


There are a few lengthy growth-themed erotic comic series which are freely distributed to fans and serve as good examples of the creators talents. These include, but aren’t limited to, Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks” and the series that I want to write about today, Alex GTS Artist’s “Jessica & Michael.”


The comic first began over a decade ago in May 2008 (predating Cheap Tricks) as a series of test images created using the 3D computer graphics program Poser and posted on the Giantess City’s 3D Rendering sub-forum. Its creator is Italian artist Alex. The comic features a young lady named Jessica and her boyfriend Michael Clayton. In the first chapter, Jessica is 19-years old and stands at 4 feet 11 inches tall; she was only 4’10” at 18 years old. In Chapter 16, she stands at 7 feet 6 inches tall! Other characters include her girlfriends Amber and Sophie, and her physician Dr. Clarice Welton.

We learn that Jessica is becoming the next step in human evolution, and is slowly growing taller and bustier throughout the story’s run. Excluding dream sequences, her growth is a slow methodical process. In the last few chapters, readers learn that Dr. Welton has been experimenting with blood samples taken from Jessica.

As of August 2019, there have been 16 chapters produced, consisting of well over 500 images. In June 2008, Alex posted on Giantess City that the story would consist of 24 chapters. (I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to hold him to that, but if he does keep to his original plan then we’ll see several more chapters!)

This image was taken from Chapter 1. Perhaps the highlighted sentence should have been something like, “Hey, it has taken you too long.”

There were a few typographical errors, but they were minor and did not detract from my enjoyment.

This should be “friends”

The textual errors are not bad, especially when you take in consideration that Alex is not a native English speaker.

Furthermore, I enjoyed his art, although a few errors did occur. Examples are below:

art mistakes 2
Jessica’s eyes look a little off in this.
art mistakes
Either her hair became intangible like a ghost and passed through the top, or she has a very hairy arm pit  😉
art mistakes 3
This should be an overhead shot of a beach volleyball court. Yet, the net was not shown and we have thought and speech bubbles coming out of the sand! (This image was taken from Chapter 2.)
Amber’s bikini bottom, worn in chapter 16, did not suffer from a rendering error, but had a strange design. Does it represent a devil’s tail, or a road sign, or an X-ray image of her colon? O_o

Highlights of this series include Chapter 4 in which Jessica makes love to her college roommate Sophie, Chapter 6 in which she dreams that her breasts grow to an incredible, immobilizing size, Chapter 12 in which Michael dreams that Jessica has an immense growth spurt, Chapter 13 in which Jessica briefly has sex with Sophie and her female doctor, and an action sequence in Chapter 15 which was inspired by “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell” video game. (NOTE: A few images establishing that Michael was dreaming are missing from chapter 12.)


If the series continues then I’d love to learn more about the characters and see more development. I enjoy the growth and sex scenes; however, it would be more interesting if the characters were given personalities. We learn more about Jessica than Michael. For example, we are told that Jessica was frustrated with her short stature, that she is a college student at Harvard University, and that she is a skilled volleyball player. However, we only learn that Michael works for a “big company” in Chapter 7, and that’s about it. (NOTE: I did appreciate the introduction of conflict into the story in Chapters 14 and 15.)

In September 2011, Alex created the “GTS Artists” web site,, which features artwork from several creators. Of note however, is that the site has a few problems as of early August 2019, such as an expired security certificate which may result in a warning. Additionally, some pages may not be available. For example, I clicked on the “Blog” link and received a 302 error. The HTTP 302 Status Code is typically used for URL redirection. However, the web server did not provide the new URL. (I tried a few different browsers and received the same errors with each.)


There are a lot of products for sale at GTS Artists, such as comics from DreamTales, Tetsu, ZZZ, etc., as well as a multitude of free samples. However, I want to give folks a heads up that they may encounter issues.

You can read Jessica & Michael for free at the following link: (NOTE: Alex also has another long-running free series entitled “Growth Diary.”)

I appreciate the effort Alex put into this free creation. He stated that just one of his chapters took about 200 hours to complete. That’s a lot of work for no monetary reward!


If you enjoy the series, you can support him by buying comics at his E-junkie site as well as videos featuring tall women at his Gumroad page. Additionally, Alex has a DeviantArt page, which is probably the best place to get updates. (NOTE: Alex is currently asking for donations in order to buy new computer hardware and resume posting updates to Growth Diary. He is also providing perks for the Top 100 donators. More information here.)

At one point, Alex had an active Patreon page: However, while that page is still online, it has not been updated since November 2016.

Jessica Test 09

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