“BluePhone” an ongoing CGI growth series from Alex GTS Artist

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There She Grow’s move has gone smoothly. My wife returned the house keys to our previous landlord and now we’re busy organizing furniture and unpacking stuff at the new place. Additionally, we have spent a lot of money buying shelves and a new vacuum cleaner at our neighborhood Nitori. (Nitori is a furniture and home furnishing chain here in Japan. Nitori also has stores in the United States under the brand name “Aki-Home.“) Thus, this week sees me putting away things and organizing possessions accumulated over the last few decades.

However, I’ll now set aside that chore of arranging knick-knacks and turn my focus to today’s review! Previously, There She Grows covered the free ongoing series “Jessica & Michael” by Alex GTS Artist and interviewed him in November of 2019. Today, let’s examine another work from Alex called “BluePhone,” a slow growth series. The first installment, “Day One,” was released on May 5th, 2021, while “Day Two,” the most recent, was released on June 3rd.

BluePhone was created by Alex with editing done by stevebasic and it was inspired by Jack Vigilante’s “Blueberry Addventure.” It features Ralph Ceresbane, who wakes up one morning to find that someone has mailed him an unusual smart phone. Of note, all the events will take place over a period of 10 days.

By the way, I can’t help my pedantic nature and must point out that Ralph never communicates with anyone using his “phone.” Thus I wonder if calling it a “phone” is actually a misnomer. Ergo, if you never talk to anyone using the device is it really a phone? For that matter, it was unclear if calling anyone was even possible on this device. Regardless, that’s not a strong criticism, just a minor point. It’s certainly conceivable that any small electronic device would be called a “phone” during this modern era of ubiquitous smart phones.

While not used to order pizza or talk to friends and family over long distances, Ralph does use the only app on his new phone to change the shape of Chantelle, a girl he has liked for a long time. At first, Ralph believed that the app was merely a filter, akin to one of the multitude of specialized filters on Instagram. Thus, he initially tried to morph a picture of Chantelle to enhance the size of her breasts. However, he soon finds out that the app actually alters Chantelle’s body. In fact, it alters ALL women’s bodies!

SOoo, they will never understand why their bodes have changed? Like… never ever? So, you’re saying that no matter how many years or decades that doctors and medical researchers dedicate to understanding the metamorphosis affecting countless women’s bodies they will always fail? O_o No way that could ever be bad!

At this point arose an issue that I have with these “MacGuffin grants wishes” stories. Not just BluePhone, but also BustArtist’s grOw/cinema “The Ever-Expanding Universe” and Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Stranger than Fiction” belong to this category. In all three of those adult comics a young man alters the bodies and minds of women around him without consideration of their desires. Instead, in this genre there is an unwritten rule that all women would welcome becoming curvier and taller and thus it would be ludicrous to ask their opinions beforehand. That lack of consent is my issue.

Certainly, some would appreciate such transformations. Numerous ladies have spent hard-earned money to enlarge their breasts and butts via plastic surgery or specialized exercise workouts. They would welcome such increases; although, they would also have their own opinions regarding just how much larger they want to become. However, these “man gets reality-warping powers” stories disregard such concerns. For just one example, at one point Chantelle tells Ralph that it makes her a little uncomfortable when he stares at her.

Ralph “fixes” this problem by issuing the following command:

What a boon to leering creeps around the world… :\ Unless leering counts as a “bad thought” unlike when Ralph stares at women who would prefer that he didn’t stare at them. I guess when Ralph does it then it’s not leering?

I’d be interested to see someone turn the tables and create a comic in which a woman gains awesome powers and makes men’s cocks huge! Surely, every man would love to have a 24-inch (almost 61 cm) long dick! There would NEVER be any situations in which possessing an extremely big penis would be detrimental. It’s not as if a doctor consoling someone after the death of a loved one would find it awkward to conceal a giant dick while comforting the bereaved person. (Hopefully, my sarcasm is obvious.) Or perhaps a conservative politician would balk at the thought of standing before a group of senior citizens and promoting “family values” while struggling to conceal a massive tool. (That last scenario might actually be fun to see 😉 )

Furthermore, have this woman force one or more men to be her sexual partners. Maybe those fellows are not attracted to our protagonist or in committed relationships with other women or are gay or simply not interested, but none of that would matter. (NOTE: A similar scenario with the genders reversed occurred in the aforementioned “The Ever-Expanding Universe” when the protagonist made a classmate named Heidi his girlfriend. That occurred before the protagonist was aware of his newfound power, but even after he became aware of his power he did not stop to ask if she preferred being with him or her previous boyfriend.) To be clear, altering other people without their consent would be wrong regardless of who did it. My point is that crafting a story from a female vice male perspective might illuminate the downsides of altering reality only to suit one’s romantic and sexual wants.

To be fair, Ralph eventually tries to use his awesome device to do some good and not just satisfy his own sex drive. Additionally, Chantelle claims to enjoy her changes in Part Two. Furthermore, future installments may very well deal with the morality of altering every women in the world. Surely, some actually prefer to have small breasts and petite buns, and therefore they object to their transformations. For instance, competitive gymnasts and swimmers might prefer their previously slim bodies. Professional scholars might also wish to be appreciated for their minds and not just their figures.

I am not claiming that reality warping comics should not be produced. Instead, I’m advocating that the implications should be considered. This was done recently in the 2021 Disney+ show “WandaVision.” In that mini-series a bereaved Wanda, a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch, changed reality and mind-controlled people to create an idyllic community based on American sitcoms that she watched as a young child. However, Wanda was eventually confronted with the unintended suffering this caused when a mother released from her influence pleaded for Wanda to also release her young daughter so the mother could once again hold her child.

Screenshot taken from WandaVision.

A rebuttal could be that this is erotica and that it is inappropriate to analyze or contemplate erotica. Some may claim that erotica and porn are inherently meaningless. I reject that premise. However, maybe the creator’s intent in this specific work was merely for readers to enjoy BluePhone on a skin-deep level and not to consider the ramifications. Or to put that a different way, might be best to turn off your brain. Although, given that the description describes this work as “… plot rich …” I believe this was meant to be more than just superficial.

This was taken from the DeviantArt post announcing BluePhone – Day Two.

That’s enough about the story. I’ll now briefly discuss the art. In general, I really liked it, but it did suffer from common CGI pitfalls like whites washing out:

Beyond just the too-bright white, what’s the deal with Ralph wearing shoes on his bed? Tsk-tsk

Moving onto the printed dialogue, there were a few typographical errors such as duplicated words and misspellings, but they did not detract from the reading experience. What did detract were the extended sequences of Ralph inadvertently (or perhaps not so inadvertently) enlarging his mother and sister. It should also be noted that there is no nudity or sex in the first part and only topless female nudity in the second part. (NOTE: In that aspect this resembles Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks” which initially focused only on the growth.) I anticipate that there will be more nudity in later installments and that eventually sex scenes will be incorporated.

In general, I can’t recommend purchasing BluePhone. At least, not yet. However, I will keep an eye out for future installments to see if they address the concerns raised in this post.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover the 1940’s sci-fi film “Dr. Cyclops,” assuming I can find the DVD 😉 Until then dear readers, keep growing!

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