Giantess Club’s “PMD: War,” Issue #4

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Man, moving is a pain in the butt! But I’ll have you know that my unwavering dedication and outstanding work ethic means that no matter what hardships must be endured, the weekly reviews will be posted on time! Well, it’s either personal values or the unceasing prodding from management …

… but regardless of the reason, There She Grows is posting new content today!

We’ll take a gander at the latest installment of PMD: War, Issue No. 4. (NOTE: Blog reader AJ mentioned yesterday that issue #4 had been published recently. However, it was already scheduled to be reviewed!) The last time that we examined PMD: War was in January of this year, click here to peruse that post.

Issue #4 was released on June 2nd, 2021. Continuing from issue #3, which was released in early December 2020, we get the conclusion to Sammi’s sex scene with her husband. After a few orgasms courtesy of her normal-sized lover (well, his penis was inhumanly large, but otherwise he was normal) Sammi towers over the terrorist giants and giantesses rampaging through New York City. (NOTE: It hasn’t been disclosed yet who is organizing the rebel Korean agents. The two Korea’s are in the process of unifying under the auspices of the United Korea Initiative (U.K.I.) and readers learn during the second issue that the rebels want to destroy South Korea and build a unified nation under their control instead. However, it was unclear who was leading their effort. Is someone behind the scenes trying to recreate a regime ruled by a descendant of the Kim Il-sung family? Maybe! Anyway, I hope there’s an interesting villain pulling the strings behind the scenes.)

I enjoyed the art, but think this particular panel could have been made more interesting if an outline of the women’s lower legs had been partially visible through the clouds of debris and dust. Although, an argument could be made that the clouds were so dense as to be opaque.

After achieving her maximum size (presumably), Sammi is in a position of overwhelming dominance. However, something happens to turn the tables. That plot point, which I don’t want to spoil, makes some of the terrorists just as big as Sammi! And that’s where the story ends with “To be continued…”

In general, I enjoyed this. It’s short, so there’s not much to discuss about its plot, but it featured growth and sex which is always good IMHO:

Big growing boobies bursting bra strings…
These are a few of my favorite things!

Regarding the artwork, it was pretty good and long-time patrons of Giantess Club will already be accustomed to the style of Peter Logan (a.k.a. Mariano Navarro). He has been drawing for Giantess Club since the very beginning when he drew Part 1 of the “Ascension” series in 2009.

Overall, the best way to improve this series (and moreover enhance the entire site) would be to release a publishing schedule. I would love it if ongoing comics were released on a monthly basis. However, that is not the current process. Instead, there are no indications when issues will be released.

For instance, there were over three months between issues 1 and 2 of PMD: War, twenty-one months between issues 2 and 3, and six months between issues 3 and 4. There is no way to know when or if a particular series will receive another installment. Furthermore, I am not the only one to express a desire for a calendar of upcoming comics, as can be seen in the following screenshot taken from the comments section for PMD: War No. 4:

As of the time of this writing, there was no acknowledgement of these constructive inputs.

Hopefully, #5 will be released soon and us fans will not have to wait long. Additionally, if the writer could expand a little on the lore that would also be a win! As this is currently, growth fans will enjoy PMD: War and should check it out at Giantess Club.

(NOTE: For those who want to purchase PMD: War, please consider using my affiliate link by clicking the following image. Doing so would support this blog and would be much appreciated!)

That’s it for now. Time to get back to the drudgery of moving from one residence to another. Although, truth be told, this new place does have its charms. For one, we are now within easy walking distance of both a drug store and a 7-Eleven convenience store which will make routine shopping trips a bit easier and enable us to walk instead of drive to get groceries.

Anyway, look forward to more reviews coming out next week. Until then, keep growing!

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4 thoughts on “Giantess Club’s “PMD: War,” Issue #4

  1. Didn’t know if you knew that Part 5 has been released recently.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up! Part 5 ends on a real cliffhanger. I want to discuss it, but may wait until either Part 6 is out or the entire series is finished. Depends on how long that takes. Bottom line though, I’m enjoying PMD: War and still recommend the series.


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