Giantess Club’s “PMD: War,” Issue #3

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Today, let’s examine the latest iteration in Giantess Club’s PMD saga, issue #3 of PMD: War. PMD stands for “Persons of Mass Destruction,” and is a play on the real-world acronym WMD, “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Most folks have probably seen WMD before, but I thought it’d be good to explain for those unfamiliar. (NOTE: You can see my review of the first two issues here.)

I recently placed PMD: War on my list of Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Club. It was included on that list because a year and a half had passed since issue two was released and there were no indications when the series would continue. However, the third issue was finally released on December 2nd, 2020, nearly 21 months after the second.

Shout-out to blog reader AJ who first alerted me that PMD: War had returned!

PMD has garnered a fair amount of attention here at There She Grows. The original series earned a place on the Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories, back in December 2018, and on the Giantess Club’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series, as of April 2020.

There’s a lot of potential in this series. It tells the story of an armed conflict between North Korea and the United States. Therefore, the plot centers upon a scenario which is easy to understand as it remains a potential source of crisis in our everyday lives. (NOTE: Although, the depiction does a disservice to the South Koreans by excluding them during the fighting. Why not give us a sexy South Korean to combat the North Koreans? One thinks that South Korean soldiers MIGHT have an interest in defending their half of the peninsula 😉 Instead, we see a few South Korean civilians as hapless bystanders.)

In the PMD universe, sex causes people to grow bigger after they use a growth agent called “PMD Gel.” Thus, this includes delightful scenes such as the following in which a normal-sized husband must literally fuck his wife bigger so she can fight the bad guys!

To paraphrase Xander Cage, played by Vin Diesel in the 2002 film “xXx”: “The things I’m gonna do for my country.” 🙂

Many size-fetish works omit conflict in their narratives; so, the inclusion of stakes and tension sets PMD apart from its peers. (NOTE: Although, a sense of urgency is still missing. Give us a deadline by which our heroes must succeed or risk losing the war.) That noted, I must point out that the real-world setting can also have drawbacks. For instance, issue 3 shows North Korean terrorists growing to superhuman sizes and attacking New York City.

Now, I am not advocating that New York City be declared “off limits” to fictional stories. However, I definitely paused when considering the following: “Are the North Korean giants going to attack the One World Trade Center?” Such an assault on the famous building is possible because this comic shows real-world structures around New York City. For example, the Statue of Liberty is visible in the following panel along with many skyscrapers.

The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the entire city. Accordingly, it’s reasonable to assume that it would be a prime target. (NOTE: For further context, the One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States and furthermore is the tallest in the entire Western Hemisphere!) Thus, it’s difficult to believe that the giant men and women would merely step around the prominent landmark and leave it unscathed.

However, the One World Trade Center was built to replace the Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11. So, yeah, best to think a bit before drawing giants wantonly destroying a symbol of the city’s rebound.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would assume that the One World Trade Center will not appear and the giants will pretend that it’s not there. As you can see from the photo above, centered on the One World Trade Center, it’s rather distinct, but omitting it might be a wiser choice.

Returning to issue #3’s plot, it’s basic and has been pretty much covered already. Giant men and women working on behalf of the overthrown North Korean regime grow huge and attack new York City. An American woman called Sammi, who reportedly fought as a giantess herself, was also in New York City and she attempts to grow larger to defend the metropolis at the end. (NOTE: Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but there were no references to a character called “Sammi” in the previous issues of PMD: War or the original PMD.)

Dialogue would have benefited from some quality control.

Additionally, the art was from the reliable Peter Logan (a.k.a. Mariano Navarro) so longtime fans of Giantess Club should be more than familiar with his style. In general, I enjoy his work, but would prefer if his characters had real teeth instead of mono-teeth that run the entire width of their jaws:

Humans in this world have only one tooth on the top and one on the bottom 😎 On a separate note, the jagged panel borders were a nice touch to signify that the ground was shaking.

Nonetheless, this was a fun installment, but I cannot make a recommendation without knowing if the subsequent issue will be produced in a reasonable time. Specifically, a lot sooner than the 21 months between issues #2 and #3! This issue featured growing and sex which I always appreciate. However, it ended in the middle of the action and it would be beyond annoying if fans are forced to wait an extended period for a conclusion.

My potential annoyance causes a brief nightmare to flash before my eyes. In that nightmare, I see myself as a gray-haired wrinkled old man sitting in a padded loveseat while my wife spoon feeds me apple sauce. I turn to her and ask in a broken and trembling voice, “Did they release the next issue yet?” She sadly shakes her head no while I involuntarily urinate into my adult diapers. A small tear slides down my left cheek as I stare mournfully at the retirement home’s garish wall paper…

Nightmare aside, it’s my hope that the next installment will be released soon, but there’s no way to know. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way for the general public to know if issue #4 will come out next month, next year, next decade, or never. To make the point more succinctly: Giantess Club, could you please give fans a release schedule for your comics?

(NOTE: For those who want to purchase PMD: War, please consider using my affiliate link by clicking the following image. Doing so would support this blog and would be much appreciated!)

That’s all for today folks. Keep your heads up and keep growing!

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7 thoughts on “Giantess Club’s “PMD: War,” Issue #3

  1. What do you think is better:

    1) Artists/content providers to fully commit to a series beforehand?

    2) Artists/content providers to gauge consumer reaction before deciding to continue a series?

    I’m with you regarding the nightmare scenario. It’s infuriating when stories are incomplete and consumers are left hanging.

    I’d love GTSClub and GTSFan to split their content into three sections:

    1) Series which will be complete

    2)Trial balloons where they could ask “would you like us to continue this story or not?”

    3) One-off pieces without any expectations of subsequent issues or stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In general, I’d prefer if artists/content providers fully committed to a series beforehand. Ideally, they would have some characters plus a plot with conflict and a resolution to make a complete story. Of course, conflict is not limited to actual physical violence. Conflict in my usage is simply “Will the protagonist get what they want or need?” Thus, it could be as simple as will our hero ask a girl out on a date, will our heroine ask her fellow heroine to marry her, will the scientist ever find a cure for giantism, etc. The point is that our main character should desire something and must overcome something to fulfill that desire.

      That said, I’m a realist and recognize that if a comic has dismal sales then it’s prudent for the company to abandon it and move on to other potentially more lucrative projects. However, some transparency would be appreciated. The sites could say “We decided to discontinue this comic due to disappointing sales.” Instead, we get situations like the release schedule of Giantess Club’s “Ascension” in which more than 9 years passed between issues #1 and #2! Furthermore, it has now been more than a year and a half since the second issue was released and I have no idea when or if the third will ever be released.

      I like your proposed three different sections to categorize the content at GTSClub and GTSFan.

      Additionally, I would like those sites to allow creator-owned characters, like publishers such as Image Comics. At Image, a creator can make a character such as Erik Larsen’s “The Savage Dragon” or Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” and retain the rights to their creation. Thus, if GTSClub were to follow that example they could publish and profit from a comic featuring a character, let’s call her “Stupendous Sally the Saucy Giantess.” However, the creator of Stupendous Sally the Saucy Giantess could also take Sally to GTSFan and make some comics there, or turn out animated videos based on Sally, or team up with a CGI artist to make CGI comics about Sally, etc. etc.


  2. Me again and FYI, Issue 4 came out earlier this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw, going to discuss it on Thursday 😎


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