Destruction Damsels “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel

Good morning everyone,

I was greatly angered at the attempted insurrection which took place last week. The deadly Capitol Riot took place on January 6th as Congress began the electoral college vote count. This riot, the storming of the United States Capitol, resulted in the deaths of at least five people. One of those was Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, a man who by all accounts was trying to protect legislators from the armed thugs.

This is not a political blog. However, this blog is also not written in a vacuum. To quote English poet John Donne, “No man is an island entire of itself.” Thus, events which occur outside of the size-fetish community affect me, just as they affect all of us. Accordingly, I am deeply dismayed that many Americans believe blatant lies about a “stolen” election. No credible evidence has been found to support those false claims. Yet, thousands internalized the fiction and attempted to disrupt a ceremony meant to record the votes cast in the election and recognize the next President of the U.S. The riot was disorganized and ill-led. It ultimately failed to overturn or prevent the vote count. Nonetheless, an attempt to subvert democracy was made and that should never be downplayed or forgotten.

From the beginning, President Trump used disinformation and advocated overly simplistic solutions to gain political power. I am hopeful that Americans have finally recognized the folly of supporting such a demagogue. However, there is still more than a week left under the Trump administration. After the transition, we must continuously work to prevent other politicians from following Trump’s example.

That point made, let’s now turn to today’s review.

“A ‘Growing’ Education” is a seven-minute video (the last two minutes are outtakes) which was first released on December 8th, 2020. The plot is simple and is a re-tread of the well-worn trope in which an unexplained catalyst suddenly appears and acts upon a lovely lady to cause her to grow in a manner unnaturally potent in both scale and speed.

The clip suffers from the eyesore watermark on the bottom right.

The action begins with a mysterious plant squirting a growth serum upon the professor. It’s unclear how effective that defense mechanism would be. That’s to say, how does making a potential attacker stronger and more powerful protect the plant? Maybe this is merely a non-beneficial mutation and natural selection will favor other specimens that DO NOT make predators become even bigger threats 😉

The school room background was a tad plain, but serviceable. I would have preferred some writing on the chalkboard and decorations, such as educational posters, on the wall.

The professor moves to her classroom. However, the instruction is interrupted when she begins to grow! Bracelets pop off her wrist, buttons pop off explosively, a necklace snaps in half, shoes are torn in twain, etc.

It doesn’t take long before our protagonist becomes too large for the modest room to contain!

Actually, scratch that. Comparing the time shown on the classroom clock to that shown on a clock outside indicates that a few hours have passed! 😉

The newly created giantess does not do much after outgrowing the science building. She comments that there is no reason for modesty and walks off feeling rather pleased at her new size and the fame which she will undoubtedly incur.

Overall, this was a short but fun gentle growth video with an attractive actress, a plethora of sound effects, copious clothing destruction, and the courage to portray the aforementioned actress in all her naked glory!

However, there were a few negatives. For instance, Sugargirlmodel’s nose ring is still visible even after she is larger than a building. This is a recurrent complaint that I have mentioned before about other size-fetish productions. It costs no money to remove jewelry; so, it would have been easy to remove the ring for the shoot and immediately replace it afterward. That would have been a simple step to aid the suspension of disbelief.

Additionally, some of the chroma key compositing was rough with unexpected edges or shadows, as can be seen in the following:

However, overall this is a strong recommend for growth fans. (NOTE: That’s why it was included on the Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020!) Destruction Damsels “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel can be purchased for $8.99 at the following link:

Additionally, the owner of Destruction Damsels stated “I’m already in early pre-production for a bunch of scenes for next year, with growth being the priority.” on the Process Forum. Therefore, I’m excited to see what they will film next!

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4 thoughts on “Destruction Damsels “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel

  1. Hey! “Destruction Damsels” here! Thank you for the kind words and feedback! A few “growing pains” to get around (pun slightly intended, lol), but hopefully future growth scenes will improve. Good catch on the nose piercing, I didn’t even think about that, LOL! SGM will be shooting a new scene soon, so I’ll try to be more conscious of that… And if conflicting clocks appear again! 😅 And we’re gonna try some new techniques for ground chroma keying so hopefully the feet shots will look more natural. Thank you for giving people the heads up on this, as it motivates me to keep filming, hire more models, and try new things! 😁

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