“Giantess Anna – growing spontaneously VFX” by Cinematic-GTS

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“Giantess Anna – growing spontaneously VFX” is an 8-minute long clip which was released on March 1st, 2021. This was produced by Cinematic-GTS, which is a relatively new studio with its oldest videos on Clips4Sale dating back to early August 2019. (NOTE: Some of their earliest works were first released during the summer of 2016 under the “Gts videos” banner, but that content was moved to the current studio.) They describe themselves on Twitter as “… a Giantess and foot fetish creator from Germany.” (NOTE: Cinematic-GTS got their start posting compilations onto YouTube in 2012, but the channel has since been removed.)

Initial productions focused on tiny people with titles such as “High Heel Tamia Crush video SFX VFX,” “Janines tiny problem SFX VFX,” and “Giantess Romina – Ultra Micro VFX SFX 4K.” (NOTE: While that last example includes “giantess” in the title the woman in question was normal size, but interacted with tiny people.) Later clips involve cities, but they were miniaturized. For instance, “Giantess Alisa POV – city domination VFX” showcases a woman teasing a small city inside a home:

Giantess Alisa POV – city domination VFX

Cinematic-GTS is not the only one which has made clips of tiny cities inside otherwise typical dwellings. Other examples of this trope include “Lydia Micro City destruction” (micro buildings on top of a living room table) created by Media Impact Productions, “VR 360 4K Giantess Loryelle City Destroyer II” (a small city in the woman’s loft) a collaboration between Giantess Crossing and Giantess Loryelle, “Giantess Jen Capone’s Tiny Foot Slave” (a very crudely represented city, with red Solo cups for buildings, inside a home) by Ginary’s Giantess Adventures.

Bottom line, Giantess Anna – growing spontaneously VFX appears to be Cinematic-GTS first real giantess production. Furthermore, this is their top seller at both Clips4Sale and iwantclips! (NOTE: It will be interesting to see if this remains the best seller over time.) That high ranking may be solely due to its newness, but I like to think that it’s a bestseller due to the growing theme 😉

The blue text on a black background is difficult to read at Clips4Sale :\
In comparison, the iwantclips storefront, seen here, was much easier to peruse.

The story in Giantess Anna growing spontaneously is thread-bare. A lack of explanation could be expected with “growing spontaneously” being in the title. Furthermore, the same can be said of most low-budget size-themed creations, but it’s particularly true here. Often, viewers are given at least a token explanation for why a person is transforming. In “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” by Destruction Damsels the woman grew because a strange plant squirted on her, in “Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city” by BattleBeauties the man grew because he was testing a new formula, in “Attack of The 50 Ft Stripper” by Valora Fetish a growth ray did the trick, etc. However, there was never the slightest indication of why Anna grew.

Pro tip: Always stretch before growing!

Indeed, Anna’s only dialogue consisted of speaking the line “Too small…too small” while she removed her clothes. A total of four words makes for a sparse script, to describe it charitably. Additionally, at one point a man appeared holding a camera and filming Anna. Perhaps viewers are meant to assume that the intruder was also responsible for the transformation. That could have been made clear by merely adding two more lines of dialogue. She could have angrily asked “What the hell are you doing in my room!?” and the stranger could have replied “Watching my plan come to fruition!” and that would have provided some background. Obviously, the verbiage could have been different, but anything to provide a narrative would have been appreciated.

Two things to improve in this shot. One, tell us why the camera man suddenly showed up. Two, delete that infernal watermark! Although, the watermark does disappear for the last 17 seconds, presumably due to an unintended oversight.

The model was attractive and the growth process itself was smoothly executed. Unfortunately, there was no clothing destruction. I would have loved to see those garments ripped and torn off her expanding body, but instead she removed them herself.

Additionally, Anna’s performance was understated. A more spirited reaction would have made for a more exciting watch. As it was, she did not sound overly surprised at her transformation and that being the case, why should the viewer be excited? While towering over the city she sways her hands which looks like she’s trying to swat things that are not actually there. Alternatively, she might have been dancing, but either way it wasn’t clear why she was moving in an odd fashion.

It’s easier said than done, but seeing her long curly hair and the bench in front of her made me wish that somehow Cinematic-GTS had been able to show that hair covering, flowing on top of, or going over the bench. That would have really sold the illusion of her incredible size. Also, she appears to be looking directly toward the man, but never reacts to his presence.
Note that in this screenshot her panties have been removed.

There was a continuity error when she outgrew the place. Somehow her underwear returned, even though we just saw her remove them a few seconds prior. Those must be some magic undergarments!

The European urban setting was a refreshing sight compared to the generic American cities most often used. Additionally, there was clearly effort placed into the sound effects and the clouds of dust which followed her titanic footsteps.

The action ends abruptly at the conclusion.

Governor Abbott was right! Wind turbines cause natural disasters like giant women rampages! 😉 (NOTE: That joke refers to a statement made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott during an ice storm which resulted in the loss of power across much of his state in mid-February 2021. Gov. Abbott claimed that the power outage was evidence that “… the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America …” even though the majority of Texan electricity comes from fossil fuels and the fact the Green New Deal is only a legislative proposal which has not actually been implemented anywhere. So, how could it have affected Texas? Instead, the deregulation of the Texas power grid and its separation from major national grids made it difficult to import electricity from other states and thus was to blame, not the Green New Deal.)

Now let’s take a moment to step back and briefly discuss the intent behind these reviews. The objective is not to “beat up” creators and make them feel bad. Instead, the hope is to provide constructive inputs. The intent is to provide an outside perspective which could improve their work. (NOTE: Although, “improvement” is subjective. Other people may not share a disdain for watermarks or a love for clothing destruction.)

As a creator myself, I understand that it can be discouraging to receive criticism. I once hired someone to edit one of my stories. They initially agreed, but then refused after reading the first few pages. Bottom line, it was so bad that there was no way they would edit my story, not even for money! One can only picture the editor violently vomiting for several days due to the intestinal distress caused by my dreadful prose. Undoubtedly, they were brought to the brink of death! Their life only been saved when they plucked out their own eyes with a dull spoon. While they are now blinded for the rest of their given days, at least they will never have to look upon my shitty work again. All that is to say, the criticism almost made me quit. The message I received was that my efforts were so poor that I should do the world a favor by giving up and never trying again. (NOTE: Perhaps a higher fee would have swayed their opinion. A million dollars might not have made my story any better, but it would have at least paid for a new pair of cybernetic eyes!)

I NEVER want to make anyone feel like that. God forbid that a creator would ever want to quit after reading one of my reviews. Everyone has something to contribute. I do not think that any person should stop producing art, regardless of critiques. Nonetheless, it is possible that even the most benignly intended statement could be interpreted harshly. A sentence stating that something could be done differently could be taken as a stinging rebuke. To share an opinion is to risk been misunderstood. However, the benefit is worth the risk. It can be equally discouraging to be given no feedback, to put something out into the world and then to hear nothing back except cold silence. The unspoken message could be perceived as “Your work is of such low quality that to provide a thoughtful analysis would be ridiculous.

Therefore, I provide inputs with an emphasis on practical suggestions. I understand that size-fetish budgets are tight. Accordingly, I place heavy emphasis on measures that can be implemented at little to no cost. Steps such as adding lines of dialogue to clarify ambiguous points, having the camera operator voice some dialogue so an actor does not seem as if they are talking only to themselves, removing jewelry after a performer changes size to aid in the suspension of disbelief, etc. can be done at no cost.

On the topic of missed opportunities, this shot could have been made awesome at little cost. Imagine if someone off screen had pulled the dresser back while she pressed her feet against it. That would have sold the idea that her legs were getting longer and pushing furniture across the floor! Instead, the dresser doesn’t move.

Returning to this clip, there were several aspects that I would have done differently. Nonetheless, I did enjoy this. Furthermore, I am excited to see more giantess media from Cinematic-GTS.

Giantess Anna – growing spontaneously VFX can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/131619/24616033/giantess-anna-growing-spontaneously-vfx

That’s all for today folks. The next review will examine something from Giantess Loryelle. Until then, keep growing!

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