Interview with Sexplore, Writer behind Giantess Fan’s “A Goddess of Law”

Sexplore is a writer for Interweb Comics (IWC), the publisher behind Giantess Fan, Shrink Fan, Vore Fan, and other fetish comic sites. At IWC, Sexplore is part of the creative team, along with artist Hmage, behind the ongoing series “A Goddess of Law” (GOL). The first three issues of which have already been reviewed here! Additionally, the fourth part was just released last month. Furthermore, Sexplore has written and shared many free stories online over the years. Two of the older ones, “A Proper Education” and “Pest Control,” can be found under Giantess City’s shrunken man stories. The first part of another of Sexplore’s early stories “The Dangerous World of Porno” was turned into a CGI comic by Concord back in summer 2018. At that time he was involved in a project interviewing women with a giantess fetish and writing stories for them based on their preferences (some of which were shared publicly through a now closed DA account). A few examples of his words can be found alongside Goddess Tina’s art (e.g. the recent collaboration A Spot On The Edge). He still occasionally writes under the name ‘Erolpxes’ on DA, and can be contacted there.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I live in London and work for a charity. My day job is about trying to help people who are struggling, to feel well within themselves. So that they experience something good and wholesome inside.

I have an affinity for this kind of work because some parts of my childhood were pretty shitty. And it’s taken many years of patience, kindness, courage and introspection to reach the point where I feel comfortable in my own skin. When you get there having not been there, you realise what a gift it is.

I guess that’s also where fetish writing comes in. It’s a safe place to enjoy giving shape in the form of characters and stories to the darker side of my psyche. A way to acknowledge and express it creatively. That’s why the themes I write about here are mainly nasty, cruel or destructive in nature.

I’m very grateful to Hmage (the artist) and even more so to New School (my editor) for his help and support. I’ve always enjoyed writing and in the future I hope to also be able to publish non fetish comics and stories too.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish themes, like shrunken men and giant women?

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

My life partner, who also knows I write the comics (and that I’m typing this interview!). Most of my exes and one of my close friends. A couple more friends know I write fetish comics, but not what the fetish is.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

This reminds me of that age old dilemma of who you do and don’t invite to your wedding. I would struggle to keep those numbers down too.

The 3 artists I most regularly follow are Goddess Tina, AmGiPi and GFsm. Tina is very much one of a kind and some of what she does (like Forplane, …Dancer From The Dance and the illustrations for our collaboration Spot On The Edge) completely blow me away. I’m ridiculously fond of AmGiPi too. One of his images was the inspiration for GOL. And last but not least, nobody does a dominatrix like GFsm. The power dynamics are incredible as are quality of the pictures.

I also want to mention a few of the image creators of other work I have particularly enjoyed – Goddess Lisa (Hide and Eat and Don’t Fall), Labean (for Holiday A-vored), James Mason (for Hunter the Hunted), SyntexGTS and Openhighhat (various), hoven4 (Visiting Tanya 12), Butre (Small New World series) and the Masked Collager (Inadequacy). For animations there’s the (sadly hard to find) classics by Deaf Giantess (e.g. Red Planet) and AshkiiWolf (Samia’s Mini Morsels). For the written word, there’s Scott Grildrig (who practically invented the genre), RedFireDog (for Pax Romana) and Lance Porter (for the Land of Giant Super Models chapter in his book Wicked Sex).

Lastly, I want to mention my online friend Winzling for having the determination and drive to teach himself photography and work with live models to make GTS content.

#5) How would you describe your stories?

The Goddess of Law comics are fun with a real nasty streak.

They walk that line between a spoof and a straightforward action story. Not funny enough to be a comedy, but not taking themselves seriously either. And that gives an incredible creative freedom. I can bring in almost any fetish dynamic and throw in jokes and iconic movie references (e.g. 1950’s gangsters, men in black, Godzilla), whilst seamlessly blending the implausible into ordinary plot lines. Best of all, when the action hots up, I can also do every nasty thing I can dream up without it feeling too dark. Because it’s clearly not based on anything or anywhere that is real.

I’m still very much learning the craft, and that shows sometimes when I read back through the issues, but I also feel good about what Hmage (the artist), myself and New School (the editor) are creating. What I aim for is quality enjoyable and titillating tat. I cram in as much giantess action as possible, because that’s why most of us are here. But also try to come up with interesting characters and subplots to move it all along. I want you to laugh. I want you to be intrigued. I want you to want to know what will happen next.

My written stories away from GOL tend to not have the same lightness sitting alongside the cruelty and they are often more about me getting something out onto paper than creating something I want others to read.

#6) I’ve enjoyed A Goddess of Law and look forward to reading issue 4. Not to be too greedy, but when can we expect issue 5?

GOL 5 is currently in production (the artist is about to start illustrating it). It’s called ‘Payback’s a big bitch’. I’ve no idea when it will be released. Hmage is usually pretty quick with his wonderful illustrations but after that it still needs to be lettered and scheduled. I usually don’t see or know anything about those latter stages. The fastest possible would be 3 or 4 months. It will probably take a lot longer.

Just to whet your appetite further, in issue 5 the hunt for the missing cat Mincey finally comes to a conclusion whilst Officer Nikki continues to discover just how much she likes to exert her power in violent, sexual and destructive ways.

There’s actually a funny story about how Mincey the cat came into being. He was never supposed to exist, let alone drive the narrative for 3 or 4 issues. The first ever character list I wrote was for issue 1 of GOL, and it succinctly described Mayor Quincy as a ‘typical fat cat’. The picture the artist sent back in response to this was fantastic. Adorable. But it wasn’t of a self-indulgent and greedy politician, but an actual fat feline. Clearly something had been lost in translation. That’s the moment Mincey Quincy was born. And he’s had more importance and page space than the Mayor ever since.

#7) Are there any other upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

There are a number of things potentially in the pipeline.

GOL 6 is definitely the next project comic wise. It’s part of a new story sequence with the background theme of a ‘day in the life of Nikki’. What does she do for fun? Where does she go? Does she have a social life? Or an active sex life? Where does she eat and sleep? etc. etc. I originally wanted to do this much earlier (after issue 1 or 2) but the cat popped up and took over.

After that I’m planning to do a new comic series (unrelated to GOL) with GiantessFan. I’ve bounced some ideas around with my editor. Two possibilities are currently on the table, one very dark, the other much lighter and more whimsical.

Meanwhile much more likely to see the light of day this year is a collaboration with GFsm (for his DA page and/or Patreon). It’s still in the very early stages so it’s a ‘probable’ rather than ‘definite’ production. I hope it makes it out there though. I love his art and I think it’s going to be really exciting for anyone who enjoys the idea of a female dominatrix on a giant scale.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview!

Thank you, it’s been a pleasure.

All Rights Reserved.

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