“Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening SFX” by Giantess Loryelle / Giantess Crossing

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This post will continue the recent focus on new creators, which first began on March 9th. (NOTE: That’s “new” as in new to this blog. They may have been making size content for awhile before appearing here.) Today’s review will examine “Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening SFX” by Giantess Loryelle, a.k.a. Giantess Crossing. (NOTE: Credit to Darrin Hill for recommending this in late January.) This is a 36-minute long production which was first released in March 2019.

The massive footprint on the globe was a nice touch, but where’s the logo for flat Earthers? 😉

Loryelle first learned about size fetish from an old friend during the summer of 2016, according to her “About Me” page. Additionally, she lives somewhere in Europe where they speak German. We’ll assume that she’s referring to Germany itself. Although, technically speaking, she could live in Austria, the German-speaking community in Belgium, Liechtenstein, the German cantons of Switzerland, etc. Her location is of interest because the last review covered a video from another German, Cinematic-GTS! Thus, this is the second review in a row of a German creator! We’ll call that an intentional decision and not just a happy little accident 😉 (SIDE NOTE: Can Cinematic-GTS, Giantess Loryelle, and Giantess Media World, all from Germany, collaborate and create a masterpiece someday? Pretty please!)

An opening scroll provided background.

Regarding Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening, right off the bat it must be said that I love its ambition!

Do you want to see tiny people crawling over the chest of an immense woman? Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening has that! Would you like to observe small people and their cars between the toes of a giantess? This has that too! Do you yearn to watch minuscule folk make the ill-advised decision to sit on a Titaness’s lips? You bet this has that! (NOTE: Although, there was no nudity or sex.)

In comparison to other works which use static non-moving figurines, these tiny figures move about and were quite animated!
More than one person learns the folly of sitting on top of her lip.

A miniature set was used to demonstrate the supernatural stature of Giantess Loryelle.

Appreciated the spotlights! Loryelle’s accented speech was also well-suited for the role of an exotic deity.

As she slowly raises from her slumber, there was a line in which she says “I smell the blood of tiny intruders all around me.” which I almost wish had been changed to “I smell the blood of an Englishman.” That would have referenced the poem from the “Jack and the Beanstalk” fairy tale which reads:

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread

However, I can’t argue that “I smell the blood of an Englishman” would have actually improved the story, nor would it have made sense in a landscape with looks distinctly German, to include incorporating the German language. Nonetheless, when a giant person says “I smell the blood of …” my mind immediately expects their sentence to end with “… an Englishman.” (NOTE: My apologies to male readers from England. Hearing the poem as a young boy left me with the lasting impression that they will be the first to go during a giant attack!)

The sailing vessel, complete with working cannons, did not mesh well with the otherwise modern aesthetic.

The process of awakening up is a long one. It takes the bulk of the runtime before the giantess even moves enough to sit up. That’s perhaps to be expected given that she is a supernatural being with an existence far greater than us mere mortals. Consuming some tinies provides her with increased mobility and strength. Eventually, she begins to play with those around her.

She is angered by their offenses against nature (such as mining and littering) and motivated to enact revenge. On that topic, it might have been helpful if there had been some more obvious signs of those slights against nature. She talks about damage in an abstract sense and describes the village as “ugly.” Presumably, the mere act of constructing a settlement on top of her sleeping body was sufficient provocation.

However, the village did not appear particularly ugly nor was there any obvious signs of littering, such as an open air garbage dump. Therefore, a more concrete example of an offense against the environment would have been beneficial. From her perspective, the mere fact that humans built homes near her was unforgivable. However, I’d have preferred something more on the nose like a strip mine that destroyed a once beloved forest, leaky barrels of toxic waste, dead forest animals, etc.

From deep within the ground emerges an ancient being wearing modern-looking clothing… hmm. Additionally, the movement of dirt failing off her body was quite crude, but any attempt at special effects is better than no attempt. The same also applies to the many homes and the rather bumpy road circling them.

Additionally, her attire was not in keeping with the theme. One does not expect an immortal giantess to wear clothing from a local shopping mall. Instead, an outfit which invokes the classical era of mythical tales would have been better. Obviously, budget is a factor. However, taking a white bed sheet and making that into a toga could have worked. Alternatively, she could have put on some animal skins or leather. Clothing derived from animals might beg the question: “What kind of animal would be big enough to clothe her?” Regardless, that still would have been better than a factory-made mass market top and skirt for someone who is ostensibly a mystical Goddess. As it was, she resembled a present-day woman made huge much more so than the “ancient guardian of the nature [sic]” described in the opening scroll.

Still, the pros outweighed the cons. Overall, I recommend Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening SFX to fans who like cruel giantesses and vore with the warning that it’s a bit expensive at $30 bucks. Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening SFX can be purchased for $29.99 at this link: https://www.loryelle.net/en_US/product/giantess-mountain-goddess-awakening-sfx-1080p/ It ends with “… to be continued!”, but to date the only sign of a sequel is the draft title “Giantess Mountain – The Goddess’ Revenge.” Two years have passed since this was released and it’s unclear when the continuation will see the light of day. Alas, macrophiles are accustomed to significantly delayed if not completely abandoned storylines 😥

That’s it for now. Next week’s reviews will begin with a look at “Goddess Zilla Returns” from Obey Melanie. Until then dear readers, keep growing!

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3 thoughts on ““Giantess Mountain – The Goddess Awakening SFX” by Giantess Loryelle / Giantess Crossing

  1. Hey Solo. Thanks for the shout out. Maybe its just me. But, if I was looking into moving to a village built around a sleeping giantess, I’d want to make sure that she was secured just in case she woke up. I’m just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, with any luck this video will spur Germany to update their building codes! 😉


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