“Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city” from BattleBeauties

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It’s difficult to focus on today’s review when the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election results are still pending. Nonetheless, I’ll soldier on!

Beyond being a needed distraction, this review will hopefully demonstrate that macrophilia includes more scenarios than just women as giantesses and men as normal-sized or tiny. There exists a broader spectrum of macrophilia media than some people recognize.

For instance, in late September 2020, pseudoclever attempted to edit the “Macrophilia” page on Wikipedia to make it more inclusive. (NOTE: Read my interview with pseudoclever here.)

Unfortunately, he was unable to successfully edit the page and expand the definition due to some bad actors. Therefore, it is my hope that today’s post will go a small ways to showing that size fetish is not just limited to heterosexual men and women, but also includes homosexual people.

“Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city” is a 21-minute long video which was first released by BattleBeauties studio on May 16, 2020. The titular performer, Draven Navarro, has performed in many clips at Clips4Sale. Those primarily depict Draven with other men, but there are also several straight scenes showing Draven with women. Additionally, Draven has an Instagram presence and a page on OnlyFans.

The story begins with Draven making a growth formula breakthrough capable of increasing food size and nutrition. Excited about its prospects, he attempts to secure the support of Dr. Lewis, the Dean of Science, in order to conduct further research. Unfortunately, the bean-counter is dismissive of Draven’s claims and concerned about the possible financial costs.

The wall behind the protagonist is bare and boring in this initial scene.
The keying, the replacement of a solid color background with another image, was often rough. Such as in this instance when Dr. Lewis’ arm partially disappears. Alternatively, maybe the performer is an extra-dimensional entity who can only exist in our world for short periods of time. You decide! 😎
The low-resolution background image is also pixelated and smeared when viewed up close.

Dismayed by Dr. Lewis’ response, Draven decides to demonstrate the potential of his breakthrough and tries the formula himself. At this point it felt like the story skipped from Draven’s formula working on food to working on people. That’s a minor complaint and it should be noted that other size-fetish stores, such as Giantess Club’s “Giant Plant Experiment” or ZZZ Comics “Farm Grown,” also begin with an enlarging catalyst initially being used on plants or livestock before it is given to people.

Perhaps more pertinent is Draven’s motives for trying it on himself. If he wants to solve world hunger, then why not grow an enormous tomato and show that to the Dean of Science? How does making himself taller relate to his goals? (NOTE: If Draven had stated at the onset that his objective was to make people taller then human experimentation would make sense.)

This background could have used some work. For example, based on the empty counters and wrapped-up power cords, the laboratory looks like it’s brand new and never been used. A setting with a multitude of beakers, Bunsen burners, and glass tubes would have more accurately depicted an active laboratory.
Jorts (jean shorts) under the lab coat were an unexpected choice. Would have been better to give him slacks or something more in keeping with a scientist’s wardrobe.

Alas, there was no ripping or tearing of clothing when Draven became a giant. Instead, he manually removed his outfit. Notably, he then walks around in the buff for the remainder of the runtime. After striding through the city, and inadvertently causing widespread damage, Draven eventually catches up with Dr. Lewis.

Image resolution suffered with Draven’s fingers blurring over the green screen effect behind him.

The giant loses his temper due to his dismay at his incredible situation. (NOTE: While the title states that Draven “… destroys the city” in fact he only leveled a few smaller structures, off camera, and most buildings were left standing.) Afterward, he masturbates for awhile and then the clip ends abruptly.

What the hell happened to your left hand!? O_o The production could have reshot this scene and told Draven to move a bit to prevent the limb from being unceremoniously cut-off.

All in all, this isn’t a bad clip. However, there were many issues with the visual effects. Nonetheless, I still recommend this as a decent example of gay macrophilia. “Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city” can be purchased for $21.99 at the following link.

That’s it for now. Until next week friends, keep growing!

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