“Turned into a Giant by a Witch” from BattleBeauties

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The intent of this blog is to cover a broad spectrum of size-changing fetishes to include growing men, not just women. Accordingly, There She Grows analyzed other male giant videos such as “Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city” from BattleBeauties and “Toby Springs Grow To A Giant” from Ginary’s Giantess Adventures. Furthermore, while this review has been scheduled for awhile now, this is also coming out during the same month in which Jitensha officially launched a new forum, Daddy’s Dollhouse, for the “judge-free discussion of giant men & tiny women.” So, if you’re a fan of M/f fantasies, do yourself a favor and join Jitensha’s new forum! (Also check out her interview here.)

All that said, now let’s discuss the subject of today’s review. “Turned into a Giant by a Witch” is a nearly 10-minute long video which was first released by BattleBeauties studio on April 5th, 2020. Colby Jansen stars as the man turned into a giant and Lily Lovecraft stars as the witch.

Colby appeared in other clips like “Doctor shrinks a beta male down to size,” “Dominate [sic] man shrinks you down to size and uses you,” and “The Vampire’s bite: A gay vampire story” for BattleBeauties. Lily appeared in “Mermaid of the Sea wants your Cum,” “Shrinking you down to size because you’re a loser boyfriend,” and “Vaping leadings [sic] to worse things like GIANTESS.” Oh, and she also performed in “How the West was Cum: Sexy Sheriff vs Pussy Bandit” which, truth be told, is an awesome title! 😎

The action begins inside a curiosity shop called “Witches Coven Cafe and Book.” Colby asks Lily to make him a “bit bigger.” (NOTE: The background music was of a decent volume when this clip started. However, after the beginning the dialogue was muted and I was forced to crank up the volume to understand their speech.) She casts her spell, but Colby was dissatisfied that the effect was not immediate. Thus, he promptly leaves her shop and went out to the street. Then he begins to grow in the middle of a cross walk.

The urban backdrop provided a nice variety of objects to compare his increasing size against, but the lack of audible effects, such as gasping bystanders or honking cars, was a detriment. Additionally, it was a static image and lacked the many moving people and vehicles expected in a busy city.

Colby removes his garments before transforming; so, there was no clothing destruction. He wields his erect cock like a battering ram after achieving the height of a skyscraper. The special effects for the destruction was a mixed bag, there was some debris thrown about and explosions, but afterward the buildings looked no worse for the wear. Eventually, Colby finds the witch and complains that she overdid his growth. She isn’t given a chance to properly respond and is promptly crushed underneath his foot.

The crushing effect wasn’t great because for a brief moment the witch was still visible behind his calf when her entire body should have been underneath the sole of his foot. Nonetheless, there was a spray of blood and she was gone. Then the giant pretends to eat various people, no props were used to portray the tiny people so it was only the actor pretending to pick up victims and swallow them whole. He also talks about covering the city in cum, and accordingly strokes his cock until ejaculating. A visual effect was used to simulate his ejaculation. (NOTE: It might have been fun to show a normal-sized city dweller being covered by Colby’s cum. There are a few fairly cheap products which can be used to simulate cum, a few are listed at this page.) After cumming, his expansion continues until he stands on top of the entire Earth itself! (NOTE: At this point he pretends to put something up his ass, not sure if the unseen object was meant to be a satellite. Presumably, the original plan was to explain what he was doing via some forgotten dialogue.)

In general, the visual effects weren’t too bad for a low-budget production. Nonetheless, a few things could have been improved as can be seen in the following screen captures:

One of the visual effects that could have been improved were the low resolution images used as backgrounds. They were pixelated and looked smudged compared to the higher resolution of the performers themselves.
Note the jagged edges of the pedestrian crossing and painted lines delineating the lanes.
Walking barefoot through the city was an unusual choice O_o (NOTE: He had a t-shirt on at first, but already tossed it aside by the time this screenshot was taken. In contrast, his feet were always bare.)
The chrome key effect wasn’t seamless as can be seen in this image in which the surface underneath the actor’s feet left a black line.

Overall, if you’re a fan of growing men acting cruelly and can overlook shabby green screen work then you may want to check out Turned into a Giant by a Witch. It can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/search/clip/23031569/turned-into-a-giant-by-a-witch

That’s all for today folks. Next week’s reviews will start with a breast-expansion themed anime. Until then, keep growing!

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