“Touch Me There” by the BlowUp Girls

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Today, let’s examine something a bit different. This article will analyze an expansion-themed video clip from a new studio, BlowUp Girls, which hasn’t been covered by There She Grows before! Furthermore, this is a unique form of expansion 😎

The BlowUp Girls video catalog at Clips4Sale dates back to December 2014 and their productions focus on themes such as balloon play and feeding, as well as belly, breast, butt, and pussy expansion. Accordingly, BlowUp Girls describe themselves as the “studio known for amazing REAL-TIME body inflation!” Most of their clips only include female performers. Although at least one, “Captured Chest Expansion,” featured a masked man inflating a bound woman. Additionally, some clips such as “Jerking Makes Them Jumbo Sized” and “Your Stroking Makes My Boobs Inflate” show a woman talking to the viewer as if they were a man sitting just off screen. Altogether, sex in BlowUp Girls clips consists of lesbian and masturbation scenes, but no heterosexual action.

One last note on BlowUpGirls, some of their clips end with non-graphic violence such as a person inflating to the point that they explode. Narratives in which one character dies at the end can be found in examples like “Bursting The Blowhard” and in at least one case, “Jerk Till You Explode,” when a man’s penis grows so large that he suffers a cardiac arrest ❗ Bottom line, potential customers wishing to avoid the depiction of fatal endings should carefully read the descriptions to avoid instances of peril. Staying away from those titles which end in “POP” is also a good rule for those who are squeamish. However, as previously mentioned, the character demises are non-graphic. There are no gory explosions such as the bursting head scene in 1981’s “Scanners” 😉 (NOTE: For those unfamiliar, Scanners is a Canadian horror & sci-fi film written and directed by David Cronenberg in which a telekinetic criminal makes a man’s noggin explode.)

Nice logo ❤

“Touch Me There” is a 10-minute long production released on January 2nd, 2021. Its story involves two blondes making out while their pussies swell. (NOTE: There’s also a “POP” version which runs for a little longer, 11 minutes in total, and costs a dollar more, a total of $12.99.)

This features Macy Cartel and Syndey Paige playing the pair of lovers rendezvousing at a hotel. The description lists the place as a “… swanky downtown hotel,” but it resembles a pretty standard run-of-the-mill accommodation to my eyes. I’m more than likely reading too much into a short bit of text, but I expect a view of a beautiful skyline, fancy furnishings, a Jacuzzi, etc. when I think of a swanky downtown hotel.

By the way, Macy and Sydney also performed together in other clips such as “Birthday Bellies,” “Bubble Boobs,” and “The Revenge Of Rock N Rolla.”

These gals seem friendly 🙂

Of note, there’s no explanation for why their lady bits are pumping up. (NOTE: Maybe all women experience voluminous expansion of their nether regions during foreplay and I’ve just been doing something wrong all these years ^^’ ) Regardless of the unexplained nature of their transformations, the dialogue was sexy as they discussed making each other’s pussy lips grow while they rubbed against each other. There was a bed in the hotel room of course, but the lovers get hot and heavy under a door frame instead.

Topless is the extent of the nudity.

That noted, the preview does show a quick bit, pictured below, in which the ladies were on the bed, but that was not in the standard version of “Touch Me There.”

This is only in the POP version.

Another thing of note, this was advertised as featuring “… real-time inflation.” Technically, this did portray real-time inflation, but I’m not sure that it was warranted. Their pussies clearly increase in size over time, but that could have also been achieved by cutting away and then returning to see that they have enlarged. This is not a problem per se, just an observation. Perhaps breast expansion is more suited to real-time inflation, because with breasts there is a convenient, well-known sizing system. Ergo, she’s reached a C-cup in size, then D, then DD, etc. However, no such system exists for pussies. (NOTE: At least, *I* am unaware of a system to uniformly size female genitals.)

That’s not to claim that pussy expansion is not a valid fetish. I’m all for it and for exploring different aspects of size-fetish in general. Rather, I am merely questioning whether “real-time inflation” added anything of value in this instance. Nonetheless, it was rewarding to watch both of these ladies swell and eventually orgasm as that made for a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, while Touch Me There had its flaws, I enjoyed it. Inflation fans can pick it up for $11.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/search/clip/24339845/touch-me-there

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