Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Club

Good morning everyone,

It’s Monday, the 9th of November, while I write this. Due to developments in the American Presidential Election, I am much less distracted than I was while drafting last Thursday’s post. Several prominent American news organizations (such as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even the stalwart Trump supporters at Fox News) have predicted that former Vice President Joe Biden will win the Presidential Elections.

This is good news. Now, does that mean that everything will be rosy during a Biden-led administration? Of course not, much work still must be done. However, does this mean that the next four years will be better than they would have been under Donald Trump? Yes, without a doubt.

So, I feel renewed and ready to write! Today’s post was prompted by an e-mail from long-time reader Darrin Hill. He suggested a Top 10 list of Giantess Club comics which ended too soon. Thank you very much Darrin for the suggestion.

Now, without further ado, here we go!

#10) For Her Pleasure

Overall, the plot of For Her Pleasure is simple in the extreme. It’s a wish-fulfillment tale asking the “bold” question: “Would it be okay if your girlfriend grew larger because you had sex with her? Oh, and what if she wanted you to fuck her friends?” <sarcasm> Truly a difficult question for growth fans. </sarcasm> 😉 Of course it’s not difficult to answer, that’d be awesome!

However, this comic had a lackluster ending. There was no growth or sex in that finale, and it’s safe to declare the last issue a waste of money. Accordingly, it was previously recommend, in the Giantess Club’s Top 5 and Bottom 5 Illustrated Series post, that readers skip the fourth issue altogether and only read the first three.

So, let’s get a new For Her Pleasure dedicated to fully exploring the delightfully carnal possibilities! 🙂

#9) Demolitionist

This has an awesome premise, a woman with the power to increase her size demolishes buildings and films fetish clips at the same time. There’s a ton of potential with that proposition, plus there could be an element of conflict if a stranger discovers her secret.

(SIDE NOTE: Some of the decisions made during the cover design process were perplexing. For example, the inverted exclamation marks in “¡Astounding Special Effects!” were odd. Inverted exclamation marks, to the best of my knowledge, are only used in Spanish and heavily influenced languages such as Galician. So, why were they used here? No one speaks a word of Spanish <shrug> Also, the cover states that “Becky shows you how to be a big figure in high finance,” but she doesn’t actually work in finance. Ugh. Those are not significant distractions, but puzzling nonetheless.)

#8) G.I.L.F.

This one-shot was released in late November 2009 and has not been renewed. Thus, it’s high time to revisit Mrs. Betty Robinson, an elderly beauty attracted to strapping young men. Furthermore, have the courage to actually depict Betty as a woman of a certain age and give her a wrinkle or two. (NOTE: Not for nothing, but several site members expressed a desire to see this continued, as was previously noted in the Pay Site Comparison: Giantess Club vs Giantess Fan.)

#7) Ascension

This was one of the very first comics ever released by Giantess Club. It came out in mid-September 2009 and did not receive a second issue until May 2019. At this rate, assuming it’s an eight-issue run, we won’t see the finale until 2079 ❗ (NOTE: It’s technically possibly that I could still be alive in 2079. Therefore, everyone please put a reminder in your calendars to read the final Ascension review in 59 years 😉 Although, if the current release schedule holds true, #8: Ascension will also be released in the post-apocalyptic setting of the real-time strategy game KKND: Krush, Kill ‘n’ Destroy.)

This is a classic that deserves a solid conclusion. Preferably, Giantess Club will fast-track development and put out a third issue sooner than my projection. (NOTE: Read more of my thoughts on the initial two issues here.)

#6) Hunting for Bigfoot

This features a lovely woman who increases in size after the sun goes down. (NOTE: The comic makes it appear that a full moon triggers her transformation, but the description makes it sound like every night, full moon or not, she will transform.) She is pressured into going on a camping trip and suspicions arise the next morning when one of her enormous footprints is found. One of her companions pledges to discover the truth, but, alas, the first issue came out in May 2019 and has been AWOL ever since. (NOTE: There She Grows covered this comic in more detail here.)

Me too friend, me too.

#5) The Giantess

This five-part series had a satisfying conclusion. So, its inclusion is not a plea to complete an unfinished work. Rather, this is a plea for another great story starring Jane Grace, a woman with the mysterious ability to transform into a giantess. So Giantess Club, bring back Echo Wing, the original writer behind The Giantess, and let them have another go!

#4) The Little Woman

This old one-shot should be expanded to showcase husband Neal adapting to the new power dynamic now that his diminutive wife Jess can transform into a giantess, thanks to a hypnotist.

#3) Green Glow

Full disclosure: Solo is a big fan of the Green Lantern Corps, created by DC Comics, from which Green Glow was inspired.

Shelves in There She Grows office

For those unfamiliar, the Green Lantern Corps is comprised of sentient beings from across the universe who are given powerful rings which they use to construct objects, project concussive blasts, form force shields, and travel across the cosmos.

In contrast, Green Glow is a size-themed parody in which rings allow the users to expand! This makes a rich environment in which diverse humanoid aliens acquire size-changing powers. That creates space in the narrative for anthropomorphic species, cyborgs, elf-like beings, etc. However, this comic left off abruptly during a growth scene in issue four, released in October 2016. Please, don’t let our heroine’s last line be “Rahhh!” 😉

#2) PMD

This involves armed conflict in Asia featuring soldiers from both sides using a special gel which causes growth. The original PMD (Persons of Mass Destruction) concluded its run in mid-May 2012, and then a follow-up called PMD: War was kicked off in early December 2018. (NOTE: Interested readers can check out my review of the first two issues.) However, that series appears to have stalled as over a year and a half has passed since issue two was released.

Please Giantess Club, keep the issues coming out, and furthermore, make them feel like they actually take place on the Korean peninsula by tossing in aspects of Korean culture. Maybe add a bit of Hangul? 어쩌면 ? That would set this apart from the plethora of tales set in generic settings.

#1) Above the Law

Above the Law is centered on female inmates with size-changing powers. It has had two spiritual successors since the original ended in February 2012. The latest, “Beyond the Law: Reversal,” completed a few months ago in mid-April and was a bit lackluster. Antagonist Tessa had her ability to increase size suppressed by a “cure” at the end of issue 8. However, Tessa regains her power almost immediately. Instead of building up tension over an appreciable amount of time, she begins to grow on the very next page. So, the cure was impotent and meaningless, and it was also unimportant to the narrative.

How about Giantess Club continue this series, but let it progress beyond eight issues? (NOTE: Eight issues is the apparent limit for nearly every series.) Why not take an inmate giantess and make her a permanent fixture? The company could produce a comic centered on the Tessa character like publishers of American super hero comics do with their core characters. Giantess Club could produce a monthly comic featuring Tessa and develop her backstory over the years to come, in the same manner that Marvel Comics publishes a monthly comic featuring Captain America.

That’s my list. What titles do you think ended too soon? Send an e-mail or drop a comment below with your suggestions.

Until next time friends, keep growing!

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Club

  1. Thank you for compiling this list. I’d love to see “The Superheroine’s Daughter” and “The Meadbower Incident” continued/concluded. I’d also love to see a revival of “The New New Heaven” too and “Going Down Growing Up.”

    I’ve always personally maintained that concluding comics (or any creative endeavour) is a skill into itself. How do you balance delivering a satisfactory ending without cheapening the preceding events?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my list! Your selections would be great to see continued. Although, I hope Giantess Club comes up with a different naming scheme and doesn’t resort to “The New New New Heaven” 😉

      As far as delivering a satisfactory ending, that’s a subjective matter like everything else in art. There have been occasions where I felt that my own stories had proper endings, but readers felt they were insufficient. So, do take my suggestions with that in mind.

      However, in general, I believe size-fetish stories should build more conflict. As they are now, it’s rare to have proper tension. With true stakes at hand, the endings will have to resolve the conflict and tell us whether or not our favored characters succeed and thus will be more impactful and satisfying.

      This could be implemented by being sadistic and making characters suffer a bit. Using “Beyond the Law: Reversal” as an example, maybe Tessa should go without her super power for an extended period. Instead of growing literally one panel after we’re told that she was cured make her work hard and sacrifice to regain the ability to grow. Make a three-issue run centered on the quest to became a giantess once more.

      Also, the stories could use character arcs to develop and explore the main characters. Going back to Beyond the Law, show prison guards mistreating Tessa and giving her a reason to act violently. On the opposite side, have an inmate befriend Tessa and show her that friendship has it’s rewards. I would love it if Tessa had the possibility for redemption. Even if she never became good, it would be more exciting if I wondered “Will Tessa follow the advice of her do-gooder friend or will anger directed at the guards consume her?”


      1. Your point about having a “true conflict” is valid in a few senses. The conflict between the giantess and her surroundings (people and place), the conflict between the giantess and herself, and the conflict between the giantess and her situation.

        Tessa is clearly violent and gets off on her destructive tendencies. But what if there was nothing to destroy? What if Tessa were isolated with nothing or nobody to, well, kill? What would she do? How would she cope? Is being a giantess goddess worth it if there’s nothing to tremble and fear at your feet? She gets her growth powers back only to discover they’re useless. What point is there in being 500 ft. tall if there’s no scale to provide context?

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      2. Isolating Tessa could be an interesting defense. Whether that’s via fantastical means like sending her to a place like the “Phantom Zone” seen in DC’s Superman comics or the “Upside Down” from Netflix’s Stranger Things. Alternatively, maybe just drop Tessa in a vast desert where she can do no harm.


  2. It warms my heart when I`m not the only one talking about a particular title. “The Superheroine’s Daughter”, “The Meadbower Incident”, & “Going Down, Growing Up” could have ran about 8-9 issues each.

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  3. I’ll take my story “Exceeds Expectations” not being on your list as a good thing though I do have a sequel mapped out. I also planned a sequel to “Til She Gets Her Way” that was a giantess story. Someday…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Exceeds Expectations” was short, but told a nice, complete story. In your interview you mentioned that the next installment would be “Managing Expectations.” I hope to see that published someday! The same goes for a sequel to “Til She Gets Her Way.”


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