Giantess Club’s “PMD: War”


PMD (Persons of Mass Destruction) was a seven-part series that ran from February 9, 2010, until May 16, 2012. It told of North Korea’s development of a growth agent in gel form. After North Korean agents used that invention to attack Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Americans developed their own version and retaliated. (Notably, the North Korean gel works on men and women while the American counterpart only works on women.)

This sequel, “PMD: War,” was authored by Bob Saget, drawn and inked by Peter Logan (a.k.a Mariano Navarro, a.k.a. Portal Comic), with colors and letters by Eros Studio. The first issue was released on December 7, 2018, and the second was released on March 29, 2019.

PMD: War begins at the American Embassy in Seoul after North and South Korea begin to unify as a result of the previous story line. Two people enter and use PMD gel to grow to enormous size, they then destroy the building and rampage. In the second issue, the woman crushes her male partner, as she took more gel and grew much larger. The woman masturbates and destroys several skyscrapers in the Republic of Korea’s capital city. The South Korean and American response had not yet occurred at the conclusion of issue 2.

Giant female embassy guards were a nice touch. ❤

I really enjoyed the original PMD series and ranked it #2 on my “Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories” list. Reviewing the comments on the PMD page, it appears that I wasn’t the only fan. (Some feedback was contradictory, a few fans wanted more giant males, others wanted less. Which made me sympathize with the creators as it’s a bit difficult to produce comics with both more and less at the same time.)

There’s at least one dialogue call back to the original comic. In PMD issue 1, on the first page, a woman refers to herself as a “conscripted fuck toy.” In PMD: War issue 2, on the third page, the woman refers to her sexual partner as a “nothing but my conscripted fuck toy.” It remains to be seen if other North Koreans will grow in PMD: War, as of the end of issue 2 there’s only one giant.

I’m a sucker for this type of dialogue 😉

This work would have benefited if an editor had reviewed it and directed a few fixes to the art mistakes and misspellings. I highlighted some problems in the images below:

Tastiness? Should that have been “Titaness”? Also, it appears that she has a single very wide tooth on her upper jaw instead of multiple teeth.
Trader? Should that have been “traitorous” or “traitor”? Or does she take offense to the act of exchanging goods?

Unfortunately, Giantess Club has important information, such as character identities, in the description, but not in the actual comic. This was also a concern with “Peak Shift,” and “Red Pill: Legalized.”

The name Bong-Cha was never seen or used in this comic.

I hope that PMD: War innovates a bit in the future. For example, given the setting on the Korean peninsula, perhaps Hangul, the script used to write Korean, will make an appearance? 어쩌면 ?  Its absence has been puzzling.

This image, taken from Wikipedia’s Myeong-dong page, is a good example of Korean signage. A few signs like these would go a long way to making readers feel like the comic actually takes place in Korea. P.S. Yes, I know one of the signs is actually in Japanese (Hanja / Chinese characters and English are also present)

You can pre-order the entire series for $14.99, as of late May 2019, at the following affiliate link:

NOTE: Given the price, $14.99, and the fact that single issues cost $4.99, I assume that there will only be one more issue in this series. Hopefully, my assumption is incorrect as it’s difficult to imagine this plot being satisfactorily concluded in a single issue.

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