Giantess Club’s “Hunting for Bigfoot”


“Hunting for Bigfoot” is a new series authored by SupremeD, and illustrated by J.J. McQuade. The first and only issue, so far, was published on May 31, 2019.

The only other comic written by SupremeD for the site was “Growin’ Clean.” However, J.J. McQuade has illustrated numerous comics for Giantess Club, to include “Loving Cupid,” “Mrs. Turner,” and “The Giantess Fight.”

This story begins with four young people, two men and two women, riding in a Jeep Grand Cherokee (at least that’s what the vehicle looks like) through the woods. The group consists of Mitch (who works for an unnamed magazine), Sam and Darren (a couple), and Naomi (Darren’s ex-girlfriend.)

Alas, no clothes bursting in this issue 😥

After setting up their tents, Naomi leaves the camp at night. She grows to incredible height that evening, and must masturbate until she can orgasm to shrink back to normal size. Unknown to Naomi, her ex-boyfriend Darren was watching her in amazement. (I guess she didn’t have this condition when they dated.)

The next day Sam discovers an enormous footprint left by Naomi. Sam demands that the group stay longer in order to find the “bigfoot” creature which made that print. That’s a plan which greatly alarms Naomi.

The description says “three friends,” but there are four people in this story. Was “three friends” a typo, or does that indicate that one member of the group isn’t a friend? This screen cap was taken on July 19, 2019.

I liked the art, and overall I liked the story. Not much happens, beyond the one growth scene, but I think this comic holds promise. Naomi was willing to stay one night, but did not want to stay any longer. Perhaps, that means that she will grow much larger during the second night than the first time. I’m curious why one night was okay, but two nights was problematic. Hopefully, the answer to that question will be an exciting revelation.

I think the writer forgot the “W” in “We’re.”

I do not know how many issues this story will have. The series pre-order price, $4.99, is the same as a single issue. Either Giantess Club is offering a great deal, pre-order and get the entire series for the price of one issue, or that was a mistake.

You can purchase this comic at the following link:


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