Review of Giantess Club’s “Mrs. Turner”

mrs turner

Mrs. Turner is an ongoing series, with seven issues so far, written by Bob Saget and illustrated by J. J. McQuade. The first part was released in mid-March 2018 and the most recent on January 11, 2019. Individual issues can be purchased for $4.99 or the complete series can be had for $39.99 at the following link:

If the series finishes with the eighth issue then readers will actually save money by buying the issues individually. Eight issues at $4.99 each equals $39.92 total while the complete series sells for $39.99, seven cents more. That said, if the series runs for more than eight issues then pre-ordering the complete series makes sense. In the end, time will tell.

mrs turner _ issue 1 page 1
Mrs. Turner looked hot from the very first page!

The original inspiration came from Kong who presented a detailed story line. You can read that input at this link,

It’s cool that a reader’s ideas were made into a comic. However, I hope they gave Kong a few bucks for the effort or a free subscription. Furthermore, it would have been nice if they had included Kong’s name in the comic’s credits.

did i just grow issue 2
I think so 😉

The story begins with Mike, a college drop-out who does nothing but play video games all day. His mother pesters him to make himself useful and at least try to do odd jobs for the neighbors. Accordingly, he visits his best friend’s Mom, the titular Mrs. Turner, to see if she has any work for him. Mike has long had a crush on Mrs. Eve Turner and things get heated between the two before the first issue is done.

One side note, while Mrs. Turner is the mother of a college-aged son she was not drawn any different than a twenty-year old woman. That made me wonder if fans would prefer that a “MILF” be drawn to look older, or is it enough for the story to state that the MILF character is older, regardless of their appearance?

Mrs. Turner routinely drinks “Senistray” which, unbeknownst to her, has steadily been making her grow. This results in several growth and sex scenes which I found to be very enjoyable!

Eve is a take-charge type of gal

Eventually, Eve’s husband leaves her. This is done swiftly and there was no confrontation between the husband and the young man who has been ploughing his wife. Eve learns that her husband has cheated on her for years, absolving Eve of any guilty from her affair with Mike.

leaving you
All characters were drawn with black eyebrows regardless of their hair color
struggle more
Eve has some rather sexy dialogue 🙂
get away from me
Did you mean to say “Get Away from me”?

I recommend this comic. It’s a sexy bit of giantess erotica featuring multiple sequences of a voluptuous woman outgrowing her clothes and eventually her house! In the latest issue Eve embarks on a destructive rampage through a city as she tries to escape to the country side. I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter(s) to see what happens next.

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