Review of Nightveil Media’s “The Amazing Colossal Woman Part Two”


Go here to read my review of the first part.

Fans of trains will be happy to learn that there are, in fact, trains in this part

This 35-minute long video, released in 2016, can be purchased for $14.95 at the following link, in 720×540 resolution as a WMV file.

The humor was more effective this time around. For example, there was a funny skit in which an accomplished hunter vows to hunt Garganta, but is assaulted by a gorilla and we never see him again.

alters size
Solopticus increases Garganta’s size briefly so she can attack some skyscrapers

While Garganta does change size, there was no bursting of clothes and the process was not emphasized. Her clothes change size with her, and the green screen work was sketchy.

Sound quality was poor throughout, for example there’s a scene in which Garganta is talking while a helicopter is flying which drowns out her dialogue. There were several similar occasions when background music was louder than the actors’ voices making it hard to follow the story.

flu shot
Colonel Boyle rushes to administer a tranquilizer to Garganta

However, in the film’s most egregious blow to my suspension of disbelief, a colonel was ordered to administer a hypodermic needle full of tranquilizer to Garganta. While I am willing to overlook the “square-cube law“, I simply could not accept that the Army would send a Colonel (O-6) instead of a hapless Specialist (E-4) to do this dirty work. 😉

Alas, while the colonel succeeded, Garganta fatally speared him with the needle before she lost consciousness. This is a recreation of the scene from 1957’s “The Amazing Colossal Man” in which two men poke the giant with a needle.

Of note, the Colossal Man impales a Major, not a Colonel, in his film

Combating oversized belligerents with big needles is a common trope, as shown in the next two screenshots.

This was taken from 1983’s “Focus on Fishko
aliens vs monsters
in 2009’s “Monsters vs. Aliens” they use a catapult to deliver the goods

But enough about pointy sharp things, back to the film!

1 star
The situation is serious, but not enough to warrant the attention of a two-star General

Lots of stock footage was used, and re-used, which stuck out like a sore thumb. Sometimes I didn’t mind this. For example, there was a nice bit in which Garganta recalls that Nancy Archer in 1958’s “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” was defeated after she grabbed a power line tower. Accordingly, Garganta carefully walks around a similar tower to avoid that fate.

This was the best use of stock footage in the entire film
still looks bad
SOLOPTIVISION B&W still hurts my eyes 😥

This film could be easily improved. Dial down the background music so we could hear the actors. Shoot additional takes if necessary. For example, at one point news reporter Ernie Shadowsky refers to the General as “Colonel Wyndham Morris.” They should have tried that again and got it right. Also, don’t use so much stock footage! By the end I was sick and tired of seeing footage over and over again of a soldier shooting a rocket launcher. I would have preferred original footage, even if it didn’t look perfect. Lastly, drop SOLOPTIVISION like a hot potato and work on the green screen.

My recommendation is that fans of rampaging giantess should look for a discounted DVD copy. Fans looking for growth or sex scenes can skip this. Whatever you do, don’t be like me and pay for the downloadable versions!

toni clair as toni garland
Lon Madnight was a no show in Part 2, so Toni Clair was my favorite performer

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