Review of Nightveil Media’s “The Amazing Colossal Woman Part One”

Fans of trains will be disappointed to learn that there are, in fact, no trains in this part of the film

This 30-minute long video, released in 2016, can be purchased for $14.95 at the following link:  in 720×540 resolution as a WMV file. William “Bill” Black wrote the screenplay, as well as produced and directed this micro-budget film.

initial growth
The growth sequence was short, about half a minute, and used quick cuts

It stars Brenna Barry as Dr. Carol Heisler. The alien Solopticus scans the city from above and selects Dr. Heisler for an experiment. Solopticus then transforms her into a giantess and re-names her Garganta. Unfortunately for my tastes, Solopticus immediately clothes Garganta, and there was nudity or topless shots throughout the movie.

Brenna’s character ostensibly was based on the character Garganta in AC Comics’ FEMFORCE. However, the comic book version has a different origin story and I don’t think that tying the movie to the comic book character added anything.

First appeared in Femforce #30 in 1990

Garganta walks around central Florida, scaring many people, killing a few in non-graphic fashion, and hamming it up. Overall, I was surprised by how many people were in the cast. My favorite was Lon Madnight as a horror movie host.

lon madnight
Perhaps the best humor was when Lon called the above movie a “bomb,” which his lovely female companion takes literally
Cool alien design, but the actor could barely move the mouth

News reporters Toni Garland and Ernie Shadowsky provide ongoing commentary and note at one point that Garganta was around 50 to 60 feet tall. They also report that Garganta sneezed and sent a man tumbling down the street.

news reporter

There’s an odd bit when we learn that this story takes place in the same universe that AC Comics exists in. In fact, Garganta kills an AC Comic editor during her rampage. I assume this was done for humor, but I just said “huh” and wondered where they were going with it.

There’s also a strange scene where the camera focuses on a cat while Garganta walks around an old lady’s house. The elderly woman calls the police to report the giant in the same tone one would use to order a pizza.

pookie - not my favorite cast member
Pookie did not add anything to the performance
needs a monocle
I think a monocle would have served him better

The biggest negative was the post-processing. This was a process called “SOLOPTIVISION” which was used to turn the original color footage into black and white. It gave things a “fuzzy” appearance and obscured sharp details.

post-processing effect on the sky
SOLOPTIVISION made the sky look bad
color trailer
The color trailer  looks so much better
running in place
Running in place is a poor way to escape a giantess

I cannot recommend buying this film in digital format for the simple reason of cost. It was only after I purchased the first part online, for $14.95, that I realized that both parts of “The Amazing Colossal Woman”, along with some extras, could be bought in a DVD from the Nightveil web site for the same price, $14.95. I have no idea why digital customers are penalized and forced to effectively pay twice the cost of a hard copy.

Furthermore, I later found “The Amazing Colossal Woman” DVD, accompanied by a Stormy Tempest film, on sale for $12.95 on eBay in early January 2019.

I offer a weak recommendation for this film to fans of giantess rampages. Those fans could seek out a discounted hard copy. However, for fans of growth process this is an easy pass.

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