Brief Look at the Giantesses of AC Comics

This page was taken from 1997’s FemForce #102 and features Marla Allison as the growing women.

Independent publisher AC Comics was created by Bill Black in 1969 as Paragon Publications. The company name was changed to Americomics in 1982, and then AC Comics in 1984. AC Comics uses Golden Age characters from the public domain, for example Fighting Yank and Yankee Girl, as well as original concepts such as the female super hero team called “Federal Emergency Missions Force” or “Femforce.” (The first all-women super-team. Its comic is still in publication today.) AC Comics is known for its “good girl art” style.

AC Comics’ first giantess was Garganta, created in 1990 within the pages of FemForce #30. (Technically speaking, FemForce fought Amazon warriors in their first two issues and a giant version of She-Cat appeared in 1986’s FemForce #5, but that turned out to be a robot built to discredit the team.)garganta

I previously reviewed several videos starring Garganta. The first review, looking at “The Amazing Colossal Woman Part One,” can be seen here. Of note, the comic book and movie versions of Garganta differ significantly in abilities, origins, and personalities.

After FemForce #30, other characters gained the ability to change their size, beginning with Tara Fremont. Tara originally did not have super powers. In Summer 1991’s “Good Girl Art Quarterly,” she permanently gained the ability to change size after being given the Garganta formula by men trying to sell a “miracle fabric” dubbed “Span-XX.”


FemForce member Nightveil, a sorceress, also became giant-sized on a few occasions, see the example below.

Image taken from FemForce issue #88 published in 1995.

In 1998, AC Comics published a giantess-themed anthology called “Big ‘Uns: Giant Women on the Rampage!” featuring several short stories involving new characters.


At the end of the anthology the creators helpfully listed all of the appearances of giant women in their comics so customers could order copies.

Big ‘Uns got a sequel in 2004. The end page of Big ‘Uns #2 mentions a third issue, but there’s no sign of it as of 2019, 15 years later.

At this point I want to point out that while Big ‘Uns is labeled for “mature readers” you won’t find explicit content in it. The women are depicted as completely naked but their fists, buildings, smoke, etc. conceal their “unmentionables.” Nonetheless, I can understand why the mature label is necessary as the depictions of women are indeed sexualized. A soccer mom might be sorely vexed if her little Timmy comes home with a copy.

However, modern adult readers (accustomed to sites like Bust Artist’s BA Studios, Giantess Club, Giantess Fan, and ZZZ Comics) may be disappointed to discover that this does not contain nudity or sex.

That’s an issue throughout AC Comics publications. The female characters are beautifully drawn with large breasts and shapely curves all over. Yet, they are never fully naked even in the titles labeled for “mature readers,” and only partially expose nipples on rare occasions.  They resemble the pin-ups of yesteryear, teasing but not explicit. (Much as I would love to see Garganta and Tara getting intimate, that will likely never be depicted in any AC Comics publication.)

In Synn Watch: The Magazine of Esoteric Entertainment #2 , from 1999, Synn becomes a giant and joins Garganta and Tara as they fight a giant mechanical dinosaur in the story “War of the Giganticas!”

Other comics featuring giant women include “Fighting Yank,” in issue #4 from 2002 the titular hero imagines a giantess while sleeping.

This was just a dream unfortunately, but …
… the real circumstances weren’t half bad!

In issue #5, Fighting Yank encounters a giantess called “Titanica,” a communist villain.


Starting with Femforce issue #137 in 2006, AC Comics added a giantess-themed flip book entitled Gargantarama. This continued for twenty issues and ended with FemForce issue #157 in 2011. (Issue #143 had Fighting Yank #6 as the flip book.)

There are many more giantess characters to include, but not limited to, “Threeta,” three women who combine into one giant-sized heroine, and “Drusilla,” an evil scientist who is depicted as planet-sized!

Apparently, breast feeding for too long causes macrophilia! 😉  This was taken from 2009’s FemForce issue #148 / Gargantarama #11. In this story, the giantess Rowena is engaged to a normal-sized man named Cedric.


It appears that AC Comics will continue to make comics starring sexy giant women. Size-changing heroine Tara continues to be a member of FemForce and her name is seen (with the other team members) at the top of the upcoming June 2019 issue, number 187. Furthermore, the description states that “… a surprising FF member turns monstrous!!” So, perhaps there will be giant women action. (Or someone turns into a werewolf, who knows?)

The majority of AC Comics, including upcoming issues, consist of black and white illustrated pages with color covers. That is rather unfortunate as they would benefit from the addition of color.

An effort was previously made to make AC Comics available online, but that was sadly discontinued. You can now order issues, in hard copy only, from

I recommend checking out issues like the aforementioned Synn Watch #2. Not only does it contain War of the Giganticas, but it also has an in-depth article on the 1995 film “Attack of the 60 Centerfold,” and a test photo from an aborted remake of “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman,” which would have been produced by Roger Corman and would have starred Sybil Danning.

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9 thoughts on “Brief Look at the Giantesses of AC Comics

  1. Yo Solo. Just 2 comments regarding AC Comics. 1: They should have continued the Rowena storyline. I was really getting into that. 2: you missed 1 additional giantess. That would be The Glamazon Housewife. After an alien race of space amazons failed in their attempt to invade Earth, 1 warrior gets left behind. Wounded & afraid, she tries to hide in a shed. The guy who owned that shed finds her & nurses her back to health. The 2 of them fall in love & get married. Having an 8ft. alien warrior as part of the neighborhood watch program does have a few benefits. LOL!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Darrin, I appreciate the additional information on AC Comics! I’ll revisit their giantesses someday.


      1. That would be cool, Solo. Here’s a suggestion. I just got a message from Bill Black from AC Comics. He told me that so far, he’s produced 6 giant woman DVDs. They are: Gargantarama, The Amazing Colossal Woman, The Ghost Of Garganta, Garganta Got Milk, Stormy Tempest: Attack Of The Giantess, & Planet Of The Damned Giantess. Maybe you should review 1 of them. Or all 6 of them. Just a suggestion.

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  2. My bad. I didn’t know that you had done them already. Please remember that I just started reading your blog. I’m alittle late. I’ll read them later this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! Did Mr. Black mention if Colossa or Revenge of Garganta would be released soon? I corresponded with him back in February 2019 and at that time he stated that Revenge of Garganta should come out after Scarlet Scorpion. Scarlet Scorpion has since been released; so, I’m hopeful that Colossa and Revenge of Garganta will follow suit.


  3. As you like to say, nothing regarding a release date as of this writing. I just received his *Planet of the Damned” DVD. If he replies, I’ll let you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. UPDATE: I recieved this DM a couple of hours ago from Mr. Bill Black. “Not any time soon, I’m afraid. When they are available, it will be posted on Facebook.” I reminded him that he gave me a “Associate Producer” credit for his release “Gargantarama: Part Deux”. He gave me a thumbs up. I’m done.


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