Nightveil Media’s “The Ghost of Garganta”


This 33-minute long video, released in 2011, was directed, produced, and written by Bill Black. He even designed the costume for the alien Solopticus. Bill Black’s vimeo page describes his films as “… self-produced, self-taught, self-distributed, backyard, do-it-yourself, microbudget short films.”

It’s a little confusing, but technically this is a sequel to the 2007 Amazing Colossal Woman, not the 2016 version that I previously reviewed here. I don’t think you can buy the original unless you find it on the secondary market.

Garganta died at the finale of the previous film, but she is not one to let death keep her down! Brenna Berry once again plays Garganta, the formerly wealthy podiatrist Dr. Carol Heisler. The story starts with an attractive busty brunette, Yvette Wilder played by Maria Paris, who was the mistress to Garganta’s deceased husband, Harrison Heisler. Yvette has a nightmare of being stalked and stomped by Garganta in a swamp. Next we see her wake up and try to calm her nerves by remembering that the angry giant woman is dead. Yvette is upset because she had big plans to steal Garganta’s money and fly off to Cancun with Harrison. Harrison emptied his wife’s bank account before he died. However, Garganta killed Harrison before he could share that cash with Yvette.

Then we switch to a pair of ghost hunters who come across the giantess’ grave, which took up 10 burial plots! They witness her spirit rising from the ground.


The phantom giantess steps on the duo and we later learn that they were “scared stiff,” even though they weren’t physically harmed.

Most of the public is unaware of her return despite strolling around a neighborhood in broad daylight
He must need a ton of eye drops 😉
Garganta attempts to crush Yvette, but is unable since she is intangible. Somehow, her footsteps still boom though.
Ghost stomps are anti-climatic

Yvette taunts Garganta for her inability to hurt her. Afterward, Garganta pleads with Solopticus to restore her corporal state. He agrees to help. Now, at this point it feels like we missed a scene. The next time we see Garganta she is able to crush a police car in the sheriff’s parking lot. But, we never saw the process of Garganta becoming solid. I guess that happened off screen? I would have preferred something simple like a ray of some sort shooting forth from Solopticus’ space ship and a statement like “There, now you’re solid!”

^ Taken from the comically over-the-top ad to re-elect Sheriff Earl “Buddy” Pudwell, which we see in the last part of this flick

The movie ends with Garganta now seemingly fully resurrected. In summation, very little happens. There’s no growth, nudity, or sex, and little destruction takes place. The only physical damage wrought by Garganta was the flattened police car. Furthermore, there is no likable character for us to follow. It would have been preferable to have a hero to support. Garganta was unlikable because she attempts to kill people, like the ghost hunters, even though they pose no threat and have done her no harm.

In the list of pluses, this is the only movie I’m aware of featuring a giantess in ghost form, so that’s a unique angle to explore. Furthermore, there is some green screen work featuring Garganta walking around the swamp and a nearby neighborhood.

So, with all that said, I can only offer a tepid recommendation to the most die-hard giantess fans. If you really want a copy, you maybe able to find it on eBay. It listed for $10.95 plus shipping from eBay on 18 February 2019. Be advised however that the DVD is bare bones, lacking any subtitles and only having English language audio. You can also purchase it for $11.95 from Nightveil’s own site:

Lastly, and most expensively, you can buy a digital copy for $14.95:

BTW, “Nightveil and the Sorcerer’s Eye” is an entertaining super hero short if you can tolerate the low production values. I liked it.

Next up I will look at this film’s part two, “Garganta Got Milk.” Stay tuned!

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