DreamTales “Lili’s Atomic Bikini Mega-Space Adventure”

Not sure if the guy on the left was intended to be a sailor. Based on his stripes, he appears to hold the rank of Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army or Marines.

This black and white 52-page story, released in mid-November 2014, was illustrated by Bojay and written by DreamTales. Bojay did the art for many DreamTales comics, drawing more DreamTales works than any other artist.

The story begins when Lili, a South Pacific island girl, refuses to leave her tropical home where an atomic bomb test is about to occur! In reality, I’m not sure that she would have the option to stay, but, given the enjoyable results of her obstinacy, we’ll let it slide 😉

The explosion blows off Lili’s grass skirt and throws her into the ocean. From that point on, Lili is constantly growing. She outgrows a shark, a giant octopus, and a pod of whales. A submarine also serves as a makeshift dildo for the lovely lady. Then she expands out of the atmosphere, rapidly swelling larger than various celestial objects. Thankfully this is a gentle tale, and despite her size Lili causes few problems for the inhabitants of Earth.

Lili is oblivious to her condition for a few pages

Some more details in the art would have been appreciated. For example, in the picture below Lili is very large, much bigger than a submarine or a group of whales. So, there should be a fair amount of land beneath her, but it seems rather plain.

The seafloor is devoid of details without coral, rocks, or seaweed.

I would also love to see this story in color. The colored cover of “The Gift of the Magi,” also drawn by Bojay, looks great and it would be nice to see this entire story like that.

My favorite giantess Christmas story!
Lili reshapes the lunar surface 🙂

The nuclear blast blew off Lili’s clothes, which were already quite sparse, so we didn’t get to see Lili outgrow her outfit. I always enjoy seeing a woman burst out of her clothes and her house, and we don’t get to see either.

However, I can’t think of many other illustrated works that showcase this amount of female growth. Few others can equal this.

The story consisted of multi-panel pages and single-panel splash pages. Many single-panel pages are at the end, with at least eight single-panel pages in a row for the finale.

Not sure if the several single-panel pages before the finish was an artistic decision or a sign that the deadline was rapidly approaching. Ergo, hurry up and finish it, so draw a bunch of single panels instead of more complicated multiple panels.

What happened to the stripes on this guy on the left? He wore stripes on the first page.
Such a gorgeous visage!

After the conclusion, there are also seven pages of sketches.

Overall, I heartily recommend this to fans of gentle giantesses and growing women. You can purchase it for $8.99 here: https://www.dreamtalescomics.com/2014/mega-space/

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