Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Till She Gets Her Way”


Till She Gets Her Way is a two-part series authored by Clovis, colored by Hernán Cabrera, edited by Prophet Tenebrae, and illustrated by Mariano Navarro (a.k.a. Peter Logan, a.k.a. Portal Comic). The first issue was released on October 31, 2008, and the last was published on December 1, 2008.

Clovis also wrote “The Great Emulation,” another entertaining comic (with a similar theme) in which a princess is cursed with an ever-changing body that always makes her stand-out. (I believe Till She Gets Her Way and The Great Emulation are the only comics written by Clovis for the Breast Expansion Story Club.)

This story concerns Millie, a “really nice girl,” with an unusual ability.


Previously, a friend helped Millie cast a spell in which she gained the incredible power to alter her body’s shape and size in order to get what she wants.

This leads to panels depicting Millie becoming a giantess, growing a enormously large pair of breasts and a huge ass, and rapidly gaining weight.

I appreciated how the author wrote a realistic depiction in which the men in Millie’s life quickly take advantage of this power and cause her to grow larger than she anticipated or intended.

Whoa! What happened to her left eye? O_o

Furthermore, there’s some tension and a satisfying conclusion for the story which I won’t spoil. Bottom line, I’m a fan of Clovis’ writing.

I’ve also been a fan of Hernán Cabrera and Mariano Navarro’s artwork for a long time and  unsurprisingly enjoyed their work in this comic. (Although, one panel seemingly gave Millie a black eye.) 

Surprisingly, there’s no clothes bursting in this even after Millie’s body expands several times larger than normal and by all rights should have long ago turned her clothes into tatters on the floor. She knocks over shelves in a store and dents the sides of a subway car with her expanding form, but no busting out of buildings for our size-changing protagonist.

Additionally, there’s regrettably no sex or even displays of physical affection within the pages, not so much as a platonic kiss between characters. That may be a fatal flaw for readers hoping for more action.

Millie’s spine is perhaps inhumanly flexible in this pose.

In summation, I recommend this comic. The few problems are not enough to significantly detract from the strong artwork and writing. You can purchase the entire series for $9.98 at the following affiliate link:

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3 thoughts on “Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Till She Gets Her Way”

  1. The real question I’ve yet to see answered for years: Are Hernan & Cabrera the same as Portal Comic(s) and Peter Logan & Eros Studios? Or is it a bunch of people trying collectively working in Giantess Club/Botcomics’s most appealing art style?


    1. I think that they are the same. I don’t know why they use the different pseudonyms. I can understand separating NSFW from SFW work under different names, but they created NSFW art under each name.

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