Interview with Clovis, an author of unique transformation stories

One of my goals behind creating this blog was to spotlight creators. I do this by crediting the artists, authors, and others responsible for size-fetish works in my reviews. Furthermore, in the spirit of recognizing creators, I had also hoped to conduct interviews. Clovis was gracious enough to be the very first. (Previously, I reviewed a comic, “Till She Gets Her Way,” that he wrote.)
Clovis is the author of several stories and comics utilizing various types of female growth and expansion which may be found here:
“A Cup Above the Rest,”
“Playing With a Full Deck,”
“Castaways,” at
“Till She Gets Her Way,”
“The Great Emulation,”
“Exceeds Expectations,”

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

A little, yes- I’m from one of the Englands (hint, not the “old” one) and that I’m a good representation of jack of all trades, master of none.  I’ve had a life of very diverse experiences, yet never been able to get one to successfully stick.  I’ve dabbled in some creative fields, but writing for me is just a hobby.

How did you get interested in size-fetish media?

This is tricky.  I think my interest has always been there in some form.  People say we are influenced by media, and there are things going way-way back that I responded to such as “Frog and Ox” on Sesame Street or the growth battles between Tom and Jerry.  I don’t think I got the interest from those so much as I was just seeing something portrayed that I liked on some strangely deep level.  Much like when you eat something new- the food doesn’t alter your taste buds, your taste buds just respond positively or negatively to it.  I think when an interest in girls developed and I watched the female form burgeoning around me, the two became forever linked and became something I fantasized about.  To me it seems natural, and I’m honestly surprised it’s such a niche fetish.  Then again, the fantasy has never been about myself growing/shrinking, or animals, or turning blue like a blueberry, or any of the other ancillary effects that often go along with this.

Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

Not really.  Some interests have been hinted at to those I’m closest to, but I’ve found that even an affection for long hair can be found objectionable.  This is very much fantasy to me, and not something I look to have reflected in any real world person or relationship.  I’m not ashamed by my growth fetish, but I do find it embarrassing.  No one has read my stuff, though frankly what I’m drawn to and what I create is sort of the softest of soft-core.  I have friends (m/f) who have confided far worse to me, and honestly I’d rather not know.

What are a few of your favorite size-fetish stories?

An actual chill went through my body when I first discovered sievert & inflate123’s “Remote Possibilities” and learned I wasn’t the only one on earth with this weird fantasy.  “Thinking of You,” by Blake Isaac Gordon and most anything by Dr Enlarge were also early favorites.  Giantess-wise I love “Leggy Lisa” by BBL.  For comics, it’s anything by SaburoX.  More recently, I’ve enjoyed Bigger-n-bigger’s stuff and “Getting to Know Her” by Dilandau.  There are more, but I’ll say that a high percentage of what’s out there just isn’t for me- which is a good thing since not finding what I want keeps me writing.

(NOTE: You can find some of those mentioned stories at sites like the Giantess Club, Literotica, MiniGTS & Slow Growth Story Wiki, and The Overflowing Bra.)

How would you describe your own stories?

Overall, I consider them to be erotic farce.  My stories usually revolve around a young woman at an age where they are well-past the point where their body may develop any further, but still young enough to still have hang-ups about what they did or didn’t get.  This heroine finds herself growing by some mechanism (usually) of her own design.  Things get out of control as they achieve absurd dimensions, but in the end they revert (mostly) back to their old size with lessons learned.

How was your experience working for BotComics? (The company behind the, Breast Expansion Story Club, and Giantess Club.)
How much input were you given on the art for the illustrated comics? Did you see the finished pages before they were published?

I never officially worked with them.  All my comics came about through contests that they ran.  I had no contact with the artists and I saw nothing until publication.  I submitted scripts with as much detail as I felt necessary, and overall the artists did an incredible job translating those words into images.  “The Great Emulation,” was a particular challenge as it’s really out there concept-wise and they nailed it.  There is a scene in “Till She Gets Her Way” that was written as body inflation, but they depicted it as weight gain.  This I felt made Millie appear monstrous and seemed to put her adversaries in real mortal danger as it’s one thing to get squeezed by a human balloon, and another to be crushed by tons of fat.  Also, other than the princess in Emulation, my main characters weren’t all meant to be blonde.

While it was reassuring to place in each contest, I have no idea how well the comics did.  Expectations has gotten the best response of anything I’ve done with Castaways and Full Deck at the bottom.

In “Exceeds Expectations,”  giantess Sally Hinkle takes an unauthorized stroll around town and demonstrates her power before the populace. Can you discuss your inspiration? If given the chance to continue this comic, what would you do next?

I usually write what I feel others aren’t doing, and there had been little to no gentle stories at GiantessClub at that point.  I liked the challenge of depicting a true gentle giantess which is in a way an oxymoron- power without force.  And when you think about it, any giantess, gentle or otherwise, is going to inspire fear.  So how does she resolve this?  I liked the idea of her giving the populace the day they all suspected was coming, only once she’s demonstrated her supremacy, she simply reverts and heads home.  She demonstrates control, which is a real sign of power, and thus achieves peace between herself and others.

I do have an outline for a sequel called, “Managing Expectations.”  This one will be a challenge as it’s quite a drama.  Without saying too much, the basic concept revolves around how the powerless can exert control over the powerful.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’d like to announce?

I have two ongoing stories that are being released in chapter form at the process forums.
Take It All In” and “Valedictorian”.

I have plenty more ideas, but very little time.  That said, if any video creator or artist out there shares similar tastes and would like a script, I promise to find the time and do it for free so long as the script is handled well and I get a copy.

Thank you very much Clovis for agreeing to do this interview!
All Rights Reserved.

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  1. If anyone reads these comments, this is Clovis letting you know I now have a Deviantart page that will have all my content going forward along with revisions of past stories:

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